Never Too Old to Spank PDF/EPUB Ó Too Old to Epub

  • ebook
  • 0 pages
  • Never Too Old to Spank
  • Bob Sacamano
  • 04 June 2014
  • 9781257146352

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Never Too Old to Spank Never Too Old To Spank contains ten entertainingly 'TRUE' stories of real young ladies who found out the hard way that they weren't too old to be spanked The 30 detailed illustrations are excellent and the many extras will have you laughing out loud as they strike a chord with anyone that grew up in the time when corporal punishment was the norm Over ten years of work has gone in to bringing you these ten 'TRUE' to life awkward and unforgettable spanking experiences Most stories you read with this type of content are obviously made up from fantasy and imagination If that's what you're looking for this isn't the book for you ERICA SCOTT of SHADOW LANE SPANKING EPICS fame had this to say about the book Everyone buy his book I just got mine It's awesome My favorite story is the fireman one with the girlfriend who could have burned the house down I liked the near misses too And the illustrations are darling THIS BOOK IS RECOMMENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY