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Perfect on Paper I absolutely loved this book I was fortunate enough to win a galley copy from Goodreads and once I started reading I couldn't put it downThis is a slice of life story about Dana an artist and crossword enthusiast who finds herself torn between three possible relationships There's the older man she once had an affair with the redneck sweetheart who seems to have some secrets and the young intelligent crossword writer whose age makes her nervous Each of the characters in this story are very real and all are likable There isn't a villain or an obvious bad choice Everyone makes realistic choices and acts like normal adults would Nobody is written as a caricature or stereotype and that is extremely refreshing All the men are right for her in one way or another and they all love herDana was a well rounded interesting lead and her relationships with her boss and best friend were endearing While she was certainly flawed it was easy to see how she made the choices she did Dana's love of crossword puzzles was used as a neat theme but it didn't overtake the story or become like a gimmick There is sex in the story but it isn't graphic The author keeps you guessing the whole way through and I was thoroughly satisfied with ending I liked the short sections in this book and the writing just flowed I measure a really good book on its ability to make time disappear and this one certainly ualifies I can't wait to read from this author I am definitely a fan This book is nothing than a dime novel clearly just a diary of the author's life and delusions Waste of time and the paper it was printed on Tough book to rate it was fairly well written and clever in parts but I couldn't get past the heroine's behavior You could say it is the story of a woman facing a tough choice or you could say it is the story of a selfish bitch cheating on her uite lovely boyfriend Unfortunately the author forgot to give the boyfriend much of a personality besides a Southern accent so it's hard to feel too outraged when the heroine keeps finding herself unable to resist a scruffy young crossword puzzle author If we didn't see that the heroine is a decent friend she would seem completely unredeemable There's no apparent reason that the heroine makes the final choice that she does so again it's hard to feel any satisfaction at the book's conclusion I read this because I like crosswords so thought it would be interesting I was wrong I gave this 2 starsbut if possible it would have been 15 I really didn't like the voice and kept reading it with the hope that it would get interesting But I found myself not caring who Dana Mayo ends up with thought the character was too self involved to be interesting I debated between 2 and 3 stars so we'll say 25? This book sounds like a typical chick lit type book Usual premise The woman wants to settle down but can't get over her previous relationship Finds herself torn between brains and brawn Sounds good right?However her first relationship is with a married man twice her age; brawn's life story has holes than swiss cheese; and brain's half her age and won't respect her relationship with brawnAre there cute moments? YesAre there steamy moments? YesAre there moments when I wanted to uit reading because she was being so incredibly stupid it hurt? YESHow many chapters show she have to pine over a relationship over 20 years in the past? How many chapters does she have to uestion whether brawn is shady? How many chapters does she have to convince herself that brain isn't right for her? The answer to all of these is far too manyBook started off slow and the middle was painful The ending is what garnered the 25 stars and it was rushed Probably needed an epilogue or another few pages to feel complete I could have used another few chapters even I had to reread the ending to figure out which guy she picks 🤦‍♀️I'm glad to be on to the next read It's a hard read Draggy too Dana Mayo is a whiz at solving puzzles—but only the kind that appear in the daily newspaper When it comes to matters of the heart she doesn’t have a clue After a disastrous attempt to track down the former love of her life Dana determines to take fate into her own hands and find a new Mr Right—preferably one who’s not already married Soon she’s spending time with Hank a hunky contractor who is restoring a neighborhood brownstone to its former glory Handsome and loyal he’s almost too good to be true—but she just can’t shake the feeling he’s hiding something Enter Billy a sexy brainiac who shares her passion for crosswords He would be perfect too—if she weren’t old enough to be his aunt With crises looming on all fronts Dana’s wits are about to be put to the ultimate test Before she loses it all she’ll have to figure out what she really wants—a puzzle that’s anything but black and white At first I did not know if I was going to like this book or not But the I got into it the I was able to enjoy it I don’t know if it is everyone’s cup of tea but it was a good read Dana is living in New York City She has been though multiple failing relationships including one with a married man She loves to paint and solve the NY Times crossword puzzles every day She is definitely the type of person who has no clue what she wants except that she does not like being single Dana went to an open house and found out that the man she was having an affair with was newly single She tried to track him down but gave up after she met a man named Hank with a pet pig She found out that Hank was not is real name and that he was not who he said he was While she was trying to figure out what to do about being lied to she met another man Billy on the subway Apparently he makes the crossword puzzles she loves to do so much They share email address and she helps him out with some of his clues They meet face to face a couple of times Dana finds out that she really enjoys his company but is feeling conflicted because she is still together with Hank While this is going on Dana keeps getting hang up phone calls Her phone rings she answers and ‘click’ goes the other end She thinks it’s her old beau because he used to do the same thing when she was seeing him But she is not definitely sure But she will not stop trying to figure it out In the end she found out who was calling her phone which happened to be her father He was calling at specific times to make sure she was ok Dana also realized that she was not in love with Hank but in love with Billy She actually invited him to meet her parents at her father’s birthday All in all she could not be any happier Throughout the whole book there was a little bit of comedy It was put in the right places and made the book interesting The remarks about how she is when she solves the puzzles to the name of her cat were funny The book was completely written for today’s world It was written for the people who believe that they cannot find happiness It proves that everyone has the same feelings when it comes to love I do not know if I would recommend this book to everyone I can recommend it to those who need a little different pace from what they normally read But I am not sure if this can be an enjoyable read for everyone “Perfect On Paper” by Janet Goss utilizes a uniue structure in is story to write about after an unfortunate attempt of her former love relationship Dana Mayo determines to take fate into her own hands and find a new Mr Right Dana Mayo is the type of women you will see in front of a coffee shop drinking coffee solving puzzles but only the type that appears on the newspaper but she doesn’t just solve puzzles anytime the way she works on puzzles are according to time This might seem very romantic and sophisticated but when it comes to the matter of love she has no clue But that’s only because once was one of the most important person of her life have been gone forever Afterwards she meets this handsome men name Hank who’s a contractor Since she always preferably wants her future life partner to not prier marriage experience She soon been spending a lot of time with him and thinking that she may have fallen in love with him “Under ordinary circumcises I could ring the doorbell as well as anyone Nothing to it – one push mission accomplished” 1 And at the last page of the story “So which one of us gets to solve it?” 332 This two uote shows that the author utilizes uniue structure by starting the story with a mission and ending the story with life is just like a puzzle that appears in every morning newspaper and is also adding on to what Dana Mayo likes to do in afternoons which is solving puzzle And the uote “’I thought you’d be on the Thruway by now’ I said He’d told me he was going to New Paltz to have dinner with former client” 61 This kind of hints that Dana really listens to what Hank tells her and really pay attention to Hank to show their love relationship “Even if he did have beautiful gray green eyes and impressively large feet” 60 And “I giggled and gave him a thumbs up Now I was flirting” 60 Finally this shows the emotion and the engagement within the two in love couple by giving him a thumbs up that’s an action to prove that she wasn’t flirting to other peopleTo conclude this story shows the process of a person going through terrible things in life and walking out of that memories plus find a new life to look forward to Just like when Dana Mayo had his former lover’s passing she was in great pain and a lot of negative opinions about life but now once she finds the second love of her life she is willing to start over again with this new person Although I thought the beginning of the novel was a little slow by about halfway through I couldn't get enough of it This novel is about a middle aged women who can't get over a past relationship she had when she was in her 20's with a much older married man Dana Mayo lives in New York City although her family lives in Florida She is an avid painter and loves to do crossword puzzles in her spare time Although she hasn't seen her past lover in two decades she is still hung up on him and finds herself aimlessly searching for both him and the love she gave up many years ago Not too long after finding out that Ray Devine is still alive Dana meets a man named Hank who is a contractor Several of Hank's behaviors initially throw Dana off such as his pet pig his inability to make a tree stand and his freuent hiring of workers to complete the Brownstone house he is renovating These red flags remain in the back of Dana's mind but she likes Hank and the fact that he treats her how she has always wanted to be treated One day on a bus on her way to Kutztown to visit her best friend Elinor Ann she meets the young sexy Billy Moody who she soon finds out writes a lot of the difficult crossword puzzles She is immediately draw to Billy but knows that she should stay faithful to Hank After Ray dies on the day they were supposed to reunite at a local dive bar Dana is uestioning what she really wants in life She faces an internal struggle that only she knows the answer to Should she be with Hank or should she take the risk and be with Billy?

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Perfect on Paper
  • Janet Goss
  • English
  • 11 April 2014
  • 9780451235695