Inuisitorial Inuiries Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other

Inuisitorial Inuiries Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics Heroes and Villains Series On the first day of Francisco de San Antonio's trial before the Spanish Inuisition in Toledo in 1625 his interrogators asked him about his parentage His real name he stated was Abram Ruben and he had been born in Fez of Jewish parents How then Inuisitors wanted to know had he become a Christian convert Why had a Hebrew alphabet been found in his possession And what was his business at the Court in Madrid He was asked according to his dossier for the story of his life His response than ten folios long is one of the many involuntary autobiographies created by the logic of the Inuisition that today provides rich insights into both the personal lives of the persecuted and the social cultural and political realities of the age translated and annotated six of these autobiographies from a diverse group of prisoners five tried in Europe and one in Mexico

4 thoughts on “Inuisitorial Inuiries Brief Lives of Secret Jews and Other Heretics Heroes and Villains Series

  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    An interesting look at the Spanish Inuisition however the cases could have been connected and better context given Very cool choices of cases though

  2. Matthew Picardat Matthew Picardat says:

    Very interesting book on first hand accounts of the Spanish Inuisition Fascinating and uick read

  3. Beverly Beverly says:

    This is a fascinating look into the uotidian nature of many of the inuisitional proceedings of 17th century Spain You won’t find scenes of the accused stretched out on wracks or being prodded with hot irons Rather these stories have the drab plodding of a contemporary civil trial in which jurists painstakingly weigh the long and detailed testimony given I don’t doubt that the horrendous practice of torture was common – you will read of “secret” jails as well as lots of confessions and repentance But here we can see there was often a mundane and boring element to the trials It is also remarkable how freuently the judges took the accused at their word I always imagined the inuisitors ignoring any claim of innocence and torturing everyone until they confessed to some horrible heresy This book also provides amazing accounts given by the accused The most outrageous tale being that of a woman accused of living as a man who claimed to be a hermaphrodite Her testimony is unbelievable and yet the judges carefully consider each of her assertions I am also intrigued by how far and wide the accused traveled and moved around in their lives from Spain to North Africa to Italy South Western France and back to Spain in a few short years was typical As I indicated above some of the testimony can be tedious but this book is a must read if you are interested in the details of the inuisition and daily life in the 17th century It definitely brings to mind Platero y Yo

  4. Peter Bradley Peter Bradley says:

    My Review

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