Just and Lasting Change When Communities Own Their Futures

Just and Lasting Change When Communities Own Their Futures Just and Lasting Change presents how to transform communities rapidly and inlocally appropriate ways Daniel Taylor Ide and Carl Taylor have been present at key events and worked with key thinkers in dealing with the large forces of ineuity environmental change and globalization The approach they have synthesized builds on what has worked over the last century—and can now be implemented rapidly and cost effectively in many parts of the world It relies on a three way partnership of bottom up initiatives from the community level top down support from government agencies and outside in ingenuity and objectivity from experts Based on both a diverse range of case studies—from the earliest attempts to promote social development in India a century ago to current efforts in Tibet the Peruvian Andes China and the American Southwest—and engaging personal experiences this book describes step by step how SEED SCALE can be effectively implementedWith contributions from leading international experts in community based development and public health I agree with the central tenets of this book but the writing style is rather tedious The authors just pummel the reader with reiterations of how communities need to be involved in a three pronged partnership but after 100 pages I started to say okay I get the point tell me something else The case studies provided are good but I get the sense that the facts are cherry picked I did not feel that enough time was spent on each case example to fully describe the complexities of the situation and what forms of aiddevelopment had workedfailedwas working concurrentlyThe authors admit that for development to work the way they are prescribing it'll take decades to a century I believe that is the major weakness of their argument Sure everyone knows that community owned change is the key to sustainable development but millions die in extreme poverty every year Sometimes you can't wait for these communities to spur their own development This book has been sitting next to my bed for months now and I've failed to get motivated enough to complete it I'm sure there are some good lessons in here for development professionals but I found the beginning a bit too self aggrandizing Maybe I'll give it another go sometime in the future A difficult but informative read A must read for anyone interested in Community Development

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Just and Lasting Change When Communities Own Their Futures
  • Daniel Taylor-Ide
  • English
  • 19 May 2014
  • 9780801868252

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