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Perfect Justice BERNHARDT IS A MASTER LEGAL TOUR GUIDE taking the reader through the labyrinth of the judicial system of America's heartland Mostly MurderA young Vietnamese immigrant is brutally slaughtered by a crossbow The prime suspect is a ruthless member of a white supremacy group When attorney Ben Kincaid reluctantly agrees to confer with the presumed murderer he encounters a chilling certainty an innocent man has been cast as a scapegoat To rebalance the scales of justice Ben chooses to represent the accused man thereby placing both attorney and client at the explosive center of a community torn apart by xenophobia racism and violenceBut the real fireworks will go off in court in an incendiary murder trial with twists than a dustbowl tornado REWARDS ITS READERS WITH A GENUINELY SURPRISE ENDING WHILE ALSO RAISING SERIOUS ISSUES The Orlando Sentinel

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Perfect Justice
  • William Bernhardt
  • English
  • 15 June 2016
  • 9780345391339

About the Author: William Bernhardt

William Bernhardt is the author of forty seven books including the bestselling Ben Kincaid series the historical novels Challengers of the Dust and Nemesis two books of poetry The White Bird and The Ocean’s Edge and the Red Sneaker books on fiction writing His most recent novel is The Last Chance Lawyer the first in a new series of legal thrillers featuring rebel lawyer Daniel Pike In add

10 thoughts on “Perfect Justice

  1. Ellen Ellen says:

    I read this book while waiting at the hospital for my sister to get out of surgery it was a long surgery It was an easy read and a good distraction with an engaging but not really believable storyline The characters were not very well developed coming across as stereotypical and two dimensional I felt like the female characters and the one baby there were actually two babies but the one was dead so I'm not counting it were based on the author's unrealistic ideas of what a woman or a baby is The baby I'm referring to is the DA's daughter that he babysits while on the job The age of the baby wasn't clear as it needed a bottle and a playpen yet could talk like a two year old And the female attorney that the main character hooks up with seemed pretty immature and conniving She conned him into having sex with her thankfully it didn't go into a lot of detail but then got mad at him when he didn't pay attention to her like she wanted and used the sex episode against him It seemed to me that if he had been the one asking for the sex it would have made sense for her to feel unloved when he was too preoccupied for it later The other female character Christine was his main legal assistant and she ditched him at the beginning and didn't show up again until the end becoming his friend once again That part was also pretty cheesy and one dimensional to me Maybe those are minor details but they made it come across to me like a cheesy detective TV series with their unbelievable but engaging plots and storylines The ending seemed a bit far fetched and he left loose threads hanging Aside from all my criticicisms however I did keep reading til I found out how it ended so I must have liked it at least a little

  2. Ross Vincent Ross Vincent says:

    Ben Kincaid is trying to take a vacation A little camping some fishingInstead he finds himself being drafted into defending the life of a member of a White Supremacist hate group accused of killing a member of the local Vietnamese communityRacial tensions run high riots and parades firebombings and drive by shootings No this isn't 2020 it's 1993 and the same stuff we see today was happening 25 years ago in this small southern townAlong the way Kincaid finds himself being defended by the Aryan group and hated and reviled by a Hatewatch group who is out to prevent the ongoing attacks on minorities And falling in love with the head of the local Hatewatch group who is conflicted on how she feelsIt has been 20 years since I last read a Ben Kincaid novel when I first discovered the series I was looking for something to fill the void that was left between John Grisham publications Grisham in those days didnt have a regular character; Bernhardt did And a rather amusing one at that So I picked and binged my way through the first 3 books The 3rd one though was reading during at time when I was running at 103 fever So I had to go back and re read it in 1999 to make sure I understood the plot and didnt hallucinate some of what I remembered #KidsDontFeverAndReadBut along the way I found better series Grisham was getting faster Crighton was a new author I discovered and then there was the year I spent reading Ed McBain And before I knew it I was found myself with a partner in crime who was encouraging me to read Cornwell and Evanovich So the Kincaid series found itself getting lower and lower on the TBR pileAnd then 2020The world shuts down people are told to stay inside And so I start to binge read but read those series that I have let slide and get assigned to the 'someday pile Well today is someday and I enjoyed this book

  3. Amy Amy says:

    Another great story in the Ben Kincaid series Apparently Ben can’t even go on vacation without getting into a criminal case But Ben believes his slogans to be innocent even though the client whines assist in his own defense Hate groups a small town and a new cast of characters along with old favorites make this story both interesting and suspenseful As usual there were twists and turns in the case If I’m being honest I suspected the real killer but had no evidence though the clues were there I’m really enjoying this series and am looking forward to the next book

  4. Dbmcalva Dbmcalva says:

    Bernhardt is good but I don’t like some of his style Telling early in the book that secrets are held then not revealing until the end seems cheap to me I don’t like that way of showing a story I’ll try Bernhardt sometime

  5. Brian O& Brian O& says:

    I read #4 first as it is what they had at my library and it is great One of the best courtroomsolve the crime books I have read Ben Kencaid and is cast are awesome

  6. Brian Brian says:

    I’d give 35 stars if I could Maybe even 375 just not 4 A good read and continued character development in the series

  7. Sue Altman Sue Altman says:

    I love courtroom dramas so I read a lot of Bernhardt This one however was not my favorite

  8. Jen Juenke Jen Juenke says:

    Read in 2001

  9. Donna Kelley Donna Kelley says:

    Wish there was an ending

  10. Alan Nucifore Alan Nucifore says:

    Very good

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