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Cheat On Your Husband with Your Husband There’s an old joke that after years of marriage a man complains “She changed” and a woman complains “He didn’t” Just as change is a part of life it’s also a part of marriage—a healthy and normal part of it But just because things have changed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recognize yourself or your relationship with your husbandToo many women wake up in their marriages and ask themselves “Is this it” After years of sharing domestic duties raising kids and balancing careers many of us can’t help but wonder if we’re living the lives we intended to haveWhether you have been married for two decades or two months dating and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash shows how to create a exciting and fulfilling relationship with your spouse—and important with yourself After all you can’t expect to find passion in your relationship if you are not passionate about your own lifeWith simple steps and fun exercises Cheat On Your Husband provides the tools to help you combat boredom in your marriage and renew an easy intimate connection with your spouse Using real life examples of couples who have benefited from her techniues Syrtash debunks common marriage myths and shows how fun and fulfilling marriage can be

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  1. Jen Brown Jen Brown says:

    Got preview copy and really enjoyed this book I heard the author speaking about it and she stressed it's relationship RENEWAL not relationship RESCUE so my expectations were set right This is not a book for someone trying to save her marriage that's on the brink of disaster I think that's clear if you look at the cover It's written for people like me married for a few years and who miss the connection I used to have with my husband we have a toddler so it's not easy though I noticed the book wasn't just centered on momskids Andrea Syrtash touches on her own experience in the book; but it's mostly her work as a journalist and advice columnist over the last few years that comes through She interviewed many women in different stages of marriage and offers her own advice and 'homework' on how to give marriage a boost I've been practicing some of her tips and thinking about the suggestions and overall have decided it was really helpful to readand entertaining to boot

  2. Joy Joy says:

    Being single I entered the contest for this Good reads give away so my sister would basically have two chances to win But before I gave it to her I read it myself It was an advanced uncorrected proofAndrea Syrtash went over a lot of ground in this book The difference between falling in love and being in love Why people cheat Ways to fight better It is a book aimed at women and one of the topics she spends much of her time is how for women it's mostly in our heads Changing the way we think about ourselves and others goes a long way in changing the actual situation She also reminds women to remember the person they were when they were in first in love This book seemed to be a good book for those who might feel the blahs in their marriage I think it would also be pretty good for those in the premarital stage to give women a few guidelines as to what cultivate and avoidThis book did not go over topics of serious problems There wasn't a chapter on “Is this a serious problem?” No mention of seeing a professional if there were big issues in a marriage like the aftermath of cheating pornography addiction or sexual dysfunction Overall I believe the book was good at covering what it set out to cover It was interesting enough to keep me reading without getting bored It wasn’t graphic or long winded Most of it is common sense and stuff I have seem modeled in marriages already but sometimes people need to read it in a book to make it legit

  3. Katie Katie says:

    Andrea is amazing She has helped me in ways then I think she is even aware of I was having major issues and decided I'd email her I poured my heart out in that email never expecting a response She responded and I was so thankful Her advise helped me handle the situation She really is amazingOn to the book I am not sure how I was lucky enough to receive this book But I got it and I am so glad I did My marriage wasnt at a breaking point but it was just going No romance no spice just going Routine There was still loads of love but nothing like it use to be I read the book and wrote down points I wanted my husband to see It talked about all the chemical changes while dating versus being married for some time and helps you bring back that dating fun feeling It also talked about how important it is for women to have their own identities other than just mom or wife That's another point I showed my husband Thanks to this book he got out of the Well you're mom thats your job mentality I enjoyed the read Thank you Andrea

  4. Janet Janet says:

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  5. Michele Michele says:

    The best relationship book I have ever read I will read this book again Great practical advice And I love Andrea's writing style it is like she is having a conversation with you

  6. Cleffairy Cleffairy Cleffairy Cleffairy says:

    Reviewed at Over A Cuppa TeaReview dateReview link my husband caught me reading this book the other day and he was rather flustered GRINZ At first glance it seems that I’ve been reading a book that teaches me the art of cheating and infidelity but truthfully it is not This book does not teach me how to cheat on my husband uite contrary I must sayThis is a motivational book that teaches you how to reinvent passion between you and your spouse Admit it most of us feel as if things has indeed become mundane after being in a marriage for uite some time and often than not we took our other half for grantedThis is a very good motivationalself help book Though the content is not anything new and I’m mostly familiar with most of the case study I find that I could learn a few tricks to make my relationship with my husband much exciting than it is nowMy only complain about this book is that it is rather repetitive I get alot of points that it’s trying to convey considering that I’ve been married for almost a decade I wish the author does not try to emphasize too much on how things gets mundane and we need to fix that I know thatOverall a very educational read and I highly recommend this to all married couple who feels that they need to do something to renew the passion and love in their marriageDespite of it’s flaw and repetitiveness where case studies are concerned I rate this book 5 stars simply because it helps me understand about my relationship with my husband and it helps me appreciate him and see him as my lover instead of just the father to my childI received an ARC of this book from Rodale Publisher via Negatlley I was not compensated in any ways for writing this review

  7. Jen Jen says:

    Thank you to Goodreads and Rodale books for sending me this ARC to review The title is what caught my eye initially and I was curious to see what information the book had to offer One of the first things to jump out at me was that the author has only been married for 5 years at the time she wrote this That right there was a turn off for me because having been married for almost 15 years I would've preferred the advice to come from someone whose walked the road of marriage for longer than me I mean no disrespect when I say this it was just my initial reaction She did include women of various ages and stages of marriage some in the midst of raising children and some without etc She offered up lots of suggestions of how to spice up your marriage date nights sexy lingerie planning a romantic weekend away all the usual advice but also included scientific information on brain function and reaction which was helpful too Going back to the title for a minute after the humor wore off it dawned on me that the wording actually bothered me a bit It almost implys that cheating in a marriage is normal expected in some way or bound to happen eventually once one of the partners gets bored If that's true then you set up the marriage to fail right from the start Now I understand that the author is not promoting infidelity but just the fact that our society today is so readily accepting of it is disturbing to me She noted that 50% of all marriages end in divorce which is no shocker but still sad to think aboutThis book is organized and filled with helpful information Love is a choice When you marry someone you're making a choice each day to love that person regardless of whether or not you happen to like them right then They have to make that same choice about you as well

  8. Jodi Jodi says:

    I just happened across this new book at the library and thought it looked good and it really was It explains the chemical differences that happen in the brain during the dating phase versus marriagebonding phase of your relationships and gives great suggestions for bringing those dating experiences and feelings back into your marriage Nothing really new all pretty much common sense but it was well written and had some great reminders about how to have a really fulfilling and satisfying marriage It also talked a lot about how important it is for women to have their own interests and identities apart from the marriage and children and as women discover other passions for hobbies and interests in their lives their marriages will become even fulfilling I know that's true for me I'm definitely a better wife and mother when I make my own time for outside hobbies and interests Fun little book great reminders for a great marriage

  9. Holly Holly says:

    I heard about this book on some tv show I think I thought it would be full of fun ideas to date your spouse Instead it was a bunch of generic information about marriage and common sense The author doesn't do enough research either about the subjects she discusses and most of her sources are my friend's parents who have been married a long time or this 80 year old lady I know I just don't think it was a very thorough treatment of the subject matterOr maybe I already have a great marriage and don't need the book anyway

  10. Teddy Teddy says:

    I didn't feel that the first half of this book applied to me but I am glad that I stuck it out to the end as the second half was very informative and useful Some of it was just reminding me of things I already knew but there were also some really good new ideas there tooDefinitely a good book for renewing your verve for not only your marriage but several lessons that can be applied to life in generalI guess it makes sense since part of having a happy marriage is being a happy and contented person

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