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The Thomas Berryman Number You are about to begin one of the classic American novels of suspense by one of the world's bestselling authors It begins with three terrifying murders in the South It ends with a relentless and unforgettable manhunt in the North In between is the riveting story of a chilling assassin the woman he loves and the beloved leader he is hired to kill with extreme prejudice

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  1. Jason Jason says:

    AyeNow I'm hopeful that JP fans and James himself can forgive me for this review given that he sold like 400 million copies of his books since BUT this was slowwwwwww This is James's first ever published novel back in 1976 I'm not surprised however that James's first few novels have been lost in history amid the Alex Cross craze Not many people have even heard of this novel including myself up until not long ago called The Thomas Berryman Number I'll start with the writing I know that since this first novel James's writing has improved a lot It's not terrible in this novel but it's a bit stunted and lacks the sort of paciness that he's become famous for since I was also a bit distracted by freuent paragraph breaks where they shouldn't have been It felt a bit jumpy or something like it lacked fluidity I'd also have a hard time calling this book a thriller Mystery novel yes Thriller debatable It so read like a sort of hardboiled fiction And I couldn't help but imagine this as though it was a black and white filmFurther I found the plot kind of confusing I think this was mostly because the plot was slow and not all that interesting so I became a bit dazed and inattentive while reading it I lost interest fairly uickly in the story and the characters But the story jumps back and forth between present and past uite often and it's easy to miss the timeline switches if you aren't paying close attention Okay back to the writing uickly to James's credit it is clear that he's always been a very very good writer of first person narration Even here in his first ever novel it is clear that he's always had a gift at tapping into the first person First person narration is the most difficult style in my opinion but James does it well when few others can Not much else to say This is a shortish novel easy to read in a day or two or three But I'd recommend sticking to James's popular novels

  2. Mark Mark says:

    uite possibly the worst book I have ever read There are two minimum reuirements for a story that you have a plot and that you write in a method that the reader can follow and this book failed on both counts The story jumped around so much that it was hard to follow what was going on and I'm still not uite sure what happened The story started off well by introducing us to a charcter who claims he can provide evidence that a hit man carried out a murder despite there being video evidence that someone else did the crime But the story just nose dives after this and it never explains if it was indeed the title character who carried out the assasination how exactly he managed to frame someone else I'm a big fan of Patterson and have read most of his work I have been looking forward to reading his first novel for some time and was very dissapointed If there is one possitive thing to come out of this book it is that James Patterson's story telling has greatly improved since he penned this work

  3. Lee Kyle Lee Kyle says:

    Constantly through all my reviews on Patterson books I have continually said that i have yet to find a bomb so to speak The Thomas Berryman Number was my 21st Patterson novel and how ironic the bomb i would find planted within the Patterson bibliography would be his very first book ever?? Now everyone sets out in life in their chosen profession on a trial and error basis given that I am no way at the point where i would say well that's it hands downno Patterson however if The Thomas Berryman Number was the very first book i had ever read of Patterson's i would've definatly thought really hard about reading any of his work This book was so hard to follow i can't even with a clear head come up with a proper review on the synopsis as i usually do Black Senator has been electedassassination plot an author who is writing about Berryman the killer??? So sorry i just can't This was once again for the record James's first novel and helli have never even attempted writing a book let alone how many he has so whom am i to criticize? In my journey through his books from A Z I have enjoyed every single one of them up to reading thishe definatly gets a pass this time round So in short if you are like me reading through his works you can either pass this as i should've or read it just to say it's done as i did also but just be forewarned tis all

  4. Geri Geri says:

    Let me see What can I say about this book??I have had this on my shelf for some timeI started it and I kept pushing thinking I have to giveit a chance After a while I was going to uit but Ifelt that I had invested so much of my time I reallyshould get it done Maybe there would be somethingat the end that would save it That didn't happen

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    This was James Patterson's first book As I was reading it I was so confused about the whole thing If I had read this before any of his others I dont think I would have read any of his other books It was very odd

  6. Erica Erica says:

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME It was boring and it would never end I can usually read his stuff in a day but this was not the case It took forever to finish and I wanted to throw it away half way through the book It never got better

  7. Laura Larson Laura Larson says:

    This book has NOT aged well In a nutshell it's about a reporter investigating the assassination of a Tennessee politician killed because he's Black Besides the freuent racial slurs and stereotypes yes I realize this was written in the 70s and the subject cannot avoid some of that fr the bad guys this was just BAD The storyline was difficult to follow numerous threads were just abandoned or tied up very sloppily and the biggest event of the whole book was written so anticlimactic ly I wasn't even sure what was happening 2 stars is a HARSH rating from me but this is firmly 2 stars

  8. Simon Simon says:

    I'm really surprised I've never read a James Patterson book before and having been given this one and being in between books I thought I'd give it a go It must be good right? I mean he has sold books than anyone ever And this is his first book presumably the one that gave him his big break As an author myself I couldn't wait to see how he had captured an agent or publishers attention with those first crucial chapters And then I started reading From the start I struggled to understand what was happening to whom I found myself reading the same sentences several times trying to work it out I found the format difficult too A space between paragraphs missing commas which didn't help my ability to understand what was happening and really odd observations that were inserted like bullet points and didn't seem to belongBy page 16 I had decided this book wasn't for me I have a pile of books to read and was not going to waste any time on this oneI am sure Patterson is successful for a reason though I can only assume it is in spite of this book It will be a while before I read another of his stories

  9. Kim Bondy Kim Bondy says:

    I had heard great things about this author so I thought that I would read one of his early books and make my way through his works This book was excruciating to read I almost uit reading it numerous times I eventually finished it but there was nothing satisfying about finishing it The book jumped around all over the place and was hard to follow at times Nothing enjoyable about it

  10. Christina Christina says:

    I have read a lot of James Patterson Alex Cross Women's Murder Club and usually enjoy it I decided to read some of his older books and this book was an incredible disappointment It was fragmented and hard to follow I would not recommend it

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