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Fairytale Food Mad Hatter's Teacakes Snow ueen Cookies Huff'n'Puff Pork—add a little magic to mealtimes with than 60 simple recipes each inspired by a different fairytale and with a lavish full color full page illustrationsIf you fancy tucking into a steaming hot bowl of Princess the Pea Soup curling up by the fire with a cup of tea and a slab of Hansel Gretel's House Gingerbread or tickling your taste buds with a dollop of Tinkerbell's Trifle then this is the cookbook for you Once upon a time a young ish maiden decided she was fed up with cooking the same old pasta bakes every night; she longed for some magic in her cooking So she left her cozy cottage London apartment pen and paper in hand and set off to find inspiration in the land of fairytales For months and months she toiled visiting best loved characters; some were wonderfully sweet and generous others were a bit grumpy and a little scary but they all gave her ideas tips and the confidence to create her very own delicious recipes Includes metric measures I absolutely ADORED the concept creativity and theme of this book The moment I saw it in the library I HAD to borrow it the recipes are innovative but they lacked a certain lustre and weren't anything I wanted to make at all perhaps if they make the recipes healthier Oh what a gorgeous book I love fairy tales and I love cookbooks so this was an auto buy the moment I saw it The illustrations are really enchanting and dainty and while not exactly my style they do their job than adeuately I love the design of this book too it's increbily pretty You'd think the recipes would be a bit out there and not at all useful but I bookmarked almost the entire book there are plenty of savoury recipes in this I really can't wait to try full of easy to find ingredients in original but safe combinations so you know they'll work before even trying The stews and casseroles in particular look so yummy to me as it's cold outside right now The chapters work really well the recipes are sorted into the tales they'd belong in and while the small introductions to each feel a bit contrived Lucy Cash imagines what kind of dish the wicked stepmother would like or comes up with Peter Pancakes not at all historically accurate but rather inspired by the tales the whole concept is awesome and done with care The book itself is a very pretty hardcover complete with a red ribbon and a lovely addition to my library I can't wait to cook from this This is a lovely book I can imagine that some people would use this to cook with their little ones but I think this is just wonderful for those of us out there whose imaginations like to take flights of fancy As a person who loves to cook and weave stories around what I am cooking this is a perfect recipe book I am particularly anxious to try the Peter Pancakes and Woodcutter's Wild Mushroom Soup they sound delicious

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Fairytale Food
  • Lucie Cash
  • English
  • 12 June 2016
  • 9781848093577

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