Paperback Æ Binetsu Kakumei MOBI Ò

Binetsu Kakumei Short and sweet I really enjoy the art of Yukine Honami And the story was cuteview spoilerTwo teenagers are runninghiding from the responsibilities that Tatsuki will inherit once he becomes the dragon king and pretend to be cousins in the real world There are a couple of episodes if you want to call them that One where a colleague at school discovers what they really are Then Ohta heals a fire bird in fact a ghost whose body had not been laid to rest properly Then Ohta is injured and both he and Tatsuki return to their magical realm where Ohta heals and also purifies the energy of Tatsuki's father Thus the pair can return to the real world for a while longer And a final uick story about Iori a house spirit and Akihiho hide spoiler I bought this book at a thrift store a few years ago I’ve tried to read it multiple times without finishing it Now that I’m done reading it I’m just confused Maybe that’s just because I don’t often read Yaoi Manga 2 starsI have had this book on my shelf for a while and after reading it it will not be going backThe story is heavily based in the demonangelspirit trope and it actually took a bit of time for that to be introduced to the story Instead the beginning is a confusing mess that it set up to look like a love triangle between high school boys The issues that the plot brings for these characters were so specific that there was no way that anything else could happen I just couldn't bring myself to care that the guys father was sick because there was no build up to the character's and I had no emotions towards them Started out as a high school romance but took a very sharp turn into supernatural Yukine Honami’s artwork is beautiful as always Really really would have preferred that the extra story had been left out — it left a bad taste in my mouth after what had been an otherwise very cute manga Why are house spirits so cute? Also I second the illustrator's uestion Is this sex scene really necessary? One of my earlier yaoi books decent read 35 I'm not entirely sure about the whole zashiki warashi thing it doesn't feel uite right Forbidden romance unearthly realms and a little bit of the supernatural are the ingredients that make up Sweet Revolution Two transfer students Tatsuki and Ohta make it a point to remain detached and avoid mingling with the rest of the student body But when class chairman Kouhei discovers a peculiar master servant relationship between the two he decides to step in But what Kouhei doesn’t realize is that he is about to meddle into a relationship that has both human and otherworldly significance Aside from being a bit confused with the story at first Sweet Revolution is an enjoyable intense manga that holds lots of surprises The story is good and the artwork is gorgeous This one was a neat little fantasy It was sweet and just enough angsty goodness

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