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5 thoughts on “Dominoes

  1. Dina Abdulfattah Dina Abdulfattah says:

    Its all about the environmental changes and how humans keep ruining their own place day after day by killing animals and cutting treesis it possible to make our planet greener? A lot of people will need to work hard to make it happen Starting from countries governments families ending with you and me Every person in the world will need to helpVery informative 👏🏻Loved it 💚

  2. Ittehaf Ittehaf says:

    I want to read

  3. Vishy Vishy says:

    It is about the environment and environmentalism and going green and the important personalities and organizations involved in this Very informative book for younger readers I had uestions after reading the book but I think that is a good thing

  4. Clara Clara says:

    this book is so good

  5. Laura Angarita Laura Angarita says:

    Nos da una nueva perspectiva de la situación actual del mundo y conocemos a las personas y organizaciones ue han contribuido a mejorar esta situación

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Dominoes Fifty years ago green was just a color Now it's a way of looking at our world But how green is our planet today From Rainbow Warrior to Exxon Valdez from penguins to jaguars from rainforests to oceans this book explores the stories that have made environmental history