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Medair Medair #1 2 This is two novels in one except it isn't really as the two read like halves of a whole rather than as two separate stories It's one story about hatred forgiveness forbearance and I did love reading it I docked it one star because I did get bogged down in fantasy conventions a few times mainly far too many made up words and the ending threw me rather but don't let that put you off This is a book very much worth reading There are so many regions of our own world that are plagued by the kind of undying hatreds considered here Places where terrible things happened long ago and through all the centuries since there have been people trying to right the wrongs done then But where does it stop? Can it stop? Are we doomed to fight and refight the battles of the past or can we move on into the future? Before this book begins the Empire Medair serves as Herald to has been terribly wronged Their generous offer to a band of refugees had led to their Empire being conuered and Medair had set off to find magical items to overthrow the invaders Unfortunately a magical catch leads to her sleeping for 500 years and when she returns to her Empire ready to bring victory to her people she finds that the hated invaders have thoroughly interwoven with them Bloodlines have merged customs have become hybrids from both traditions and her time has passed Medair finds herself in a new world but burdened with her memories of what to her was just a short while ago She is also burdened by the expectations of people who have kept the cause of her Empire alive for all these centuries The story of how things work out is thoughtful and interesting Medair is one of those rare books where I felt like someone could knock me out and induce amnesia so that I can read the book all over again The experience was beyond pleasant and I liked how the author surprised me through the plot twists in the story On that note it might just be me because I put in effort not to try and anticipate what would happen next but immerse myself in the story Hey That's what escapism is all about yeah? So it depends what gets you going the pleasure of a novel experience vs getting a kick out of knowing your predictions came true I liked both The Silence of Medair and The Voice of the Lost simply because the length was just right Not too lengthy and it ended just at the right spot for the fantasy to continue its course in my own head The story also gives me a deep sense of nostalgia 500 years passed and what's left behind? I like how the story started by capitalizing on Medair's failure and Andrea K Host did not hesitate to let us know how much she regrets her mistake though I suppose if she developed a psychological disorder like PTSD or perhaps suffers from repression that manifests itself in a million tiny weird uirks would make her traumatic experience realistic But her honesty to being a coward was real enough for me I also like how secretive Medair had to be and how a particular male protagonist had subtly attempted to uncover her mystery I would say that the character development was mainly emphasized on Medair and it did suggest that the author put in a lot of thought when writing the book The language use was excellent as well I don't really appreciate what other authors do to make ancientfantasy folk talk or behave like today's modern Hollywood I like the subtle romance between the characters and I appreciate the cultural differences between Farakkians humans and the Ibisians white skinned blue spine humanoid beings I appreciate the effort she put into creating this 'alien' race didn't really mention if they were from outer spaceI also like the ending It was one of those 'too much to ask for but the author made it happen' type Probably the only unreal thing I believe existed in this unreal world Did I give too much hint? What I didn't like? 1 Not enough physical action be it at self defense violence or in war2 A time difference of 500 years would warrant A WHOLE LOT of changes than what the author described albeit they were relevant ie emergence of new 'Gods' and the disappearance of some old lands3 Where did the Hoard even came from? once you've read the book you'll know April 2019 re read I can't believe it's been seven years since I first read MEDAIR I still remember I was waiting for a friend while reading the final chapter and hoping she would be late because I Could Not Put It DownYep just as good the second time around Original review I probably do sound like a bit of a broken record when it comes to Andrea K Höst but I have fallen in love with pretty much all of her booksMEDAIR has adventure magic and love with a healthy dollop of angst and I was drawn into Medair's world from the start I loved the premise of what happens if the heroine fails to save the world combined with the Sleeping Beauty spin Medair emerges from her version of an enchanted sleep half a century after the war The world is much changed and the battles and Medair herself are part of history but for her it was only yesterday when the country was on the verge of warPerhaps a tad too much time was spent revisiting the debate on right v wrong and the grey areas in between; however that didn't stop me from being completely immersed in Medair's story and wondering how it could all end happily The intricate world building and the examination of complex cultures was an added bonus And gosh the ending it was a surprise but not uite a surprise at the same time In hindsight the seeds were laid throughout the book and I don't think the ending could have worked any other wayYes I loved this one During the holidays I finally found time to read Medair which I had been braced against a bit even though I've much enjoyed all the other books of the author I've read so far because of the basic plot of hopelessness for the heroine This whole review is utterly FULL of spoilersThe first book which was nominated for an Aurealis award introduces the action plot of a kingdom in danger from outside forces which it attempts to defeat stop by looking for all kinds of things which may strengthen its defence and since it is a magic wielding kingdom it's looking for magic weapons or at least magic power up stones Our heroine Medair not only has a whole treasury of magic weapons of ancient provenance at her fingertips literally as you will find out loved that particular homage to Doraemon ^^ which she uested for in the hope of saving her empire but while fleeing people on the other side of the conflict who have found her in her retreat she runs across the carnage left by a mage fight and collects a handful of those magic power up stones the reason for the carnage and a young boy who is the only survivorSo far so normal for fantasy the twist that lifts the story from the average is the fact that Medair didn't collect the magic treasure for the CURRENT kingdom but for an empire that vanished in a war 500 years ago an empire which was defeated by the people who run the magic kingdom NOW Having found the treasure in time to help her kingdom she had dared to sleep for one night in its hiding place and when she returned 500 years had passedThe story picks up a year later when Medair has already become resigned and numb towards the fact that the people living in the city and palace she used to call home she was a herald of the emperor are now a mix of the conuerors and her own countrymen but she still doesn't know how to connect to people again and what to do with the treasure she foundThe developments are currently moving towards war and the fact that it has become known that she is important the current enemy side had a prophecy about her pushes her from her safe but solitary life back into the developments of her countryAnd that boy she saved isn't even a boyThe whole first book is a fascinating intermix of retrospective memories of Medair mostly in reaction to what she sees or talks about with her current companions and the way that the slide into war reminds her of what happened 500 years ago She isn't willing to open up right away who would be so it's all very much a dance on eggshells And then there's the dubiousness of her original motivation for the uest and what that might mean and what to do now that the capital is once again under threatThe second book is action oriented on the one hand and in some ways an exploration of Medair's situation from another point of view again Medair having found reasons to throw in with the current kingdom based on her old empire becomes another victim of a massive attack spell of wild magic something whose dangers were made clear in the previous book because that was the reason why the mage run kingdom invaded Medair's empire in the first place to flee from wild magic which is aimed at the capital The mages in the capital manage to shelter it from the wild magic wave but in the aftermath it is discovered that the wild magic changed the whole history and layout of the rest of the known world islands where mountains used to stand Medair's family's land completely gone a kingdom alive which had fallen 1000 years ago in the alternate time line magical races that never existed before and all of them having known this kingdom and being completely surprised that no one remembers themA insidious change is that the mixed children of the former conuerors and the native population look like almost pure magic wielders one of Medair's new friends from the first book who suffered from being bullied all her life because she didn't look like that and didn't have the power finds herself transformed with memories of BOTH pasts into the person she became on this version of the world incredibly competent and looking totally like the mage kingdom peopleFor everyone in the capital and the group around Medair which includes people from the highest government level the situation is exactly the same as Medair's was a year ago they now live in a country whose past they don't know with changes that can't be taken back and have to adapt to the fact that the enemy who called the wild magic is still around and trying to take over their country with his even powerful magic constructs this part is the action plot What to do with Medair's magical treasures? Can she allow herself to become close to one of her companions even though he is descended from the conuerors is this even relevant in the changed circumstances? Now that wild magic has been used will it destroy the country again?Actually that bit was very much stuck on at the end I think another book would have made sense with that especially considering the incredible change that dealing with this meant for Medair and the man in uestion and I would have felt better if I had a firm belief that she and they ^^ would cope with what happened I have to give kudos though for even hinting in the first book that emotionally this response on Medair's side might have originally existed even as she didn't acknowledge it then One thing you have to understand is that almost everything Andrea K Host writes is my fetish In her books Host likes combining a level headed heroine interesting magic system a stoic hero and a often a philosophical uestion or two These are all things I really enjoy but this book technically duology is especially transcendentIn Mediar a young woman who's a herald for the king rides off to find this legendary weapon that will allow her country to destroy the conuering enemy and win the war She finds it but dallies too long in a magical cave and when she comes back her country is conuered and it's 500 years laterWhile there is constant action in this book much of the real conflict it is Medair dealing with moral uestions such as what should she do now that the conuerors have assimilated with the original people in her country what she should do about her oath to the throne should she support the claim of someone who's descended from the old king? and with her own guilt memories and personal hatred But all done in a realistic way and not in a prolonged angst kind of way She's also a herald so she doesn't have any special powers or fighting skills minus some magical trinkets that she picked up so she's strong in certain ways but isn't able to solve everything with a wave of her fingers and is conflicted about the things she can doAlso people have made the case that creatures like elves and dwarves in fantasy can exist as a stand in for The Other and concepts of xenophobia and racism but in my opinion very few novels actually really explore the idea if they ever do in a non trite way like this book does Put frankly Medair is a racist—and while you can say she has reasons for this since the Ibisians who let's be real are basically elves invaded her country unprovoked 500 years ago—the book explores ideas of racial hatred and race purity from both sidesI think the only thing in this duology that might be controversial is part of the ending It solves one of the conflicts in the book but in a way that was a little weird—although I think Host does pull it off as she did set up for it throughout both books I rated this duo a lot lower than most of the other reviewers because the first book ends on a cliffhanger leading to the second book when it would have been better served to combine both into one longer book In that context I think the second book was such a hot mess that it ended up downplaying the strengths of the firstIt is a convoluted world Many reviewers denigrate books that start with a prologue that sets out the terms of the setting but this world is revealed to you piecemeal and once you know all the races and what's going on you wish that you could go back and reread what had been said previouslyBackground that I hope will help potential readers Medair is the Farakkan King's Herald which is the euivalent of a high level messenger complete with a really cool messenger bag that is magically bottomless and a signature of her job She and her senior are sent to speak with the Ibisian race an entire race of people who have suddenly amassed at their borders because their lands have been wiped out by a magical blight The Ibisians are an interesting race they're pale slim tall with white hair and a blue line down their spine Most of them are very adept at magic thus leading to the blight of their lands and they are known for being cold and expressionless and their King Ieskar a few years younger than Medair is colder than all of themThe Farakkan king offers the Ibisians refuge but King Ieskar in a cool courteous fashion thanks her for the message and replies that this kind offer has to be rejected and that the Ibisians will have to fight for what is theirs Essentially the Ibisians are a proud race and not for them a downtrodden immigrant existence They will conuer and fightNot unnaturally Medair a good patriotic herald hates King Ieskar but and I thought this well done on the part of the author there's a sort of fascination as well on a personal level since they had to deal with each other for nigh on two years with the Farakkan court sending Medair wend whispers telepathic messages She comes to know the history behind the Ibisians and the tragedy of their rigid culture not the least of the restraints on King Ieskar who's not allowed to touch anyone but those of the highest rank and not even his wife if he had any Finally Medair has enough of the Ibisians and reuests leave view spoiler It is revealed towards the end of the second book that it was when she saw tears on his face that she had to get away thus revealing the attraction she had towards him all along hide spoiler This was the first of Host's novels that I read and I just finished reading it again yesterday as a refresher for this review I've read some high fantasy but it had never been a preference of mine until I read Medair and realized that some people can do a good job writing it It doesn't have be dry and boring and beyond descriptive like The Lord of the Rings or depressingly gross like A Game of Thrones where everyone is either the devil or deadThis fantasy wasn't that cheesy type of girl fantasy where the author has written a sloppy or nonexistent plot to hide the fact that the book is really a Harleuin romance novelNo this book is not any of those things It's a beautiful story with complex characters a world that is authentic and a raging internal battle the MC has to fight Medair's voice caught my attention immediately and was the reason I uickly bought every book Host has written You can't fake that kind of voice It's the reason I love Melina Marchetta too It seems like it must be so hard to create a character that readers can relate to or find funny or root for Host's characters do that for me They're the kind of characters I'd want to meet in real life because I just feel like we'd be besties Medair waking up 500 years after the end of a war she'd been hoping to end finds herself floating adrift and confused She was sent by her King to find the Horn of Farak to end the War and while resting in the magical cave that held the horn 500 years passed without her knowledge The country she was born to and fought for is no and you feel her pain and struggle against hating an enemy she cannot touch because they all died 500 years ago Their descendents are not so easy to hate and the conflict that arises from Medair being discovered as the famous Herald from centuries ago keeps the story going at a break neck pace until it's conclusion The ending Oh the ending how do I count the ways I love you Host did the same thing to me in And All the Stars too It's like she knows exactly how my mind works what I want before I even know I remember feeling vaguely unsettled that Medair had such a connection with Ieskar but I wasn't expecting her to do anything about it It would be impossible right? Not so She got everyone their HEA without making it seem unbelievable or far fetched just seamless Perfectly imperfect 35This duology was enjoyable but a bit confusing for me I enjoyed the first book The silence of Medair immensely It had great and credible world building the idea of Heralds with their satchels was fascinating and I loved the idea that the heroine was not a hero but simply a loyal Imperial messenger driven to desperation What a heartbreaking and intriguing place to pick up a story the complete failure of an everyday person in her attempt to save all that she knew due to an ill fated twist of magic I really liked that the set up allowed Host to ask interesting uestions about hanging onto the wounds and prejudices of the past and whether you can hate a culture that has become your own However the reason I have reservations in my love for the Medair duology is twofold I felt that it started like an adventure fantasy but the second book ended like a love story While I was somewhat satisfied with the emotional arc that Medair went through and the resolution of her relationships I was frustrated because I felt like it just ended with And they lived mostly happily ever after I wanted the world is left in a pretty messed up state and I would have liked to have seen some resolution there Which highlights my second point Host made some pretty strange choices in plotting the direciton of the story What starts as an interestingly twisted fantasy gets twisted and then twisted again and then twisted again so that they story was somewhat random and almost out of shape Again it allowed Host to ask and explore interesting uestions would your life be different or better if you didn't let other people's opinions shape your self worth? but I felt like the author was pulling random levers than taking me on a carefully plotted joureny with Medair and that was at times uncomfortable Don't let my reservations stop you from reading these books though I did enjoy and would definitely recommend it as an entertaining and truely interesting take on a fantasy story but I didn't enjoy it as much as the later Touchstone series which had just as many twists but was maybe better plotted I plan to continue reading Andrea Host's catalogue since I have enjoyed the interesting stories she tells April 2015 reread Medair was one of the titles I included in my last Top Ten Tuesday post and that made me want to reread it so I did Such a good readFebruary 2014 review Originally posted hereHaving previously loved Andrea K Höst's sci fi novels And All the Stars and the Touchstone trilogy I picked up her Medair duology when I needed to be fully absorbed by a good novel It's funny because out of all of her books I wanted to read this epic fantasy duology first but I didn't get the chance to read them until recently Once again I would like to thank the author for providing a review copy of the omnibus edition which contains both The Silence of Medair and Voice of the Lost I feel that both books have to be read together so I'm glad I got them in one editionI was completely immersed in Medair's world right from the start I read the whole thing in just one weekend because I couldn't get enough of the story and just had to reach the end as soon as I could I wanted to be swept away into a wonderful world filled with magic and adventure and I'm happy to report that Medair lived up to my expectations Having had prior experience reading Andrea K Höst's other novels I knew there would be surprising twists and turns in both The Silence of Medair and Voice of the Lost and I was right I was immediately intrigued by the premise Medair is a Herald of her kingdom tasked with finding a powerful magical object that will help her people win the war She succeeded in finding what she was looking for but she stopped to rest in a place outside of time and when she woke up she discovered that 500 years have passed Not surprisingly Medair feels lost with no idea how to move forward A large part of the reader's enjoyment of Medair would depend on whether one will be able to sympathize with her and the issues that she faces Her narration is very introspective going back and forth from the past to the present and trying to reconcile the differences between them There's a lot of reflection on her part as she reluctantly becomes involved in making decisions that would irrevocably change the world she found herself in I loved Medair's character I understood her hesitations her feelings and her worries She's an intelligent and resourceful woman loyal to her liege and her country and inherently a good person But completely at a loss with how much has been altered in her world I do admit that there could have been less of her thoughts going around in circles even Medair was self aware enough to realize that she keeps doing that but I wasn't really bothered by it I can see why the narration wouldn't work for everyone but I'm delighted that I was completely engrossed by it Aside from Medair I was also invested in several other characters in the story and I loved seeing her interact with them even as she tries to keep a distanceThere's a whole lot of history and political intrigue intertwined with the story partly because of the invasion centuries ago and also because of the alliances of the various governing bodies around the region I enjoyed these aspects and how magic was also involved in all of it I like that there weren't any lengthy explanations on how the magic works but it never got confusing for me I felt that it was seamlessly woven into the story I believe that this review wouldn't be complete if I didn't talk about the romance in these two books While I could see it coming it was how the characters got there that mattered In keeping with her personality and the situation she's in Medair doesn't take her attraction to a certain someone lightly As a result there's tension and ambiguity I really had no idea how things would unfold between them Andrea K Höst has consistently surprised me with how she builds and develops relationships in her books While I wasn't exactly able to predict how things would end I can say that there was a nice build up and I couldn't see Medair's story ending any other way Similar to the Touchstone trilogy I can see the Medair duology will be a very good reread I look forward to finding the time for it In the meantime I need to work on convincing readers to pick up her books because I seriously find it surprising that they're not as well known as they should be I had a book hangover after reading these two books and the only solution I could think of was to start on another Andrea K Höst title The complete epic fantasy Medair duology containing the Aurealis Awards finalist The Silence of Medair and the heart rending conclusion Voice of the LostTime stole VictoryMedair an Rynstar returned too late to drive back the Ibisian invasion Centuries too lateWhen friend and enemy have become the same thing what use are the weapons Medair planned to use to protect her Empire There is no magic no artefact no enchanted trinket which can undo the pastBut no matter how Medair wishes to hide from the conseuences of her failure there are those who will not allow her the luxury of denying the present Her war is already lost but she carries weapons which could change the course of new battlesWith the skirmishes of war beginning and hunters in near pursuit it is her conscience Medair cannot escape Whose side should she be on What is she really running fromFrom the Aurealis Awards judges' report You can read Silence of Medair for its strong conflicted heroine its playful subversion of fantasy tropes or its deep detailed analysis of the nature of racism If not just read it for the beautifully crafted prose

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