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Undone Pregnancy Passion #4 From #1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Maya BanksPregnancy Passion and the Night That Changes EverythingWhen an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy Pippa Laingley's at a crossroads She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings What she's just discovered is that he's loved and lost before—his wife and child TragicallyNow Cam stands to lose it all againif he lets Pippa get too close if he pushes her away with loveless arrangements of financial support Either way he's doomedunless he can let himself love again UNDONE was originally published as Undone by Her Tender Touch This series has been pretty good and I have been waiting for Cam's story since we know the least about him and in the last book he helped screw Devon's head straight when it came to Ashley sadly this book has to be my least favorite book in the seriesThe theme is failed birth control Pippa is Ashley's friend and she is in the process of establishing her own store front cafe and catering business when she gives in to her attraction with Cam and spends one passion filled night with him agreeing that it is a one time thing but fate has different plans and their fears come true and she is pregnant Despite it not being an ideal time she wants the babyMeanwhile Cam who wished with all his heart she won't fall pregnant is terrified he has already lost a wife and son oncesadly I didn't feel we were given much information about this how he met his wife how did they die etc and doesn't want to go through the pain again and is over protective wanting Pippa to move in with him and even suggesting marriage but she refuses and they manage to build a friendshipHowever when they go for an ultrasound and find out they are having a son Cam freaks which angers Pippa and she uestions him and out comes his past Now I got Pippa's point of view of letting the past go but I had real problems with her seeming disregard for his pain she didn't even ask him uestions and instead just expected him to get over itI respected her in the way she wanted her son to have a different identity but I had a hard time being sympathetic to her when she raked Cam over coals He had been there for her and she put him through the wringer and when she does confess her love for him and he doesn't respond in kind she walks out and doesn't give him the chance to apologizeI do enjoy a good grovel but I do wish the Pippa too had apologized for her behaviour All in all I loved seeing all four friends and their families together in the end but romance wise this story has to be the weakest for me though I would recommend giving this series a try ARC provided by Harleuin through Netgalley Cam and Pippa Some reviewers say that Pippa crossed a line telling Cam what was what But I thought she was great and Cam needed a kick in the pants to move onCam lost his family years ago The story never says how and you really never got to know much about them He doesn't want to ever feel like that again yadda yadda yadda So even though he can't resist Pippa he is determined to keep her at arms length Basically have his cake and eat it too Pippa is no doormat though I think that even though I liked Cam the least of the friends Pippa's strength of character made me keep it at 5 starsThey have a ONS night of hot sex and she's knocked up There's a lot of push and pull but like I said Pippa calls a spade a spade Eventually Cam pulls his head out of his arse I do wish there had been a wee bit grovelling but it was pretty satisfying as it was Finally we have reached the final book of this uartet To Cameron Hollingsworth's story the reclusive brooding cynical onePippa Laingley was always caught in awkward situations by Cameron Hollingsworth Another one presented itself while she is catering for her best friend Ashley and his best friend Devon's housewarming party As if partnering with him at their wedding wasn't enough she's attracted to him and what she doesn't know is that Cam is also interested very much so much that he has erotic fantasies AhemThis is the same Pippa from the previous book on whom Ashley went all mopey and who taught her cooking at least triedCam and Pippa both agree on a one night stand And what an interesting one it is oh mytill it is marred by worry over the chances that she may be pregnant And pregnant she turns out to be in a few weeks To which Cam suggests a mutually beneficial partnership which Pippa's pride doesn't agree to whereas he's adamant on keeping them safeThe camaraderie between Pippa and Ashley is fun As is the one between Devon and Cameron infact all four friends it is just superb I loved it in the previous book and I loved it here again 'I need the girls' Only the words have to be said and they are all together being the strongest support system for each other It makes me wonder after Ashley and Pippa do Sylvia Carly and Tabitha have their own stories too?There's a time jump of a few months necessary for the storyline I think Cam continues to blow hot and cold he just can't make up his mind whether he wants to be with Pippa or not He couldn't move on from his painful past a past where he had loved and lost both his wife Elise and his son Colton He has nightmares due to it this time imagining Pippa in place of his dead wife It's so intense the way he feels and he doesn't share his fears with her It seems he should have got himself a psychologist That much pain and remembrance couldn't have been goodAnd then comes Devon and Ashley's daughter into the world Katelynn This book had some cute friendship between Devon and PippaThere is some funny grovelling and much needed too especially after all the nasty things he's said to her It has a beautiful ending with the birth of their baby boy Maverick After which his cave in Greenwich is transformed into a proper housePS Gloria Copeland Ashley's mother oh how I loved her in the previous book and in this one too She is the mother everyone dreams ofThe main thing I liked about this book was that till everything was sorted out Pippa maintains her independence staying in her own apartment and not falling all over Cam You go girl This is the forth and last installment in the Pregnancy Passion series The story of Cameron and Pippa is a very intense and emotional readCameron has known the worst possible pain He had lost his wife and son He swore never to put himself through this pain again Now he is Mr I dont do commitment I dont do love sort of guy But when a one night stand with gorgeous Pippa results in a pregnancy Cam is living the nightmare all over again Pippa refuses his offer of marriage She wants a husband who loves her and she won't settle for less than that It's not easy to fall in love with a man who swore he had no love to give Cam seems so determined to keep Pippa at arm’s length and yet he exhibits caring at every turnPippa is a strong heroine with take no prisoners attitude to life She has courage she knows her own worth and isn't afraid to confront Cam with her love to know once and for all where she and her son standCam needs to look past his horrific past to realize he is being given a second chance to happiness Will he grape it with both hands or will he let it slip from his fingers ? Wow just wow I had a feeling Cam's story was going to be pretty incredible and I was right I could see in the previous books that he was pretty closed offcynical When this one started out with him lusting after Pippa I had a feeling it was going to be intense When he started out their night with the statement that it would be one night only no contact after etc I could see he was setting himself up for the fall Pippa started out saying he should get over himself that's all she wanted too but she knew she could easily fall in love with him When she ended up pregnant it terrified Cam he'd already lost a wife and child and couldn't face it again Cam spent the book fighting his feelings One day he'd be kind and friendly and the next he'd backed off and was cold and forbidding Pippa knew pretty uickly that she'd fallen in love with Cam She couldn't understand why he acted the way he did Once she found out she understood but made it clear that he had a decision to make There were several places that brought me to tears but the final confrontation and follow on had the tears flowing so bad I could hardly read This was absolutely the best of Maya Banks' books I have read so far SAVE THE BEST FOR LASTBy far the best in this series A heroine that knows what she wants and is not afraid to claim her wants and if need be cut the father of her unborn child out of her life A woman that is not afraid to say I LOVE YOU even when the odds are not in her favor A woman that CAN KICK SERIOUS AE without losing her femininity and identity as an independent woman And yesthe higher the expectations for this hero the greater the surprise for his behaviour and his subseuent redemption A man's grovelling has always been a woman's favourite sinAll in all it was as fun reading this as the mood reuiredPS How can you not love me daddy? ;o This was an average readadored Pippa a lotCam was jerk almost till the end of the bookif he would have come out of his fears a little sooner and accepted his feelings for Pippa i would have loved italso wanted grovelling I loved this series This is the last in Banks' pregnancy and passion series about four friends and business partners who each accidentally knock someone up You have to wonder what brand of condoms they're using The last man standing is Cam aka Mr Reclusive Cam has been eyeing Pippa a friend of his friend's wife for some time and when he makes his move he's brutally honest about the rulesI don't do commitment I need you to understand that if we go to bed together this is a one night stand I won't call you in a few days I won't call you period I'll expect you to leave in the morning I'll provide a car for your transport back into the cityHonestly I think I would have preferred it if Pippa told him to take a hike; hooray for being an independent and sexually assertive woman but that's just cold However Pippa goes for it and they have a wild nightBut when Cam discovers a broken condom and is somehow shocked Hasn't he been paying attention to his friend's lives? he dramatically changes his tune'I don't want anything to happen to you Move in with me If you won't marry me so my child has my name then at least move in with me so you're both provided for'She wondered if he even knew that he was nearly pleading with her As vehement as he was that he could never give her what she wanted or needed from a relationship he seemed just as determined to tie her to himAs you might guess there's a tragedy in Cam's past that's influencing him making him determined to take the utmost care of Pippa and the baby while still keeping them at arms lengthI didn't like this uite as much as the others in the series It's fairy tale ish in a way that doesn't entirely work for me for example Cam provides Pippa with everything she needs to start her own business down to the decorated storefront I find it hard to believe she wouldn't miss the fun of choosing things herself I also thought that Pippa is rather callous about Cam's irrational but understandable feelings attacking him instead of giving him time to work through themStill Banks again does a great job of mixing the classic elements of category romance with realistic characters and situations so you have all the emotional punch without that little voice in your head that says these people are idiots nobody really acts this way I really enjoyed this series I’m looking forward to reading about Cam and Pippa ever since they’ve appeared in the previous books And I was so excited when I’ve learned that they will be paired together I love Pippa and Cam is my kind of hero And the author does not disappoint Pregnancy and Passion series had me from the beginning and Undone by Her Touch is the last and by far the best for me I admit that this kind of trope can be a hit or miss for me because it’s been done too many times before But with Maya Banks’ undeniable talent this book hits all the right spots for me I considered this one as my “angst done right” book The passion the sexual tension the chemistry and the angst all sucked me that I was able to read it in just one sitting I’m always a sucker for this kind of story – unreuited love story trope Plus the possibility of a groveling hero makes me giddy And guess what? This one delivered on the groveling and then someCameron Hollingsworth already loved and lost and has no desired to so again Since losing his wife and son in an accident before Cameron kept his heart closely guarded But ever since meeting Pippa he couldn’t get her out of his mind And order to so he decided that he was going to get Pippa into his bed and then forget about her Pippa Langley has been attracted to Cameron but being on a relationship is not on her mind right now Opening her catering business is her priority But on the night of her best friend's party when Cameron offered to help her and told her straight that he wanted her sparks fly They decided to give in to their desire for each other and spent one steamy night No strings attached No commitment No phone calls after But what happens when she finds herself pregnant with the man who doesn’t do commitment? With Pippa being pregnant Cam was forced to face his past But can he let go of the past and accept the miracle he’d been given before it’s too late?When I read about Cam in the previous book I knew he was one of those tortured heroes that there’s something about his past that made him cynical and unable to commit And boy I was right He was the king of mixed signals like seriously He gets on my nerves most of the time especially the way he constantly belittled and disregards Pippa’s feelings And whenever he acted like a total jerk But as usual I still couldn’t help but fall in love with him Because underneath all the jerkiness assholeness and cold façade was a gorgeous lonely softie He’s just got that something that makes me love him even when he’s being a total jerk Oh and he apologized too I was so giddy to see him struggle to hold his defenses against Pippa who has despite his efforts found her way into his heart And nothing hotter than a man that knows to give a good grovelsI first met Pippa in Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss and I felt excited to get to know her She was feisty funny smart protective and loving I loved that she was so full of life knows what she wants and was not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind She deals with the situation with optimism I loved how she makes the best of it with what she had I admired her strength and determination She wasn’t afraid to put herself out there even knowing she could be rejected and hurt It took a lot of courage on her part and showed just how strong she was Pippas is my favorite heroine in this seriesPippa and Cam have so much chemistry I loved the banters dripping with so much sexual tension Although they both jumped to bed immediately I loved that it was a slow build up romance filled with so much tension and angst Another thing I liked was the fact that Cam was the one who talked first about the possibility of Pippa getting pregnant Because it meant that there would be no uestion or accusing her of doing it on purpose to trap him And I loved that she didn’t let Cam railroad her into a relationship just because of the baby It was good to see her not settle for less than she deserves and the way she kept putting him in his place You go girl “We’re done I want nothing from you Cam Not your support Not your money Definitely not your presence I don’t want you anywhere near me or my child My child Not yours You don’t want us and uite frankly we don’t need you I don’t want to hear it But know this Cam One day you’re going to wake up and realize you’ve made a horrible horrible mistake I won’t be there We won’t be there I deserve I deserve a man who’ll give me everything and not just throw money or convenience at me More than that my child deserves He deserves a father who’ll love him unconditionally Who’ll go to the wall for him every damn day Not a father incapable of loving anyone but himself” Let’s face it Cam’s got issues Plenty of them and Pippa’s the perfect girl for the jobOnce again Maya Banks takes a simple story line and make it such an interesting read that it flows and keep me completely hooked Undone By Her Touch was a great way to end the series

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