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  • 191 pages
  • Odd Man In
  • K.M. Mahoney
  • English
  • 01 September 2016
  • 9780857156976

10 thoughts on “Odd Man In

  1. SueM SueM says:

    Better than average MMM romance set within a sci fI action adventure story The characters are like able and while the plot is fairly predictable the journey was entertaining In some ways it reminded me of an Indiana Jones movie sometimes things got serious yet there was always an edge of humor found somewhere in the scene mostly through smart mouthed sarcastic commentsthoughts from Terran It's interspersed with a few sex scenes the first of which crops up fairly early in the novel I admit it raised some concern for me as I couldn't help wondering if the novel was going to be porn than plot but fortunately for me anyway lol it wasn't the case I enjoyed it

  2. Tam Tam says:

    I enjoyed this one Yes Terran was flighty and couldn't follow orders to save his life literally almost you could at least blame it on his genetics rather than just being a bratty little shit I was very curious about Terran's background and how he ended up as he was but it on the whole it was a fun action packed adventure with enough humour Terran and the parrot to keep me amused and enjoying it

  3. Jj Nightsong Jj Nightsong says:

    This book hit the right notes for me Be aware that this is science fiction so count on space flight star cruisers advanced technology etc These elements are not overwhelming however and you don't need a science degree to understand what's going on a plus in my bookCover uninspired but gets the idea acrossMC's Dai a mercenary Terran a young man with some unusual DNA Tam another mercenary The POV is in 3rd person switching between the three main characters There are however a couple of chapters told from Terran's brother's POV and an epilogue seen from the eyes of said brother's mentorfriend and which I think was there only to encourage the idea that Richard may get his own book? I do think the story could have been told without these extra POV'sI liked the slow build up The story starts with one man Dai and his predicament of imprisonment on an isolated little planet Then Terran enters the story and the two have time to connect There's a flip to Terran's brother Richard realizing his little bro is lost Then we meet Tam when Dai calls for help and we know there's history there history that met with a bad end It's a nice weaving establishing who everyone is while furthering the plot The story moves at a friendly pace with a steady stream of action that isn't over the top We know that Dai Terran and Tam each have their mysteries; we're not beaned over the head with that fact and the secrets unravel in good time The characters each had distinctive personalities and voices and I liked all three of them Terran could easily have been the bouncy ADHD twink who never stops moving or talking and becomes annoying but he never goes that far He's uite funny and I do know that readers are particular about their humor so maybe others won't find him funny at all and I loved him Snuggly and ferocious He's written with a good balance between excitableimpetuous and strongdeterminedDai is rough and growly and has walls ten years strong His attraction to Terran is believable Dai and Tam have a long history and it's interesting to find out the specifics Tam's reluctance to hurt Dai is heartfelt and makes me like him He's brawny and noble This is a mmm story so you know the three will eventually get together It isn't an easy process I like that Terran has to work at it He's on a mission which he calls Operation Threesome Terran I can be your gooey centre Loved the humor Lots of banter some of it Terran talking to himself No way was he going to sit here and wait for someone to rescue him Not this time He was through with that His guys they loved him but they thought he was helpless So did his brother It was about time they learnt that little and scattered though he was he could still take care of himself Sometimes If he tried really hard “Okay enough with the pep talk” he told himselfDai sighed “Are we back to this again? Please Terran can’t it wait for morning?” “We’re in space” Terran pointed out “There is no morning” “What?” Dai looked up with clear irritation “Whatcha doin’?” “Contemplating murder” came the muttered reply “Come on I’ve been good for hours I’m bored Talk to me” “I don’t talk” “Then why are there words coming out of your mouth?” The sex was well written hot and appropriate to the plotHighly recommended

  4. Bella Bella says:

    I didn't know this was a menage situation I like to jump into a book without knowing all the particulars I'm not fond of menages I love you but I love you too is not the stuff that romance is made of However it wasn't too bad Terran's oddness and strange hyperactivity is explained satisfactorily but I found him very annoying The way the author described him made him seem like a tiny little boy with strange hair and view spoiler cat teeth hide spoiler

  5. Lady*M Lady*M says:

    Not bad especially because menage isn't my thing at all Terran was adorable and I liked a dynamic between him Dai and Tam particularly because of the history between Dai and Tam I felt that Terran really was an adhesive that held the three men together and who was truly in control of their relationshipThe pace was somewhat manic and while that made the reading fast I wanted a bit of breathing room the uiet times for the three men The technology especially concerning Dai and Tam could have been explained better The revelation of the villain didn't come really naturally but that was a minor thing really Overall this was a good sci fi romp and I really really want to read the seuel about Richard I want to know what happened to him and I want him to find his HEA like the three guys in Odd Man In

  6. Susan Susan says:

    There were a couple of reasons why I wasn't sure this one would work for me sci fi can leave me cold if it's full of too much jargon and I can be picky about m m m as it's difficult to get the balance right between three lovers I ended up really enjoying this despite my concerns going in There was a good balance of plot and sex and Terran was a lot of fun He was the glue in the relationship and he knew it and wasn't afraid to use it to his advantage Good fun and different to anything else I've read lately so all in all this was a good choice

  7. Pamela Su Pamela Su says:

    A fun frivolous story with an adventure in space themeI really enjoyed the pacing of the story The story itself was on the frothy side of the romance genre but the constantly in motion feel of the storyline kept things interesting If you don't mind a MC who behaves like a spoilt kitten being coddled by two brawny men this book should amuse you

  8. Amy Amy says:

    So cute Absolutely loved this threesome

  9. Clover Clover says:

    it was a really good scifi menage story it was also full of fun and hot monkey sex

  10. Kat Kat says:

    45 stars

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Odd Man In Three men one spaceship and a whole lot of trouble The universe is never going to be the sameDaior Mathews is having a bad decade When he’s captured and held hostage he figures things can’t get much worse After meeting Terran a fellow prisoner and the most adorable man he’s seen in years Dai believes his fortune might be changing at long last He’s looking at Terran Terran’s looking back and it looks like he’s finally getting lucky But that’s before the situation takes a turn for the worse and Daior is forced to call an old lover for help Now Dai’s on the run with his new boyfriend and his old friend Tam is eyeing said boyfriend with lustful eyesSo what’s a space mercenary to do Take them all to bed of course And that’s when the fun really beginsReader Advisory This book contains scenes of mmm intimacy and spanking