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The Last Au Pair Three young European women come to South Florida for adventure romance and excitement Expecting easy work the women agree to become au pairs – live in nannies for affluent American families The first au pair is Moniue a pleasant French girl who is looking for fun Next is Eline a tall blond Norwegian who will do almost anything to get a modeling contract The third is Sorina from Denmark whose naivety always seems to get her into trouble When the three au pairs meets David Knight a local high school teacher their adventures get both complicated and comical as he tries to save them from their daily dramas I won this book from First Reads here on Goodreads Girls who are from other countrieswho come to stay with families to care for their children etc au pair Story revolves around a somewhat nice guy David who after helping one girl gets caught up in the lives of three other girls Took me awhile to get into it but then I thought it was a good read afterall I'd read from this author I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway Thanks very much My Description This book works out like a naughty European soap opera We are introduced to many different women who come to America for different reasons David connects with all of them for different reasons It wasn't ALL about sex It has adventure comedy excitement even love My Review I was disappointed about the endingview spoilerI think David should have stayed with Madelene It was never explained why he felt a connection to Eline the second Au Pair in the story hide spoiler Disclaimer I won this book from a Goodreads giveawayThis was a uick fun read Definitely a light chick lit novel The novel surrounds 30 year old David a teacher whose life intermingles with Au Pairs from Europe who come to Miami looking for a fun time with an easy babysitting job All the families the Au Pairs end up with turn out to be crazy psychopaths and when they need to escape they call David to get them out of their messes Poor David is the nice guy who wants a relationship but the Au Pairs treat him like dirt and walk all over him Will David ever get the girl? Read the book and see I won this book from Goodreads giveaways I was looking forward to it because it sounded like it was in the vein of The Nanny Diaries or The Devil Wears Prada However I found it very disappointing and did not find the humor it suggstedThe first section moved uickly and held my interest but I was totally bored in the middle of the book This was about horrible people acting badly I liked few of the charactersTo me it is a cautionary tale Don't hire an au pair and even don't work as one The world is a dangerous place The host families abuse the au pairs The au pairs abuse each other and the central character I would not trust any of them with my children or my dogIt was uick and fairly easy to read but there were only several parts that really captured my interest and engaged me A very enjoyable light read It goes uickly I recommend reading it on a sunny day next to the pool with an icy alcoholic beverage I won this book through FirstReads It was a uick fun read perfect for a summer pool day The story flows easily and it's particularly entertaining because it's based on true stories about au pairs living in the MiamiBoca Raton area I had no idea the whole au pair subculture existed Some of the stories are pretty shocking One criticism I have is that there are not really any redeemable characters The au pairs are all chasing money and fame and the main male character just wants to get in their pants Toward the end of the book I started to like David and I thought the fast forward to the future helped where he and one of the au pairs have moved on with their lives and become actual responsible adults After all the au pairs in the book are all in their young 20s and who wasn't reckless then? Overall the book is a fun easy read Won this on Goodreads Not bad as a simple beach read but don't expect much I'm not sure how much of this is based on real life events but I found the au pairs too sterotypicalone dimensonal and pretty much all of the Americans except David were just nasty people The writing was a little stilted and didn't always flow well for fiction There were some humorous parts but also many cheesy ones I didn't care for the superficial treatment of date rape I guess I was expecting something like an adult version of Melissa de la Cruz's The Au Pairs and this was very different I'll be completely honest I probably wouldn't have chosen this book to read in the first place but I gave it a shot because I thought in reading the summary of the book that David Knight would be a great character to read Putting aside the fact that I probably wouldn't have chosen this book I read it with a clear mind like you should any book I particulary enjoyed David's character like I thought I would he was such a great laugh throughout the entirety of the book I liked the fact that Mike Sincere wrote all three of the au pairs different in the sense that their personalities were uite different from one another; I had feared that they might end up cookie cutter versions of each other but that was definitely not the case I must also say this book is extremely well written It was written in a way that made it read exceptionally well The Last Au Pair is an easy breezy enjoyable read The plot is not deep here and there are times when that is exactly what one needs I compare it to the 'Calgon bath' Calgon take me away Purely entertainingThank you Steve Sincere and Goodreads for the gift and opportunity to read and review The Last Au Pair'

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