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Luke Banderloft and The McFarven Pirates This is the story of a down on his luck wayfarer Luke a silver skinned winged elf whose life turns around after finding a true friend Adventure leads Luke to the high seas where he and his crew have to fight for their lives as they try to outrun the pirate lord that is hunting them down Now desperate to find his missing friends Luke takes command of a mighty vessel and battles his way through brigands trolls and pirates to find his comrades but who can he really trust Sampled No sale There is possibly a good story in hereSadly I shall never know The sample available from for Kindle offered a pretty large chunk of text However it an unschooled unruly jumbling of words that builds up to for me an insurmountable pileIf self confidence and enthusiasm guaranteed success then Mr Perry would be world class With some help from stricter editors and sterner friends then he may well achieve mediocrityIf you don't have children and always wondered what they might write as their first story try this book It's that bad Edit I previously wished Mr Perry good luck I now just wish he would go away CW Very poorly written Cliché after cliché wooden character after wooden character Bogged down in nonsensical convoluted prose Reading it is worse than getting your teeth extracted with pliers without the use of a pain killer It's telling that the 5 star reviews are all from America one of which is the author himself Friends and family Who knows Don't waste your money There is a storyteller at work here and he throws out an amazing cast of characters elves several kinds Canarians bigger than most humans Bloods even bigger guys centaurs big and strong but not too smart healers mages Sea Dwarves Bird People trolls Ettin bigger and meaner than trolls and ogres a creature than can move through wood even a minotaur who alas only has a walk on part They all inhabit a world of piracy and skullduggery Some might say there is too much telling by the storyteller and not enough showingThere is much activity too close combat sneak attacks massed attacks betrayals lessons in sword play naval battles etc The story line is not clear on motive and the characters are not given much depth or development but there is enough going on that one is lured to read on to find out how it ends Clearly the author intends not to reveal all for a series is promised Luke Banderloft's character is said to be charming and slippery with the truth but he is consumed by a loyalty to a couple of friends even if it is not at all clear whyThe writing can use good editing as well as attention to development of character and motivation Perhaps the story teller can slow down his imagination to see clearly why one frame of the movie in his mind so to speaks leads to the next and convey that fully to the reader

  • Kindle Edition
  • 206 pages
  • Luke Banderloft and The McFarven Pirates
  • Rocky Perry
  • English
  • 24 June 2016

About the Author: Rocky Perry

I have traveled many places and had many experiences but it was my personal obstacles that gave me the gift of creativity Some people are just made to create things I feel like I was put on Earth to tell stories I wrote my first book back in 2009 while I was studying Early Childhood Education at Dalton State College in Georgia I have always tried to do the things that are hardest for me I le

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