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Always a Princess Eve Stanhope masuerades as a foreign princess at ton parties stealing jewels from the nobility she despises and returning to her London slum at the end of the night She's carefully plotting revenge on her former employer a society cad who's ruined her reputation Now it's her turn to ruin him What she doesn't expect is to encounter the criminally handsome Orchid Thief on one of her heistsPhilip Rosemont Viscount Wesley is also in disguise Bored and stifled by society he steals jewels for fun and leaves orchids as his calling cards He knows the woman he's cornered at the ball is no aristocrat much less the Princess of Valdastock But something tells him she's not exactly common either Now he must uncover her motives while he enjoys her illicit kisses Can these two become partners in crime even as they give in to their mutual seductionPreviously published newly revised by author83000 words

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  1. Alycia Alycia says:

    Eve Stanhope is wrongly accused of theft by her previous employer Cast out with no way else to survive she uickly develops another persona one of a princess This way she is able to move in the most elite circles and really attempt at theft so she can survive Phillip Viscount Wesley is a typical bored aristocrat He meets Eve masuerading as a princess and immediately sees her for the fraud that she is They have an almost cat and mouse relationship Phillip discovers Eve trying to steal a necklace she is a really bad thief Mean while Phillip is trying to do the same thing He is the infamous and dreaded Orchid Thief that sets the ton all a twitter when he strikes His calling card being a white orchid Phillip calls Eve out on her terrible charade and the two make a bargain to start working together After all Eve needs money to survive and putting her in a constant closer proximity to himself allows for seduction There is great sexual tension between the twoI recommend this book to other historical romance fans who like their stories on the lighter side with a little bit of every thing and have nothing else to read This was an average entertaining storyThis ARC was provided to me through NetGalley

  2. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    15 starsThis would be a totally forgettable if charming and sweet romance had it not been for its complete disregard to the ethics and customs of the era during which it's supposedly taking place I really cannot fathom why the author chose to make this a historical romance if she didn't intend to make any kind of research about the customs of the 19th century The heroine at the beginning of the book has managed to convinced everyone in the ton that she's a princess by appearing unescorted completely alone in their balls no idea how she got invitations for those with no townhouse to receive morning guests no guards she's a princess remember? no servants no jewels and a mediocre carriage REALLY? I mean how stupidkindhearted are those ton members supposed to be? Am I expected to believe that they'd accept at face value everyone who turns up claiming they're not only noble but royalty?Other than that it was ok I guess Nothing remarkable in the romance department but nothing bad either A nice and somewhat naughty hero a heroine with a spine not very demure but not a wild thing either a slow but steady attraction growing to lust and then love etc etcI will close this review with a line near the end of the book that the hero's mother says to himDid they cane you in that expensive public school we sent you?I firmly believe that the words public and expensive are mutually exclusive and were even so during the 19th century I also believe that it's a genuine mistake where the word public was used instead of private Still I think it shows the kind of disregard to any detail you can expect while reading this one ARC provided by NetGalley

  3. Siany Siany says:

    Eve is masuerading as a princess in order to steal from the horrid rich people Upon meeting her Phillip knows she isn't who she says she is and they make a deal and become partners in crime Falling in love in the processIn some ways I liked this and in other ways I didn'tThe story concept started off uite promising and then it just fell off It didn't really materialise into anything They didn't really steal anything together there was really any hold your breath tension in any of the schemes Now the love story is what perked it up for me It was very well written and you could feel the sexual tension between the two characters as you were reading And unlike a lot of historical romances they didn't jump into bed until 34s of the way into the book And the love scenes were perfect for thos type of romanceThe only other problem I had with this was the language at times Some of it was uite modern and didn't fit in with the rest of the speech I also have never read a book in this genre where the heroine described the gentleman's backside as arse but it actually made me chuckleOverall I am not sure I would jump at reading another one from this author but I definately wouldn't turn my nose up at it An average read for me

  4. Maaikey Mouse Maaikey Mouse says:

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  5. Book Utopia Book Utopia says:

    I had a splendid experience with a book I read by this author last year and this second effort proved just as entertainingThe delight starts early and swiftly We open at a ball where Philip the Viscount Wesley has spotted a woman who is clearly an imposter pretending to be a princess from a small Eastern European country none of the simpering men surrounding her have even heard of Philip has however and much to the woman’s chagrin he’s intimately familiar with it He uickly discovers that she’s at the party for the same reason he is – to steal jewels from their hostess Where his motivation is sheer boredom Eve – the imposter princess – is doing it in retaliation after having lost her position as governess when her employer’s son had her take the fall for a cameo he stole from his mother Eve’s rationale is that since she’s already been accused of thievery she might as well do it So far her plan has worked well But then she met a man who’d actually been to the country in uestion and now everything is in disarray In an attempt to keep control of the situation she decides to blackmail him to force him to pay her to keep his secret that he’s really the Orchid Thief Philip laughs at the offer His reputation is the last thing he worries about But he’s got a counter offer in mind one that poses them as partners rather than adversariesI was laughing at this wonderful farce almost from the start Philip is roguish and intelligent with just enough determined swagger to keep him edgy and the right balance of manners to keep him from going over the top His dialogue no matter who he’s addresses comes fast and furious leaving no room for skimming for fear of missing something he’s said He typifies the farcical nature of the entire story and honestly what a breath of fresh air it was There isn’t nearly enough farce in romantic fiction probably because it’s hard to do well This succeeds Very very wellIs it the most original story? Well no but that doesn’t matter when the dialogue and hero sparkle as much as they do The set up taken outside of the context of farce would be hard to tolerate because a reader would be left with abundant uestions on how so much could get handwaved away Eve’s acceptance into the ton as nobility before the Rosemonts vouch for her for one But farce demands a stretch of that acceptance and as long as you’re prepared to go that far it works anyway The chemistry between the two leaps off the page mostly as a result of Philip and the sex when it comes is scorchingThe complaints I have are few First of all Eve isn’t uite as entertaining as Philip but then again he tends to get the best lines so it’s easy to get eclipsed by that I did find her ultimate secret a tad banal considering the nature of the story and it veered dangerously close to dramatic historical romance as a result It felt out of place in a story that was so outrageous already There’s also a point just over halfway through when Philip lost his shine and turned into one of the simpering men who’d been fawning over Eve at the start It’s just when he’s begun to realize the depths of his feelings for her and his behavior becomes uncomfortable to witness It doesn’t last thank goodness If it had it might have been hard to finishBut what a joy it is to find a book that has me laughing and smiling as much as this one did While humor can be uite subjective especially in written form I think it’s safe to say that this author’s style of it definitely works for me

  6. Victoria Victoria says:

    This was a pretty nice book It started off really great with the plot and characters catching my attention right from the start However as it reached the end of the book I felt that the plot wasn't that nice any and it was rather repetitive not least to say a little boring But let me start with the beginning first All the characters were likable people and I especially love the attraction between Philip and Eve So they met at a ball where she was pretending to be a princess from some Eastern Europe country Of course he having been to that country he immediately knew that she was an imposter but surprisingly he didn't expose herThe first kiss theyy shared was that night and let me say it really was rather hot They were there to steal and when they may have been caught he kissed her to cover it up The next day she went to blackmail him only to fail miserably As a result he realised he wanted her immensely and went to various means just to get her to move into his house Of course he succeeded Throughout the book the passion between them was so great and it simply could not be denied Now Philip was just so hot The way he seduced her was really wow and well though there were uite a few love scenes I felt that it contributed to the book rather than taking away the focus on the romance Many parts in the book made me smile and laugh especially when I found out that Philip was actually scared of heights However I didn't really like the ending Hmm I'm a big fan of cheesy declarations of love so I was rather disappointed that this book didn't have it Instead they just confessed their love for each other without any real great passion I dunno it just made me feel theirs wasn't a love that would last through the ages Until the last bits of the book when they were on the ship That part was pretty sweet Another thing I didn't really like was how Philip reacted when he found out her background It wasn't so much his reaction I just felt that it was rather awkward and forced As in the writing didn't seem natural It didn't fit in with who he was at all And well I did feel he should have understood her and not just blamed her for not trusting him I mean he should have understood at least a little how she felt What I really didn't like was that the author didn't dwell on that part at all instead just brushing over it with a paragraph or so I felt that that part of the book would have been very emotional and certainly nice to readAll in all though I really enjoyed the book Though I found some bits of the book especially the last uarter not really to my tastes the ending when Philip confessed and how he got out of it was just absolutely ingenious Yes the book was a little boring and dry at times But I did feel that it was a rather interesting read with both the hero and heroine engaging in theft I mean you don't see that everyday right? Oh and I felt that plot wasn't very realistic but it still is nice no matter what Hmm though I felt that the last uarter wasn't very good overall the book was still rather nice to read I probably will not read this book again but it is a rather good read for those who are looking for something light hearted and easy to read This ebook was provided by NetGalley So thank you Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    Posted on Book ChelleI was in the mood for a historical romance so imagine my delight when I ran across Always a Princess by Alice Gaines I have never read Gaines’ work before but I have read many similar stories from Carina Press and that was all it took to convince me to give this a tryEve Stanhope masuerades herself as a princess and is slowly climbing her way up the social circles She has been the belle of the ball so to speak getting close with society’s rich and famous Eve does not have ambition to be prominent in these circles but rather she intends to steal from them In her former life she was a governess but an unfortunate misunderstanding and circumstances has forced her to do what she can to surviveViscount Philip Wesley is also in the same social circles and attends the same soirees but this is his first encounter with the princess While Philip has right to attend the parties than Eve he could care less about his social standing You see Philip is the lord who moonlights as the infamous Orchid Thief And what does one thief do when he spots another thief? He observesWhile Eve attempts to steal a necklace Philip reveals himself to her With a little coercion they make a deal to be partners Together they plan to steal from the rich and give to themselves Eve wishes to no longer be a slave to poverty while Philip plans to bring himself closer to her Working together for their own purposes only brings them closer together and with that adds to the attraction that they feel for each otherEve was someone who was determined to survive no matter what her odds You could relate to her passion of surviving poverty While Gaines reveals a bit of her past chapter by chapter you develop this sense to love Eve unconditionallyPhilip reminds me of someone in a young adult genre book who also thieves out of pure exhilaration But while Philip’s counterpart does it out of boredom Philip enjoys the thrill and excitement of being on the cusp of danger Philip is not your normal male lead but he sure makes it look goodAlways a Princess is a uick and enjoyable read Gaines writes a wonderful story with delicious scenes Nothing was overdone Some historical romances that I have read pay too much attention to every little detail and leave little to the imagination Gaines has a perfect balance of satisfying the visual aspect while feeding into the need for a great plotGreat read for anyone who loves a good historical

  8. Samina The Story Devourer Samina The Story Devourer says:

    After reading this book in 24 hours I have to say I really enjoyed it The available blurb made it sound cheesy and common I would have to agree that yes the story was slightly common nothing new in the saturated historical romance genre However I have to add that how the author handles the story is what makes the difference turning it into a good experience for the readersPhillip Lord Wesley is a bored aristocrat who has taken up stealing jewels to chase away his boredom One night he encounters Eve Stanhope who is parading as a Princess to conveniently rob the rich See the story is not all that inspiring but I enjoyed it immensely This was not love at first sight but a slow process of finding each other interesting and slowly falling in love without realising what exactly is happening The dialogues were laugh out loud reminiscent of Julia uinn The characters were loveable and felt I could easily understand them None of them had any tortured past or issues which was good as it would have darkened the atmosphere uite a bit The heroine was head strong and world weary Eve had seen the world and its hardship and was determined to make a better life for herself Phillip on the other hand was funny He was someone I would call a Beta Hero who had a laid back attitude and as society used to call him slightly ‘odd’ Still it did not put me off him Instead it just endeared him to me Without giving out spoilers I would like to mention a scene where he drunk and instead of being angry like most romance heroes become when drunk he was cute I also have to put in an honourable mention of Long Tom I wanted to give him a hug and feed him cookies not Long Tom but Phillip I meanWhat some reader may not like is that some scenes end abruptly I have seen this type of writing before and it doesn’t bother me Moreover it reduces fillers which is always an added bonus for me On the other hand what I found slightly discerning was the sex I mean it was great and sexy but it was slightly strange that they went from innocent sex to full on blowjob by the third time they did itNevertheless I rate books on how much I enjoyed reading it hence the 4 stars I would definitely recommend Always a Princess to anyone who is looking for some light historical romance like the fans of Julia uinnARC provided by NetGalley

  9. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    Eve is a jewel thief though not a very good one She used to make an honest living as a governess but she was wrongfully accused of stealing from the family and forced out of the home Now she figures she may as well be the thief she was branded So she dons the persona of a foreign princess to gain entry to upper class parties then slips away to find whatever baubles belong to the hostessAt the same time Philip Viscount Wesley is having a grand time stealing from his peers as the so called Orchid Thief When he comes face to face with Eve at a party he recognizes her ruse right away And they uickly learn each other's secrets when they try to go after the same prizeEve fascinates Philip and he maneuvers her into becoming his partner Working together brings the two of them closer and closer together until they can no longer fight their growing desires for one another But there is so much Philip still doesn't know about Eve And she is convinced that if he ever learns who she is he'll realize they can never be togetherI enjoyed the development of their relationship uite a bit It was not a case of instant love but a progression First curiosity then infatuation then a physical connection and only in time come real feelings And speaking of that physical connection The sexual tension was great and the love scenes were hot Plus it's always a treat to learn a new word for the male anatomy Maybe you've heard it called a lingam before but that's a new one on meThe jewel thief story line was fun and fast moving And the resolution of it was unexpected I will say that I was disappointed with one small thing view spoilerPhilip's reaction to Eve's secret seemed out of character I hate it when the heroine's worst fears about the hero are realized I would have preferred him to have taken it all in stride from the beginning But alas that was not the case hide spoiler

  10. Lauren K Lauren K says:

    Eve Stanhope has plunged into a new occupation as a jewellery thief But when she collides with Lord Wesley AKA Phillip at the scene of her next crime she realises she has some competition He knows instantly that her princess persona and shonky accent is a sham but instead of turning her in his intrigue leads him to partner with the ‘princess’ to rob the riches of their jewels Eve and Phillip team up to steal some of the most extravagant jewels in the county but for entirely different motives Phillip does it for fun while Eve needs the money for survival Eve is feisty and stubborn while Phillip is cocky and amusing and there is some definite chemistry between the two of them Eve has a ‘shameful’ past that she hides from Wesley because of her fear of rejection She has protected her ‘virtue’ throughout her life except when her former employer the despicable Arthur had tried to get his mitts on her From the moment Lord Wesley steals a kiss from her at the party he alights a passion inside of her she never thought she could feel towards a man because of previous mistreatment Eve’s feisty nature and Wesley’s charming wit evokes a lot of sexual chemistry between the two of them Wesley is not looking for the typical Englishwoman to take as his wife but wants a woman with passion who will come to his bed willingly and enjoy what he has to offer Slowly Wesley manages to break down Eve’s defences and they begin a passionate affair but still there is something Eve is hiding from him The ultimate problem they face is that Phillip who is to inherit the title of an Earl cannot marry a nobody pretending to be a princess The ending may have been a bit far fetched but I was happy with how everything was tied up in the end This was an enjoyable historical romance novel with a good premise that was well executed into a fun fast paced story with lively characters 45 ratingMy blog

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