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NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7 The X Men's dream has been one of creating hope from despair in a young mutant's darkest hour Charles Xavier will always be just around the corner ready with open arms and a helping hand But Xavier can't be everywhere at once What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything Like many others I came to this looking for X 23 Nyx does not deliver on that front Unfortunately it doesn't deliver on any other front eitherI think I can see what uesada was going for here looking at mutants who rather than instantly becoming perfect costumed superheroes are actually worse off and forced onto the street It's not a bad idea but it's not explored interestingly at all None of the characters have any depth development or even just uniue ualities Life on the street is as cliched as possible with school shootings drugs and prostitution all showing up in force Top it off with a story that doesn't really go anywhere and art which crosses the line between sexy and porn far too often particularly with a cast of young teensNot one I would recommend So I originally grabbed this and NYX No Way Home because I had been enjoying X 23's character And supposedly this covered her time on the streets Yeah she's in it and her story plays an important role in things but she doesn't really say much Or act much like herself Justdon't make the mistake I did and read this for Laura's story The cliffnotes version of her 'missing time' will do just as well as this Supposedly Nyx is a runaway living on the Tough Streets because she's a mutant who has Nowhere Else To GorightI mean that's what the blurb led me to believe What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything YeahThing is Nyx had no reason to be 'on the streets' She had a home And as far as I could tell a mother who cared about her Sure her brother was a douchecanoe but he was just an assnot dangerousOne of the things that pissed me off about this was that Nyx was disrespectful to her mother stole from her and mocked her efforts to have a relationship with her Then as soon as the mutant shit hit the fan she took off Never once really thinking about what she was putting her family through by disappearing for 6 months When she finally did decide to make contact she believed her idiot brother who told her that her mother was 'happier without her' First she knows her brother is a scumbag Why would she believe him That made no senseSecond even if she did sort of believe him you would think she would have poked her head in the housejust to make sure I mean her mother had never given her any reason to doubt that she loved herThere were tons of ridiculous things like that smattered throughout the book that defied logic Ok so stuff happens and apparently the ghost of Nyx's dead father leads her all over the place showing her people who need to be saved or helped All of these kids plus her teacher form a group that cougheventually have a showdown with X 23's pimp Zebra DaddyReallyOk Even though I knew going in that this is a Mature title I was still a bit skeeved out by the art and way some of the girls were portrayed Just check out the cover artBottom lineIt's creepy and seems a bit like porn for pedos If you don't believe me Google some of the cover art and check out how the last cover has been altered There's one with X 23 in panties and nothing else that I found especially dishearteningconsidering she's only supposed to be in her early teens 13 15 ishSo No I wouldn't particularly recommend this The characters could have been extremely interesting but with the ridiculously pervy setting and giant gaping plot holes it's just not worth the timeAt least in my opinion The things I read for X 23This wasboringAnd Laura was just thereAnd I felt like sleeping on my feet This is the first appearance of Laura x23 and honestly it has little to do with her Instead the story focuses around Kiden a mutant who can basically stop time and then hurt people really bad by touching them After a incident at school leading to her favorite teacher getting shot she goes on the run Around half way meet Laura and then a bunch of other mutant kids who are basically the street kids The thing is some of it works The art for the most part is great Especially the coloring By at the same time the artist or could be the writer who wanted this liked to get odd shots of girls panties and such which since we're talking about 15 or 16 year olds is weird But then some of the dialogue is pretty good then some is really cringy street lingo that doesn't work Then got some interesting characters like Kiden and Laura and then some really bad ones I mean for every good there's a bad and that's the problem with the book It's a decent read and get to see Laura when she first comes on the scene but nothing beyond that A 25 out of 5

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7
  • Joe Quesada
  • English
  • 07 January 2016
  • 9780785112433

About the Author: Joe Quesada

Joseph Joe uesada born January 12 1962is an American comic book editor writer and artist He became known in the 1990s for his work on various Valiant Comics books such as Ninjak and Solar Man of the AtomHe later worked on numerous books for DC Comics and Marvel Comics such as Batman Sword of Azrael and X Factor before forming his own company Event Comics where he published his crea

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