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Unexpected Conseuences Rod and Cane Society #1 I have only read Breeder series by this author which is a sci fi erotica series that I enjoyed This series is about Domestic Discipline and how much pleasurable this can beI enjoyed it a lot but I couldn't stop smiling with the naivety of the main character How can a 23 years old woman not realising that her father and mother practice domestic discipline And how can she not realise that a society called Rod and Cane where her parents and husband are members is than a charity organisation Rod Cane I meancome onAnyway I thought Melania and Jared are really cute together They both discover a new world of pleasure and pain together Although Melania is the newbie here Jared's feelings are also over the place and this make his character likeable This review was sponsored by Behind the Chintz Curtain However all opinions expressed here are mine aloneI think Unheld Conversations would have been a better title for this bookJared is a member of an organisation called the Rod and Cane Society Personally I prefer to refer to it by its original name when it was founded back in 1937 The He Man Woman Haters Club Therefore throughout the rest of this review I am going to call it He Man for shortSo anyway the guys in He Man are all into Domestic Discipline DD if you aren't aware is a form of relationship where one partner gets to decide if the other partner has done something bad and if they have punish them for it – usually with a spanking It can actually function either way the Wife can spank the Husband but that isn't a He Man idea Oh no And when I say ‘guys’ I mean ‘guys’; ladies don’t actually get to join He Man They have to join the He Man Ladies Auxiliary More on that aspect a little laterHe Man even has a really cool clubhouse It has two sections a public section just like you would expect a ‘Prestigious Fraternal Organization’ to have but also a way interesting part the public don’t get to see All the social functions occur in this private section and it’s just chock full of art consisting of freshly spanked red bottomed women tastefully modeled by Ladies Auxiliary Members Oh and I should mention the ‘Disciplinary Chamber’ I would tell you about what happens in there but I don’t want to give anything awayJared meets Melania at a He Man event Not held at the clubhouse obviously because well that would have been a problem You see even though Melania knows her father is a member of He Man and her mother is a member of the Auxiliary she doesn't know anything about Domestic Discipline or what He Man is really about The first rule of He Man is that you don’t talk about He Man So even though her parents play matchmaker for these two lovebirds they neglect to mention to Melania just what she is getting intoNow I know what you are thinking Jared surely wouldn't enter into a DD relationship without making sure that Melania understood what he wanted Well actually They talk about him being in charge and he does kind of mention that he wants to spank her if she does something really really naughty but she doesn't really think he’s seriousOf course eventually she does something that he decides she should be spanked for and What’s that He gives her a good old fashioned brisk hand spanking over his knee Well no actually He fastens her bottom upwards over his fancy spanking bench with fleece lined straps and uses his shiny new paddle on her Perhaps not surprisingly things kind of go downhill for a while after thatI am not entirely sure what the Society’s existence was supposed to add to the story The whole Code of Silence was disturbing The nametags were condescending The whole argument that Melania would just come to accept her place over time I double checked to make sure I wasn’t reading The Stepford WivesJared was totally ruled by his emotions spending the entire story either feeling sorry for himself or being angry at Melania I did think his huntergatherer argument had the potential to be compelling – if it were still 25000 BC Before he took responsibility for someone else he really needed to take responsibility for himself firstI kept waiting for Jared and Melania to actually have a conversation about Domestic Discipline and what they both wanted out of it I still can’t believe that no such conversation actually occurred I thought the ending was a case of doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasonsThere are a lot of people outside of the BDSM and spanking communities who would consider Domestic Discipline abuse I just don’t feel like Unexpected Conseuences provides any arguments against that but could actually provide some in favour 100 pages filled with real life feelings and steamy scenes between a partial and new DsThis story distils the belief that to have a happy and fulfilling marriage you need to have some discipline in place between husband and wife Jared employs this disciplinary techniue in spanking Melania when she does something wrong The narrative is based on two types of spankings 1 the pleasurable spankings in the bedroom and;view spoilerThis spanking is seen in one part of the story just before the real spanking is initiated when she disobeys Jared This sets the precedent for their lovable connection they have at the beginning of their marriage hide spoiler I swooned in sexual ecstasy reading this book The phrase running through my mind the entire time was Spare the rod; spoil the child This phrase is one of my favourites and it must be Jared's tooJared is newly wed to Melanie The twelve year age difference doesn't make him her daddy but due to their affiliation to the Rod and Cane Society he does dole out punishment for her misbehaviour like a father would to a childI liked this book because Melanie was spanked and paddled hard for misbehaving Perhaps I am tired of women who are Daddy's little princesses manipulating people and receiving no conseuences In this book bad behaviour was treated accordingly and fully laid out prior to the punishment What I find amusing is that Melanie's father and mother are part of the Rod and Cane Society Yet Melanie was ignorant to its mission and vision She knew going into the marriage there would be punishment which was laid out in detail in the lengthy contract on obedience and correction by her husband For her it never connected because she fully believed it would not apply to her She figured she'd just negotiate her way out of it Right basically she wanted to be in control and jerk Jared aroundI can't stand women like this which is probably why I enjoyed this book so much I reveled in her paddling discipline I smiled in glee at her shock I delighted in her inability to con her way out of punishment I found her struggle to accept her wifely discipline believable Her uestion if she could still be married after this jarring to reality was well written I would have felt empathy for her if she was married in without any warning Instead she went into the marriage eyes wide shut Because of this willful ignorance I sided with Jared every timeJared is the kind of husband I like He's the type of husband I married Jared is stricter than my own spouse which makes him attractive to me I liked how Ms Bristol wrote from his perspective too He is the loving caring husband and he isn't flawless It makes me like him even better I'm a big supporter of domestic discipline so this story is definitely on my list of recommendations I'm actually going to pass it along to my husband and highlight the word maintenance I'm hoping he'll understand my messageSince I enjoyed this book so much one may wonder why it is only a 4 star The reason is because I wished for punishment and erotic sex scenes I would have liked a bit discipline or discussions of other women being corrected I also would like to know what happens in the club's discipline room I do want to commend Ms Bristol's excellent demonstration of an independent and strong woman who also is a spanked wife I felt this balance is key I highly recommend this book to spanking fanatics who enjoy maledom in marriage I look forward to domestic discipline books from the talented Ms Bristol DNFThis felt like a spanking version of The Stepford Wives Characters are shallow no chemistry no communication I made it to where the hero initiates his domestic disciplinary role and spanks his wife with a paddle because she went against his wishes and bought a pair of shoes I could not take any I'm thankful to the friend that loaned me the book to see if I would be interested in the series The price of 509 for 109pgs is ridiculous EYEOPENINGFirst read for me by this author and this particular subject This is a story about a young woman who is very naive her parents had spoilt her her entire life They belong to a society called The Rod and Cane but she was unaware of the function of this club despite it's very revealing name She meets her future husband at one of the clubs social events Not long after they are married she deceives her husband in a minor way and he disciplines her Devastated she plans to leave himWhile this isn't normally the type of story I go for I thought that Jared seemed a bit too old and way experienced than Melania Once she discovers the true function of the club she's shocked She talks her concerns and fears over with some of the other wives it's this that bothered me the most it just came across to me like the author was trying to justify their husbands spanking them Melania did ask good uestions like what happens when the husbands mess up but those were never answered The cover shows a mans hand presumably spanking a woman’s bottom but in this Jarrod used a half inch thick by four inches wide and over a foot long chunk of wood That’s not a spanking that’s a beating Plus there’s no safe word That is what Cara Bristol has created here in Unexpected Conseuences Melania loves husband Jared's dominant ways and accepts his warnings before their marriage of physical retribution for misbehavior with half an ear and half a heart But when she makes a mistake and he spanks her Melania is shocked and hurt She prepares to leave him and it is during a dinner party that same night that she meets two other women part of the Rod and Cane Society and they give their take pros and cons of a not so usual lifestyle Will Melania come around or will she run home to daddyI like DD stories where the H 'earns' this very uniue gift he is given to spank and discipline his wife or SO This rings true here Cara Bristol does a great job of showing Melania's reticence and we are really not sure if she is going to come around to accepting this lifestyle and her husband's heavy hand despite how much she loves him The writing is good and the relationship between Jared and Melania aside from the DDclub aspect is real The idea that a club or society like this exists is a fun fantastical concept I understand this is or will be a series and I'm looking forward to from this author Jared belongs to the Rod and Cane Society a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain domestic discipline When Melania ignores a “reuest” from her husband and attempts to hide her disobedience Jared spanks herWhile Jared believes the unpleasantness has been settled for Melania it only has begun Although she consented to the spanking her fairytale notion of marriage has been shattered and she makes plans to leave Jared as soon as her parents return from vacationWhile she waits Melania begins to see positive aspects of domestic discipline But just as she decides her love for Jared is paramount and she might be able to accept a domestic discipline marriage Jared discovers she’d planned to leave him and once again her marriage is in jeopardy Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable paddling spanking Way to un romanticized a good spanking This is almost dubious consent Cavemen brought to the 21st century I hate giving books one star The one star is how I feel personally Overall I expected this story to have romance in it and deeper character interactions This just felt like a huge brainwashing session This girl doesn't like what is happening and everyone keeps telling her how awesome it is until finally she convinces herself she likes it I'm all for BDSM stuff but this book feels like the safe word was taken away It borders on emotional abuse If you don't agree you lose your husband is that really a choice Why couldn't they find a compromise or at least talk about it In my opinion he left no room for her to feel safe I felt super uncomfortable reading itEveryone has their own opinion this is mine I guess this particular kink isn't my thing

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