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A Touch of Persuasion Men Of Wolff Mountain #2 Six years ago Olivia Delgado was abandoned by the man she loved—a man who had never existed Billionaire adventurer Kieran Wolff had used an alias made love to her then disappeared Now he's returned insisting on not only meeting her daughter— his daughter—but on seducing Olivia back into his bed Passion still simmers between them threatening her good sense Can he be trusted this time or is Kieran still a Wolff in sheep's clothing

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  1. Christine (KizzieReads) Christine (KizzieReads) says:

    This one was better than the first one Kieran was not as Alpha male as his brother but there were a few instances that raised my hackles I could see her point of keeping their child to herself and I could see his point of keeping his identity private I just wished that when they explained it to each other that they would understand the other person's side of things You also get a bit of Hollywood as Olivia's parents are famous actors and a bit of stalking Good story even with the last paragraph being a bit icky and cringeworthy

  2. RLA RLA says:

    The hero Kieran turns up on the heroine Olivia's doorstep after discovering uite by accident that he has a daughter He is furious with Olivia for keeping this from him but Olivia refuses to back down to his anger and demands Olivia had been devastated when Kieran had up and disappeared on her six years ago and her later discovery that he had given her a false name and not told the truth about himself made her decide to go it alone with her pregnancy Kieran wants to get to know his daughter as well as the chance to have Olivia the woman he has never forgotten back in his arms again Olivia reluctantly agrees to a weekend with Kieran and his family but knows that Kieran's wanderlust lifestyle will only end up hurting her daughter She also knows that however much desire there still is between them she can't let Kieran in her heart againI uite enjoyed this book there is a nice casual flow to the writing and the story itself is interesting But boy did the hero get on my nerves he was the one in the wrong He gave a false name then skedaddled the heroine had every right not to tell him in my opinion His constant demands for visitationcustody but also unwillingness to change his lifestyle are incredibly frustrating these are huge plot holes and very easily avoided it was very frustrating to read this kind of thing it let's down the rest of the storyBut there is plenty of passion and tension plus a believable love story A good bookOriginally posted at

  3. Susan Susan says:

    Very good book Kieran really irritated me at first He didn't seem to understand that by lying to her about his name when they first knew each other he had made it impossible for her to find him when she found out she was pregnant And when she finally did find him she felt she couldn't trust him All he could see was that he hadn't been told For her part Olivia still didn't feel that she could trust him to actually be around to act as a father The passion was still there but she didn't see anything permanent coming from it Over the weeks they were together with Kieran getting to know his daughter he found himself changing It took uite a lot for him to realize that he could stop running and build a life back on Wolff Mountain

  4. says:

    2753As I mentioned in my review for Into His Private Domain I enjoy reading Ms Maynard's stories and though often times a particular scene or character stands out her books are dependable if intermediate I finished this book before bed last night and as I'm writing the review the next night I'm finding it hard to know what to say I don't remember much standing out this time Kieran Wolff is the baby bother He's a wanderer and only comes back to the Blue Ridge mountains of Virgina a few days each year On this visit home he happens to read in the newspaper about a birthday party thrown by Oscar winners Javier and Lolita Delgado for their granddaughter Cammie's 5th birthday Javier and Lolita have one child Olivia Delgado the girl Keiran loved and left 6 years ago Convinced he is Cammie's father he shows up on her doorstep demanding answers He threatens and bullies and convinces Olivia multiple times to do as he asks stay with him at the Wolff mansion come with him to NYC leave Cammie with him for the summer etc I didn't mind his bullying as it seemed to be the only real way to get Olivia to agree or listen Whether Olivia should have agreed or listened is another story There are some bittersweet and plain old sweet moments in this book but again nothing is jumping out as needing to be reiterated I enjoyed reading it while it was happening but I'm not calling much from memory now that's it's done It was a bit anticlimactic as there was no real conflict or villain; perhaps that's the only reason nothing it standing out It was a steady read that offers a little background on the Wolff kids' childhood and Gareth Jacob and Keiran's father There was a fair bit of emotion and I recall being emotional invested while reading Also Jacob Gareth Gracie and Annalise make an appearanceMaybe I'm just having some brain fog today but that's really all I can add I'm bemoaning the fact that my library doesn't have the 3rd book available June 2012 and the 4th isn't out until Sept I would happily and eagerly keep reading but it doesn't seem likely2A Lover's Touch by Brenda JacksonThis is my second short story read by Ms Jackson The first was at the end of Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss At 55 pages and with a bit too much protesting this story didn't win me over Slate Landis has returned to Fernandina Beach Florida after abruptly leaving seven years ago He has returned for one reason Kendra Redding Teenaged Kendra loved Slate but after tragedy struck he ran and never looked back She's a women now following in her father's footsteps as an optometrist and has moved on even though she hasn't been with anyone since Slate So Slate is back after years of therapy and counseling to deal with the tragedy and he's hoping Kendra will give him another chance Kendra physically reacts to Landis a fact he's eager to exploit but she mentally and verbally protests being near him yet agrees to a date almost instantly then decides she'll simply have an affair with him while he's in town for one week then be done It happens pretty suddenly and before you know it they are on a date then in bed on the beach actually and professing their love 55 pages doesn't offer a lot of room for depth I'm still hoping to find Jackson's Steele Series books and read until my little heart is content

  5. Tia Tia says:

    A Touch Of PersuasionIn this novel we continue with the Wolff series Olivia when she was in college had a fling with a boy by the name of Kevin Wade Shortly after their six weeks together Kevin left her with a note saying he was leaving Leaving her alone leaving her shattered and leaving her pregnant Soon after Olivia gave birth to her daughter she had Kevin Wade investigated and found out he did not exist at all Instead Kevin Wade was actually Kieran Wolff so she decided not to contact him and gave birth to her daughter Cammie all aloneKieran has just found out that Olivia has a daughter he believes she is his daughter So Kieran does the only thing imaginable and confronts Olivia At first Olivia denies that Kieran has fathered her daughter Cammie but then the truth comes out and Kieran whisks her away to Wolff MountainCan they forgive the past and find love in each others arms again? Well I guess you'll have to read it because I DEFINITELY enjoyed it The Wolff men are full of delicious surprises YummyA Lover's TouchIn this novel Kendra meets her old lover Slate when he returns to town after many years of being away Kendra is shocked to see him and even shocked when he plants a big wet kiss on her After seven years Slate has finally returned to Kendra after blaming himself for a young girls drowning death even though he wasn't in the least at fault Slate and Kendra are still in love but Kendra feels that the past is over and done with it's way past time for her to move on Whereas Slate is still in love with Kendra and he came all the way from New York to get her back Can he persuade her to come back to him and give him another try? I find that although this book was relatively short it was a great read I think it was a bit lacking in the emotionalcharacter relation department but the book is so short we barely have time to establish anything but the bare minimal fact Still a generous read though

  6. Christina Christina says:

    Well I finally got interested in this book when I got to the climax It was an ok read It took a while for the hero to finally come to terms that his actions were what caused the problem but he got there eventually I'm actually interested in reading about AnnaliseI'm thinking she should hook up with Jeremy Vargas THAT is a book I want to read This is ok if you wanna pass the time

  7. Marcy Marcy says:

    Overall I liked this story But I did have issues with the H wanting revenge against the h because she didn't tell him she'd had his child HE was the one who had been using a false name when they were together and left her with no way to contact him Thank goodness he became likeable during the storythough he still was too bossy

  8. Ladyacct Ladyacct says:

    Better than the first but introduced a bit of the paranormal while not being against it was still unexpected

  9. Moran Moran says:

    A Touch of Persuasion was another good book in the Wolff Mountain series I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series

  10. Tanya Mayes Tanya Mayes says:

    Must read Love the story review later

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