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Miss Buncle Married In this charming follow up to Miss Buncle's Book readers will follow Barbara Buncle's journey into married life in a new town filled with fascinating neighborswho may become the subjects of Barbara's next novel Miss Buncle may have settled down but she's already discovered that married life has done nothing to prevent her from getting into humorous mix ups and hilarious hijinx Readers will continue to fall in love with Barbara as she hilariously navigates an exciting new beginning

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  1. Melindam Melindam says:

    From now on DE Stevenson is officially one of my favourite authors on par and on the same very personal bookshelf with Jane Austen and Barbara Pym In their own ways and their own times they all wrote about The Humdrum The Mundane and The Commonplace without too much fuss and high drama but with understanding humour and pitch perfect characterisationThis is Book 2 in DE Stevenson's Miss Buncle Series and while it is not as brilliant as the unsurpassable Miss Buncle's Book it is still awesomeFor this very reason I was slightly disappointed at first but on re reading it without high expectations this time I grew much appreciative and decided it deserved the full 5 stars bearing in mind that Miss Buncle's Book deserves at least 10 of courseBearing the title in mind there are no big surprises to the content of the novel but with the author's usual simple but totally absorbing story telling and the masterly characterisation it just does not matterAfter the successes trials of Barbara Buncle as an overlooked spinster suddenly turning to a very successful author in disguise we meet her again happily married to her but not that happily settled with her publisher Arthur Abbott in London To remedy the latter situation they decide to move to the country and Barbara begins hunting for the perfect house at a perfect place which she happens to find in the small town of Wandlebury where the couple is finally able to set up their imperfectly perfect home The new scenery inevitably means a whole set of new characters and DE Stevenson's depiction of them is as accurate as it is delightfully entertaining The way she just manages to sum them up always hitting the proverbial nail or a certain character on the head in a few sentences is again fascinating Just to give you an example Now unpopular people with thick skins are usually rather happy people – they go through life uite cheerfully treading on their neighbours’ toes and bestowing their unwelcome company upon all and sundry secure in the conviction that everybody likes them – but Mrs Dance unfortunately for herself was thin skinned She was clever enough to know that people disliked her but not clever enough to understand the reason for their dislikeJust as the new background gives the possibility of DE Stevenson to shine with her portrayals it also provides Barbara with plenty of opportunity to study and unconsciously see through people around her While Barbara thinks she has no imagination the way she's able to see people for what they really are and not knowing it it is uite terrifying The strangest thing about Barbara was that although she understood practically nothing she yet understood everything She might or might not have ‘an imagination’ but she certainly had an extraordinary power of getting underneath people’s skins Without being conscious of it herself she was able to sum up a person or a situation in a few minutes People’s very bones were bare to her – and she had no idea of itHow could she write of men as she did with such true insight? She saw them naked as it were stripped of all their little subterfuges their mannerisms the coverings that they assumed to shield their inadeuate souls from the world’s gaze She saw them naked and calmly limned them so; not aware in her kind pleasant mind that she was giving the show away some mild spoilers aheadBarbara goes on in this new life of hers not only mentally photographing people's true selves but also unaware that she's potentially gathering material for a possible new book And with that we come to the point which I did not understand first but came to accept now Why did the author allow Barbara to write a new book but then made her deciding against publishing it?The answer is not simply that both she and her husband as well as DES want to avoid the scenarion of Book 1 namely that upon the townspeople's reading the book and recognising themselves they would have to move again somewhere else though it is a strong deterrent But somehow I think that the message is stronger this time Barbara realises that ART IS a powerful weapon As her lack of imagination forces her to write the absolute truth about people hence her reluctance to change them so that they get obscure because it would change everything about the book in her mind she also learned the hard lesson in Silverstream that society cannot cope with seeing itself exposed and the true representation of reality though well meant can be very dangerousTherefore we have this for some readers clearly unsatisfactory rather banal conclusion to the story where we learn that she is pregnant and means to dedicate herself to motherhood

  2. Beverly Beverly says:

    The seuel to Miss Buncle's Book Miss Buncle Married is very good and I enjoyed getting back into her world and reading all about her adventures with her new neighbors and husband's family It is almost as delightful as the first book and I read it very uickly as I couldn't wait to find out what happened My only criticism is that it ended much too uickly

  3. Laurie Notaro Laurie Notaro says:

    If I could do one tiny small thing for the good of all mankind I would make the mid brow mid wars English literature a must for everybody DE Stevenson was a master; the author of the Miss Buncle series is as dry a wit as it comes along with Nancy Mitford Stella Gibbons Angela Thirkell MJ Farrell EF Benson Hilarious stories about English village life brimming with insane characters and the pleasantries of the day I love this time periods Any of these authors are literature's Xanax a modern day version of Cranford I parse these books out and read one every three months or so as a special treat it's not like these authors are writing any of them MIss Buncle is hilarious about a spinster who decided to write a book because she is short of money Think Evelyn Vaugh books but MUCH moire charming And no sex EVER Barely any kissing Just good old fashioned falling in love in minutes and then inheriting huge estates If you love Jane Austen PLEASE try these books out Most of these writers were prolific but largely forgotten And their stuff is AWESOME

  4. Mir Mir says:

    Not as superbly clever or as screamingly funny as the first book Miss Buncle's writing and her book's relation to the real life of the village added a dimension that pushed that one from good to great but still uite witty and entertaining The former Miss Buncle and her new husband Mr Abbott move house in order to get out of having to attend bridge parties Of course their new town has its own set of local dramas and entanglements and colorful characters I wasn't very pleased with the end view spoilerEspecially the valorization of motherhood I'm going to do something much much cleverer Barbara announces Anybody could write a book I've going to have a baby And even before the pregnancy there is an ongoing theme of Barbara having to give up writing because she's married But I don't think it was considered that unsuitable in the 1930s for married women to write especially since she used a pen name Stevenson herself was married Barbara really wants to write she keeps having to resist the urge she's even written most of a new book already and the other characters even her husband don't seem adamant about it I didn't get why that was the end her having to give up writing and I guess sort of getting the baby as a reward for being a good womanly wife hide spoiler

  5. Hana Hana says:

    If you are a fan of cozy British village tales you will love the very cleverly plotted Miss Buncle's Book And once you've discovered Miss Buncle you won't be able to resist the seuel Miss Buncle Married Not uite up to the first book but lots of charming characters amusing situations and deft social satire I loved seeing how Arthur and Barbara's relationship grows and deepens even though each will always be to the other and perhaps to themselves an enduring and delightful mystery One of my male Goodreads friends just rated this two stars so let me add that this is pretty lightweight distinctly old fashioned chick lit My alternative to binge watching BBC costume dramas ;

  6. ❀⊱RoryReads⊰❀ ❀⊱RoryReads⊰❀ says:

    4 StarsAnother charmer

  7. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    This was as delightful as the first And really dependent on it Or at least I think my enjoyment was materially affected by being familiar with the first book In a good way I mean So read the first And then read this one; not least because you'd know what you are getting and it is very fine indeed

  8. kris kris says:

    The further adventures of Mrs Barbara Abbott nee Buncle as she settles into married life with her husband in a new town in a new house with new neighbors and new stories to tell This was both absolutely delightful and just the slightest bit disappointing for me I absolutely adored seeing of Barbara's wide eyed approach to the world around her and Arthur's devotion to her was exactly what I thought was missing from the first book There's this very cozy sensation of roosting to Miss Buncle Married that I both loved and envied you can tell they have found their home and they're making it theirs both house and neighborhood and neighbors too and it was just a nice feeling of homestead and community and all that rot Extremely enjoyable Except—except There was a overt sexism to this book than to Miss Buncle's Book and it kind of soured things for me And the lack of resolution to the Barbara writing plotline was just really frustrating And what was that very strange bit about the voodoo doll? THE HELL? And uggggh the masculine condescension UGH I SAY Absolutely dated but also absolutely gross But I did love Jerry and Sam and Arthur and Mrs Thane and The Archway House and Wandlebury so I'm feeling forgiving

  9. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    The seuel to Miss Buncle's Book is just as charming and delightful as its predecessor Barbara and her husband must move away from Silverstream because their friends and neighbors keep inviting them to bridge parties and they don't know how else to get out of the constant round of social obligations without hurting or offending them Barbara searches high and low for a new house and community to move to and finally finds her perfect place Decrepit and neglected Archway House in WandleburyMr Pinthorpe fitted a key in the lock and opened the doorBarbara thought that the house seemed to welcome the sun it had been empty and darkened for so long; and the sun seemed to be glad to be welcomed back it streamed in through the tall windows onto the bare floors it explored the walls from which the faded paper hung down in curling strips The dust floated in the air it eddied and swirledso that the whole place seemed full of golden smokeThis is my house she said and sat herself down on the broad window seat in a possessive manner We are treated to amusing and insightful descriptions of her new neighbors and their uirks a nice little romance domestic dilemmas and comic situations Plus a brilliant new book about her new neighbors by John Smith Which will never be published to the dismay of her publisher husband I should be terrified said Barbara with a shudder They would recognize themselves and we should have to leave

  10. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first maybe a little as there's a unified plot Miss Buncle now Mrs Abbott takes it into her head to buy a run down house in a little village so as to get away from the constant social demands of her and her husband's friends in town She's also sworn off writing particularly since she likes her new home and is afraid of having to move away if she publishes another book about her neighbors But she hasn't sworn off observing and once again we get a novel full of delightful uirky characters and interesting interactions between themI loved Mr Abbott's nephew Sam though his falling in love was telegraphed strongly actually I think that was part of the appeal drawing him so strongly as a man about town just waiting for the right girl without knowing it And Jerry the right girl was just as engaging Barbara Abbott though is still the main draw and her innocence that passes for arch cleverness fascinated me The ending was just right view spoilerI was afraid Jerry would end up inheriting the fortune after all and her marriage to Sam was revealed at just the right time hide spoiler

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