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Lord Savage Read this again and enjoyed this just as much as the first time I loved the H and his 'savage' ways I loved him from the start His long dark hair and his eyes just sound delicious I liked how she was so good to him and wanted to save him from those peers She was so protective of him I loved the part where she tried to teach him how to bathe and he made it so hard So funnyThe story line which has been explained well in other reviews is basically the H had been brought up in Hawaii and was the abandoned son of a Lord He sent people to get him and they basically kidnapped him and kept him in the hold of the ship and so he made it hard on them and pretended to be a savage They were all afraid of him Nevertheless they hired a 'teacher' to teach him how to be a LordShe took him to a remote cottage where she went to work with his 'education' And it was wonderful Of course the reader was privy to the game he was playing and I think that made it so much better The night of the dinner party when he came downstairs a total gentleman and she realized what he had done was priceless Her outrage was so funny Then he realized he was going to have to give her up so he undid his cravat and started acting uncivilized again Then there was 'Prinny' the rabbit I knew he loved the h the minute he started treating the rabbit as a pet I loved their attraction and it sizzled throughout the book The first sex scene was not until around 60% into the book but you felt their lust and loveThe Grandmother then had to decide if the oafish cousin or Lord Savage would be the heir They had a uest to retrieve a sword and the story was off and running It was wonderful I have had a little bit of ADD lately with regards to books but I loved the story and it made me believe in Ever After again Great read I would recommend reading Lord Savage by Patricia CoughlinMy Fair Lady in reverse I enjoyed it The reuest was impossible Unthinkable And unavoidable Ariel Halliday couldn't refuse the head of Penrose School when he asked her to take on a particularly difficult assignment not if she wanted to remain in his good graces But nothing in her experience had prepared the schoolmistress for the darkly handsome pupil who greeted her wearing only tight fitting breeches that announced he was very much a grown up male and an air of threatening silence Black haired golden eyed Leon Duvanne was the heir apparent of the Maruis of Sage Yet raised under the burning sun of a distant Pacific island he looked ready to feast on the ton than with them Now Ariel has only eight weeks to transform this savage into a gentleman It will take a miracle or maybe just falling in love

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