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Wielder's Awakening A powerful wielder of magic is preparing to conuer a world whose people only remember magic in legends of the past A king grappling with personal tragedy prepares his army to save his kingdom A restless princess seeks love and adventure In the middle of it all is Traven a poor ambitious peasant who dreams of being than a simple woodcutter and unknowingly holds the key to saving the world The story is compelling and the character development helps to overcome the amateur writing issues The author is clearly inexperienced as evidenced by the poor and repetitive word choices grammar errors and descriptive passages that feel like he's trying too hard I found it worth reading and look forward to reading the other books in the trilogy I cannot comprehend how this book has almost 4 stars as rating The writing looks like it's from the hand of a grade school student characters are 2 dimensional at best and the dialogue between characters is obtuse and contrived The IDEA of the plot is OK but how it's constructed in writing is just appalling The writing is SO rigid tedious and naive that it took me some serious mental wrestling to get from about 10% read to the last pageI truly cannot understand how this kind of wretch of a book has been published If this truly was proofread the reader must have non existent standardsThe uality of writing is an insult to anyone over 5 years of age The story was good but the writing was terrible There were a ton of grammatical errors and the author would repeat himself a lot The story changed viewpoints between different characters only to describe the same scene again Most of the time these extra viewpoints did not add anything to the story; there isn't anything wrong with letting the reader have to figure out what someone else is thinking Reading the book made me wonder if the author proof read his own book If he had an editor then that person should be firedWith all of that said I did enjoy the story as a whole Some of it was predictable but not all of it No No No No No No NNNOOOOOOOThis was the worst book I have ever read I didn't even finish this monstrosity of a novel I ended it at 40 percent and for anyone who did finish this I am so sorryI read the description on kindle saw it was cheap and bought it because hey I'm always up for a short entertaining fantasy novel I wanted to throw it up against the wall in the first chapterHere are some things missing or wrong with this turdblossom cough book1 Plot2 Dialogue3 Descriptions1 The Plot Oh dear lord the plot Let me start with the fact that a boy that has had a stone for YYYEAAARRRSSS and wakes up one day to discover that it has changed color Instead of thinking anything of it the main character decides to do absolutely nothing about the stone and go on with his normal day REALLY? He doesn't even THINK that's a little bit odd I mean come on2The dialogue Let me just say that the way these so called characters talk is ridiculous They talk like they're reading a contact list If you switched out all of the dialogue with random list of names it wouldn't be any less entertaining3 Descriptions Well here's the thing there just aren't descriptions Of anything everMy Mom G I think you're missing somethingMe What? My Mom You know the banditsMe OH RIGHT As my mom so nicely reminded me there is ONE part with descriptions When the bandits are raiding the camp killing people and chopping limbs off Then the author really gets into those descriptions But entering a bar and What does it look like? We shall never know Thanks for reading my review I hope that you enjoyed

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Wielder's Awakening
  • T.B. Christensen
  • English
  • 12 January 2016
  • 9781466352629

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