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Forbidden Temptation Harleuin Intrigue Series Hot shot criminal profiler Daniel Hartman was looking for a man called Orion Leading a manhunt through Birmingham for the killer Daniel was trying to put old ghosts to rest But this time Orion's target was Rose Browning a matchmaking wedding planner with a gift for predicting true love Tempted by secrets she couldn't reveal Daniel insisted on offering some very personal protection He would get her to open up but at a price Would he be able to safeguard this raven haired beauty before his desires for revenge became an obsession

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Forbidden Temptation Harleuin Intrigue Series
  • Paula Graves
  • English
  • 27 July 2016
  • 9780373692651

About the Author: Paula Graves

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10 thoughts on “Forbidden Temptation Harleuin Intrigue Series

  1. Dawn ♥ romance Dawn ♥ romance says:

    I liked this romantic suspense with an interesting plot but the romance was weak It had all the usual features of action and intrigue on who done it although I guessed a bit before the end The paranormal aspect was nice While criminal profiler Daniel was investigating a case he noticed Rose lurking around the crime scene and was suspicious about her

  2. Dakota Dakota says:

    25It wasn't so bad but I didn't really connect with the characters Liked the first book better

  3. Maura Maura says:

    Rose Browning used to see true love veils the shimmery face of a person's true love superimposed over their own face It's what made her such a great matchmaker and wedding planner But now all she sees is death veils the shimmery face of a what a person will look like when they dieand usually pretty soon She's been seeing the same death veils on certain women and these women have been dying brutally slashed and stabbed to death She's seeing the victims of a serial killer before he kills But no one will believe her especially criminal profiler Daniel Hartman He's fascinated and suspicious of Rose Browning and her supposed abilities and not about to buy into it But he's going to stick close to her because there's no other way she could know the MO of the killer unless she was somehow involved Rose is desperately trying to investigate this killer on her own since no one believes her and trying to help the women she sees being targeted But she can't shake Daniel's presence and she's no longer sure she even wants to The attraction between them seems to be growing into something bigger but without her true love veils how can she know?Not as good as the first one for me I will say this though this is a pretty damn uniue psychic ability I have never seen this particular ability in a story before and it was intriguing Daniel's pretty darn skeptical and Rose unfortunately isn't really able to provide decent proof of what she can do She just knows which women are going to dieshe doesn't know when and she doesn't know who it is This of course is how she ends up caught by the killer unfortunately I saw that one coming a mile away But Rose is pretty much unable to convince Daniel of her abilitiesuntil he manifests his own that is The suspense part of this was probably the best part though I may have known who the killer was though I was thrown a bit by events but trying to save the women being targeted and figuring out how to help them kept this pretty well action packed The romance was a bit disappointing since I didn't really ever warm up to Daniel who just came across as an arrogant stalker or something He wasn't very likeable and it wasn't until he was actually in bed with Rose that he started thinking maybe they could have than just sex but even then he wasn't on board with a relationship just yet Meanwhile Rose was a virgin and waiting for her true love which she could no longer see because of her change in ability Just felt like he was using her a bit at first Then they were on eual footing but I wasn't feeling the connection between them so much It was still good though

  4. Susan Susan says:

    Very good book Rose moved to Birmingham to escape the memories in her hometown For a long time her gift enabled her to match up soulmates Then one of her best matches ended in tragedy and she lost confidence in her ability Now instead of seeing love matches she's seeing death on young women's faces When she takes it upon herself to try to find the killer she meets Daniel who is trying to do the same thing He goes at it from a scientific and logical viewpoint and doesn't believe in her death veils But he also can't deny that there is something going on there I liked both Rose and Daniel Rose is feeling lost without the ability she had for so long Add in the fear that she is feeling after seeing the deaths of several women and she feels the need to try to find the killer She meets Daniel when he is doing the same thing She tries to explain what she sees but he doesn't believe her and wonders if she is mentally ill In spite of his disbelief she feels safe when he is with her Even through that disbelief she was attracted to him That soon grew to be even stronger as they worked together to find the killer Without her old ability to see the true love veils she wasn't sure she could trust what she felt I liked the way that she tried several ways to get women she knew to be safe and wouldn't give up Daniel had been chasing this killer for thirteen years ever since his fiancee was murdered This is the closest he's ever gotten and he doesn't want anything messing it up He thinks Rose is a pretty flake and doesn't believe her story about death veils But the time he spends with her the he is drawn to her When she becomes a target he is determined to keep her safe I really enjoyed the way he checked into her past and how it led him to talk to McBride her sister's husband Forbidden Territory I loved the conversation between those two Daniel had a hard time believing in her abilities but he couldn't deny the feelings that were growing between themI had my suspicions about the killer but there was a point where I began to doubt myself There was an interesting twist concerning the killer that I hadn't expected I did enjoy Daniel's moment of awakening and belief

  5. Silverana Silverana says:

    The second book of the three Forbidden books by Paula Graves It focuses on Lily’s heroine from Forbidden Territory sister Rose Rose has the gift of matchmaking When she looks at faces she sees what she calls true love veils or the face of the person that is meant as their mate However she has lost that gift after she witnessed the murdersuicide of friends a couple that she matched through her veils Now she sees death veilsDaniel is a famous profiler looking for a killer he calls Orion He has been searching for many years and thinks the recent murders have been done by Orion as well He comes across Rose as he’s searching for the killer in bars at night and at the place where a body was found Rose has decided to conduct a search on her own and their first look at each other and first meeting occur in these placesThey had good chemistry together I liked how Daniel was suspicious of her but couldn’t stop himself from looking after her Rose also felt comfortable and safe whenever she was with him There is conflict because Daniel doesn’t believe in Rose’s veils His search for an explanation leads to the appearance of some past characters I loved that Rose’s other sisters and her brother in law McBride from the previous book were given parts in Rose’s storyIt does become a little obvious who the killer is near the middle but it was great to see how the story developed I was a little disappointed that this book didn’t have a list of characters before the story as all the Harleuin Intrigue books do I wonder why it was missing in this book Other than that it was worth reading

  6. Gayle Gayle says:

    Forbidden Temptation is a well written suspenseful read from start to finish The mystery is scary with nice plot twists and it certainly kept me on edge Rose and Daniel are likeable and their romance does not feel rushed or contrived I liked the dialogue between the main characters as they seek to come to an understanding Full of nice details such as Rose's house which allow the reader to really see the story

  7. Janet Janet says:

    HI #998 35 stars

  8. Charlize Diedericks Charlize Diedericks says:

    I enjoyed this book but it was easily put downable I did not have that feeling I usualy get where I don't want to go to bed and just read the whole night I actually really liked the characters sexy and cute it's just the story itself didn't do it for me The idea was good but there was no heart stopping action and love scenes A lot of talking and thinking not enough doing

  9. Laura Laura says:

    I found this story interesting largely because of the setting One that I am very familiar with It was also a suspenseful mystery

  10. Teresa Drelick Teresa Drelick says:

    This is listed under romantic suspense but it also had a little paranormal thing going I really liked it

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