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Under Vesuvius Things are going well for Decius Caecilius Metellus He is Praetor Peregrinus His cases will be those dealing with foreigners and all of Italy is his province His first stop is Campania Italy's most popular resort district Decius and his wife Julia are happy for a change of scenery But the good times end when in a town near Vesuvius a priest's daughter is murdered Decius must find her killer and keep the mob off a young boy who everyone blames but who he believes to be innocent Decius may have acuired prestige but he's also acuired trouble 3 12 stars What this book may be lack in the way of stellar writing is made up for in it’s storyline An engaging plot with intriguing characters I was enthralled and entertained through to its final page I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction especially if they find Roman life and culture interesting within the context of a devious suspenseful mystery I was supposed to read this book two months ago but a very disappointing discovery with the Kindle version prevented me from doing so So I had to order the actual physical book from and wait for argh monthsAs soon as I started reading the first few pages I realized one thing and one thing only Under Vesuvius was worth the wait Period Decius yes the protagonist is now praetor peregrinus in this book a position with real power meaning he now has imperium or the power to summon and lead armies at will One of the many things I like about the SPR series is how the reader learns about the Ancient Roman public career ie the cursus honorum or the path of honorthrough the main character Decius who belongs to one of Ancient Rome's greatest and most powerful families started as a very low ranking official in the series' first book Decius commanded the night watchmen in the sualid Subura district looking out for fires and such then became uaestor The Catiline Conspiracy senator The Sacrilege diplomat The Temple of the Muses Caesar's secretary Nobody Loves a Centurion aedile The River God's Vengeance then at last praetor I feel as if I am one of Decius' clients monitoring and looking after his career wishing always the best for this very delightful characterI won't discuss the merits of Under Vesuvius any because fans of Decius will know what I'm going to write about But let me just say that I feel very sad because the next book I'm going to read will be the second to the last in the existing series Hurry up hurry up with SPR XIV Mr Roberts Please After all XIII is a very unlucky number innit For me this is the best book in the series that I have read so far The book has hummer twists and intrigue And for a small book of just under 200 pages it packs a punch As well as uality of the mystery itself the book does well in comparing the life in Rome with that of rich Bay of Naples When I had finished the book it left me chucking with a smirk on my face This is a great read and not just for those who like Roman based literature In this tale in the SPR series Decius is Praetor Peregrinus which means he'll oversee judicial matters involving resident foreigners through the Italian pennisula In this particular book Decius is in the Bay of Naples along with his loyal freedman Hermes and family relatives Marcus in his praetorian retinue Also accompanying him is his wife Julia Minor and two of her friends Circe another Julia in the Julii clan and Antonia sister of Marcus Antonius known to modern audiences as Mark AntonyMost of the story takes place in Baiae a coastal town that is opulent and luxurious Decius is expecting a relaxing year in office as it's of a vacation with duty hours Soon enough Decius gets himself involved in murder investigation that soon gets out of hand with multiple murders all linked Cicero makes a cameo and his freedman Tiro gets to stand as lawyer in a court presided by DeciusI don't really want to think about how there are only 2 books in the series after this one JMR's Decius Caecilius Metellus has become a favorite character and I'm going miss him when I finish the series This story was fun with Decius constantly comparing Rome with the laidback coastal Bay of Naples and how even though they are Roman citizens he still views them as being foreigners since most of them are Greek than Roman He's also happy to be out of Rome so he doesn't have to listen to people constantly talk about Pompey and Caesar the civil war is fast approaching He's blissfully happy until well over halfway through the book they are finally mentionedThere's a good mystery in this one I didn't start to figure out whodunit until Decius himself started to suspect There is even some action seuences been bandits set upon Decius as he and some of his men are riding into town Overall a fun enjoying story in the SPR series

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Under Vesuvius
  • John Maddox Roberts
  • English
  • 28 December 2015
  • 9780312370886

About the Author: John Maddox Roberts

Mark RamsayJohn Maddox Roberts is the author of numerous works of science fiction and fantasy in addition to his successful historical SPR mystery series The first two books in the series have recently been re released in trade paperback He lives in New Mexico with his wife

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