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Having The Frenchman's Baby Rachel Valentine is the wine buyer for the Valentine family's exclusive Bella Lucia restaurants and her relationship with master winemaker Luc Chartier should be strictly businessRomanced by the beautiful Alsace vineyards and seduced by the charismatic Luc Rebecca can't help but fall in love But their one night of passion is followed by a shocking revelation about Luc's past Heartbroken Rebecca returns home — only to discover that she is pregnant with Luc's child

5 thoughts on “Having The Frenchman's Baby

  1. Debra Debra says:

    Having the Frenchman's BabyThis is the second book in this series each written by different authors I got it because of Rebecca Winters This was about the second twin sister who lived with her father after the parents divorce There is a lot of back story going on in this book But when she was sent to France on wine tasting she went to a small province that held memories for her grandfather There she met a wine maker who turns her head and her heart But his past caught up in a negative way And she left to go back to England But date has a habit of throwing curve balls She finds out she is pregnant What happens next is the rest of the story

  2. Lacey Mubanga Lacey Mubanga says:

    Tore through it in a day A nice break for the brain I knew going into it that it was going to be a uick no thought reuired read which is exactly what I wanted

  3. Tia Tia says:

    After reading a few books and having been left wanting I decided to read my Rebecca Winters books I can say that as an author she goes above and beyond anything I've expected I've read a few of her previous books and liked them just fine but this one went beyond my expectations It had just the right amount of emotions and longing mixed in with love and passion It described the past situations between Luc and Paulette perfectly unlike in a lot of novels I find wanting It was a total delight to read and I will be on the look out for of her books when they come out What an amazing author to have such a gift to write like this her writing is so fluent and beautiful she reminds me of Penny Jordan and Anne Mather

  4. Susan Susan says:

    Rachel is a wonderfully warm heroine and Luc makes a scrumptious hero Rebecca Winters paints a vivid picture of the Valentine family in this the first in the Brides of Bella Lucia seriesRachel Valentine’s story packs in a lot of detail and is jam packed with issues and incidents Rebecca Winters writes with emotion and leaves the reader with a real empathy for the charactersI’ve been out of sync with my reading of this series I have no doubt that had I read Rebecca Winter's story first when the series was first launched I wouldn’t have missed a single title

  5. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars This is the second book in the Brides of Bella Lucia and our heroine is the twin sister of the heroine in book one The attraction between Luc and Rachel is instantaneous but both have baggage that seems to create insurmountable obstacles This is a heartwarming love story that compelled me to read it all in one sitting These two deserve their HEA and I'm looking forward to reading Emma's story next in the series

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