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Wishing for Grace Turn It Up #15 Such a beautiful moving bittersweet story that brought tears to my eyes Sigh A very satisfying read especially for a short freebie Now I want to read it's predecessor Turn It Up even Wow Just wow You knew there was a depth to Caz but he wasn't the focus of Turn It Up so we didn't get to see too much of it I am so incredibly happy that Ms Kelley gave us this glimpse into him and Maggie and Grace It was so moving so emotional I've thankfully never known someone so addicted to anything or maybe I haven't known them once they got close to rock bottom I can't even imagine what it would take to trust someone who says they've changed someone who constantly let you down as a result of the addiction with the child that came from that relationship And I can't imagine longing for that connection like Caz did I cried I'm still crying and it was a short story So moving And so beautiful This is a follow up to Turn it up Bastian the hero of Turn it up is Caz's brother and the beginning of this beautiful story of hope and family begins in TIUOk this novella is 26 pages long and I cried like a baby through all of them First sad then finally thank you God happy tears ' Caz Talbot is a reformed rock 'n roll bad boy who's still fighting demons from his past Although he's straight laced and sober now he's still suffering the conseuences from things he's done in his past Though it gives him great material to write soul searching ballads it also gives him nightmares as well He's made a lot of mistakes but his biggest regret involves his daughter who he's never met He'd move heaven and earth to see her just once and his heart nearly explodes when he gets the chance Is he lucky enough to also get a second chance at loveThis is a short story that picks up from the end of Turn It Up and shines the spotlight on Caz Bastian's little brother I'm so glad the author wrote a spin off for Caz Though it was short it was just enough to satisfy my and I'm sure other readers' curiosity regarding Caz's back story and his relationship with his daughter and her mother Despite Caz' jagged edge I really liked him in Turn It Up and loved him even after reading Wishing for Grace which shed light on his past and explained why he is who he is Wishing for Grace is not only about redemption but also about first love the impact it has and just how long lasting it can be I've never cried this much over a story It was wonderful so ful of emotions This isn't a story I will forget anytime soon A wonderful peak into Caz's immediate future where Turn It Up ends I loved this sweet heartwarming story Free follow up to TURN IT UPCaz Talbot fought the good fight and won over his addictions but the price was high He lost the love of his life and their daughter But he's never stopped loving them never stopped wishing for a second chance Sometimes wishes do come true I wish this story was longer I loved Caz in TIU and his story was just heartbreaking and so sweet This was Caz's story The tattoo'd brother of Bastian from Turn it Up I liked the author completing this for me and actually liked this character better than the primary's from the full length novel Took about an hour or so to read and was a nice endingHappy Reading Cute follow up Liked this better than the book

  • Free Read Online
  • 28 pages
  • Wishing for Grace Turn It Up #15
  • Inez Kelley
  • English
  • 04 March 2016

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