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Nothing Short of Perfect Perfect #1 First comes marriage—and Justice St John has a plan Using a foolproof euation the brilliant scientist designs a program to find the perfect woman But after a night of unexpected passion he discovers that Daisy Marcellus is entirely the wrong woman—and it's back to the drawing boardBut their passion has conseuencesAnd when Daisy—with little Noelle in tow—tracks him down she brings life and color and chaos to his cold and orderly world Their negotiations for the future are just starting when Daisy discovers he's still searching for the perfect wife

  • Kindle Edition
  • 192 pages
  • Nothing Short of Perfect Perfect #1
  • Day Leclaire
  • English
  • 24 August 2015

About the Author: Day Leclaire

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10 thoughts on “Nothing Short of Perfect Perfect #1

  1. Mou Mou says:

    Not very impressive but it's ok

  2. Audrey Audrey says:

    Wow what an utterly DIRE situationGeekaholic genius hero Justice St John who doesn't feel emotions and speaks like a computer? Yeah I could get behind that I was looking forward to his story actually and yes I did enjoy reading from his POV and internal narrativeUntil I met his heroine Daisy Marcellus Whom I couldn't stand Whom I kind of sort of hated Whom I found to be a manipulative lying histrionic headstrong illogical mess Her narrative pained me and I found myself skim reading large sections including the sex scenes I'm normally an OCD reader who cannot skip any words in a book So yes holy shite it was that direI was considering going with 2 stars because I actually liked the secondary characters including Jett Daisy's teenage foster kid whom Daisy adopted after her parents couldn't foster Jett any longer and Pretorius Justice's uncle with the social anxiety disorder But nowhen you cannot stand to read from the heroine's POV a POV that occurs in a romance novel the majority of the time then a book really cannot pull itself above that one starOh and to top it all off there's also that minor detail that they were foster siblings in the same household What the figgity fug?????? Can we say SUICKY??? Gross gross gross shuddersNot to mention the lie that Daisy told at the time that changed Justice's life view spoilerShe was 15 going on 16 when a 17 year old Justice entered her parents' household as her new foster brother She lied to him and told him she was 17 too They capped off that summer with her losing her virginity to him Her parents find out toss him out of the foster home he gets a replacement home where they know what he's done namely statutory rape and treat him like crap for it and he also loses his scholarship to Harvard because he no longer was of good character hide spoiler

  3. Saly Saly says:

    This book was certainly very different because I have never read about a cold and scientific hero than Justice I mean reading about his software's and the way he lives reminds you of mad freaky scientist as Daisy refers so many timesJustice is a brilliant man if emotionally closed off and an accident makes him realize how truly alone he is in the world so he decides he will find the perfect companion and wife He meets Daisy at a conference and thinks she is an engineer and can't recall their past she refers to due to the accidentDaisy met Justice when he was fostered at her home and he became her first She never forgot him and how she tried to brighten his scientific life so when he takes her to her room she goes but when Justice remembers who she is he is furious she lied to him about her age that got him kicked outAlmost two years later Daisy tracks him down to his place in the middle of nowhere to tell him he has a daughter and she is like him Justice is happy asks her to move there so they can try to be a familyThe reason I am rating the book higher is since it is different even though I could not connect to Justice that much but by virtue of being a genius he was always isolated and treated badly so the fact that he wraps that around him like a shield is understandable but Daisy still pushes his boundaries

  4. Booklover Booklover says:

    This was a good fun readJustice Daisy are poles apartDaisy is a warm person where as Justice he is literally a cold person he does'nt feels anythingall emotions he knows is as definitionsJustice Daisy share a history now Daisy has found Justice then she comes know what happened back 10 years agoJustice is very angry and bitter towards Daisy they part again then after 19 months Daisy finally tracks Justice again to tell him he has a daughter From there on we see how Daisy and their daughter Noella brings about happiness smiles and warmth around Justice and his uncle PPJustice starts to feels emotion and bonds with Noellathe scenes with Noella are really fun to readOverall it is a very good readloved all charactersthe bickering and fights between Justice Daisy were really enjoyableRecommend it

  5. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Totally different hero If you've seen The Big Bang Theory the hero is very similar to Dr Sheldon Cooper He is totally scientific He writes a computer program to find a wife He is very literal and he can't understand sarcasm He does seem to have of a sex drive though Since I'm a huge fan of TBBT I really enjoyed this book The hero Justice and the heroine Daisy were young lovers who were torn apart by her parents when their love affair was discovered since they were both underage He has resented her over what happened to him at that point but they can't stay away from each other after they meet again years later There were a few continuity problems The story starts 10 years after their teenage affair That makes him 27 Two years later they get back together again and he is still 27? Minor detail I know but it still bothered me and threw me out of the story Other than that I found it well written and uite amusing in places

  6. Carolyn F. Carolyn F. says:

    35 starsA recommendation from a group I'm in I just can't remember which one Daisy and Justice knew each other when they were teenagers He was a foster kid in her parents' house She lied about her age telling him she was 16 she was actually almost 15 to his 17 When her parents found out they were intimate they kicked him out to a group home with everyone thinking he was a perv and he lost his scholarship to Harvard Daisy knew nothing about this and thought he just left 10 years later she sees his name at a hotel she's at and crashes the conference Justice has become very successful with his inventions and in engineering in general He had a horrible car accident and his memory is hit and miss He doesn't remember Daisy until after they hook up and he asks her to leave The problem is he left a little present and she needs to find him because her baby is looking like she might be as smart as he is Parts of this book were really sweet I don't think I've ever read a Harleuin book I liked how you could get through the book in a day There's a seuel that's coming out this year I'll put it on my maybe list


    Nothing Short of Perfect was a pleasant surprise I bought this book because I've been on a Harleuin Desire kick and I loved the blurb I love a story of a geeky guy getting the girl Justice StJohn is no ordinary geek He is a billionaire many times over thanks to his inventions He lives in solitude with his agoraphobic uncle Pretorius After being in a car accident Justice realizes that he has no one in his life He and his uncle decide to put together a program to help Justice find his perfect apprenticewifeDaisy and Justice have a shared past but thanks to his accident and the head injury he endured parts of his memory are gone and he doesn't remember their time together Chance and a night of passion results in a baby girl and two years later Daisy is on the hunt to find JusticeI loved that Daisy was Justice's complete opposite She constantly crosses the line and pushes his buttons Justice is a truly mad scientist He lives in seclusion surrounded by his work He approaches everything in life in a scientific manner The ready made family that lands at Justice's doorstep is his dream come true After that night with Daisy he went back to finding the perfect apprenticewife with little success I love that Justice immediately takes to being a father and tries his best to be a good companion to Daisy Justice feels that if he provides what he thinks his family needs that everything will go smoothly But of course life doesn't work that way and Justice has to realize that Daisy isn't a robot and he can't expect her to fit neatly into the compartment that he has reserved for herI thoroughly enjoyed Nothing Short of Perfect It's a very cute story and had many funny moments The author wrote Justice perfectly Even though he is cold and very detached you felt his frustration and you kind of feel sorry for him Daisy is a likable character She has the patience of a saint She sees something in Justice that he doesn't see in himself and she is willing to fight for it Their make shift family contained a great cast of characters Jett Agee Pertorius and Noelle all added depth to the story Great story that I highly recommendLOL uoteJustice? What's wrong? He cleared his throat You'll have to forgive me This hasn't happened since I was a teenager but perhaps because of my recent isolation I'm receiving an unusual amount of visually stimulating input which is having an adverse affect on my central nervous system If you could strive to be a little less visually stimulating my body will release an appropriate amount of nitric oxide to the corpora cavernosa which could cause my muscles to relax Dear God could he sound any geekier?Sure enough she blinked at him Excuse me?You're giving me a hard onB

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Good book Both Justice and his uncle are so emotionally clueless that they are amazing to watch Justice thinks he is incapable of love but can't see that he has loved Daisy since they were teenagers When they meet again ten years later they have a glorious night together before he remembers who she is and what happened in their past When she tracks him down later after Noelle is born they must learn to deal together to give Noelle what she needs Justice is coldly logical and scientific until Noelle creeps into his heart He doesn't see that he cares for her He also doesn't see Daisy's love for him She has brought color and life to his world I love the descriptions of her paintings and the way she can turn around his geekspeak I'm looking forward to the next book with these characters

  9. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    You knowthis book had some serious potential but it just didn't uite get to where it needed to be I think this is one the author should revisit and rework in about a decade It TOTALLY has potential to be so much better than it isThe characters rise above incredible adversity to become successfulyet they are still empty wanting lacking They find each other a decade or so later come togetherand the rest just kinda didn't work out The first 13 or 14 of this book pulls you in but you kinda muddle through the restThe secondary characters are worth the read though

  10. E. R. E. R. says:

    I found the genius and nerdy humor nice Noelle was adorable Daisy is a good partner for Justice And Emo rocks

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