Field of Fire eBook Û Field of Epub / Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Field of Fire
  • Jeff Connor
  • English
  • 10 September 2015
  • 9781845961701

3 thoughts on “Field of Fire

  1. Mark Mark says:

    As sporting books go this is up there with the best I wanted to give it 45 stars it is nearly good enough for 5 A 25 year follow up to Wide eyed and legless telling us how the sport has developed since and what has happened to most of the characters It also places this noble but botched attempt at a British team in the Tour with the current rise to greatness of the BCTeam Sky operation Very funny and describing a time long gone The characterizations were carefully crafted with the key people becoming 3d and all characters nicely introduced Further detail was added when necessary The amount of background information was about right and then we were into the story which moved along at a cracking pace The interplays of personality and characters come through just as some of the very beautiful descriptions of the riders' relationships with some key stages and how they got through them Odd little details like Connor hiding under a bed at the end so he did not have to drive to Paris are fascinating The touches about the newspaper and journalism are also fascinating and well placedI just felt the book needed to be a little bigger; there there were various things I wanted to know about Certain of the characters away from the principals needed further development The stages route details and context to the rest of the race needed a little development And my final gripe the only one that caused me to knock it down to 4 stars from 5 Connor has written it old style; there are only token references to doping when we now understand that this was rife at every level and at least two of the characters from ANC have stories which have already been exposed It left me with a feeling that we were still massing one significant strand of the storyI will go along with the other reviewer this needs to be made into a film

  2. Simon Evans Simon Evans says:

    Not having read Wide Eyed And Legless I was keen to read this warts and all account of the honourable failure that was ANC Halford's entry into the 1987 TourJeff Connor has an easy writing style and I found that once begun I fair raced pun intended through the book It's uite short and as well as recounting the tale of the '87 race it brings us up to date with the team and some of the support staff – Tony Capper remains an enigma though no one has seen him since 1991It's worth pointing out that the Tour wasn't the unmitigated disaster it is made out to be The toughest route for years combined with the absence of a race patron Hinault retired after the '86 race meant it was a tough ask for everyone Roche and Fignon spoke of how hard it was in various books and interviewsThat ANC managed to get four riders to Paris must be counted as an achievement one which with the benefit of time and distance most look back fondly on Two teams finished with only two ridersA great easy read and worth a look ahead of this year's Grand Depart in Yorkshire

  3. Peter Nuttall Peter Nuttall says:

    Companion piece to Wide Eyed and Legless but in my view far superior Adds real depth to the earlier book This story is crying out to be made into a feature film or at the very least a documentary

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Field of Fire In 1987 a British based team competed in the Tour de France for the first time in almost two decades The ANC Halfords suad were decimated by the punishing pace the manager walked out during one of the Alpine stages five of the nine riders and some of the staff never made it to Paris and most of the personnel went unpaid ANC were the definitive innocents abroad and it became one of the great sporting misadventures of all timeIf that wasn't bad enough for ANC a tabloid journalist travelled with them for the full three weeks Jeff Connor's account of the Tour Wide Eyed and Legless became a classic and was later voted number one in Cycle Sport's list of the best cycling books of all timeNow 25 years on Connor revisits the scene of the crime tracks down the participants and discovers exactly how their fortunes were changed some irrevocably by the '87 Tour Field of Fire tells a moving tale of sporting disillusionment heartbreak anger and humour