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How To Write A Tagalog Romance Novel Whenever you pick up and read a My Special Valentine book does it fill you with the desire to write your very own romance story but you don’t know where to start Do you very much want to submit a manuscript but feel like you’re not doing enoughWorry no From one of our esteemed editors comes a new book that answers your uestions and In How To Write A Tagalog Romance Novel Apple Masallo delivers a very thorough and straightforward guide to writing your own Tagalog romance novel In it she explains the very intricate process of crafting memorable characters and an eually memorable plot handling the intricacies of grammar and dealing with writer’s block among other thingsSo what are you waiting for Buy a copy at your favourite bookstores today or at our online bookshop at Bookware Publishing Only P7475

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    This was a really helpful guide for me to chance upon writing a novel

  2. Ana Ana says:


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  4. Mars Mars says:

    Very misleading title The book should be named How to Write a Romance Novel for the Cliche Tagalog Market or How to Write a Romance Novel for Bookware Publishing instead Why's that?view spoilerThe book suggests p 23 24 that your male lead beWhile the guide is in English you may have the impression that it's about writing in the Tagalog languageTip from p 41And yet here's an example it givesAno po ba talagaApparently the Tagalog language cannot be used to write tasteful erotica so p50Also the book is full of generalizations like thisAs for the format the ebook came as a protected PDF file DRM protection aside it's difficult to read on mobile because 1 you have to type the file's password every time you open the book on mobile and 2 you cannot annotate the file on the Adobe Reader app only bookmarking is allowed hide spoiler

  5. Mark Fermill Mark Fermill says:

    A very helpful guide May mga natutunan din naman akong bago kahit papa'no Mabuti naman at may mga example scenes na binigay ang author para sa dagdag na kaalaman 'Yung iba kasi basta guide lang walang example na hatid Though I find this book a bit unfair Parang sa mga babaeng readers lang siya nakikipag usap not even considering na may mga lalaking romance authors din Nicholas Sparks David Levithan etc But still sulit ang pagkakabili ko sa kanya Thank you for this

  6. Peach Portugal Peach Portugal says:

    How to write taGAlog romanc

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