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The Alien Years Съществата буквално се появиха от нищото и се приземиха в големите градове по целия свят Лос Анджелис Лондон Ню Йорк Пекин Високи пет метра и неописуемо красиви — или невероятно ужасни в зависимост от гледната точка — извънземните нашественици се отнесоха към човечеството по най жестокия начин

10 thoughts on “The Alien Years

  1. Kenny Kenny says:

    What can I say about Silverberg except that he's the greatest sci fi writer since Asimov? His use of language his amazing longevity as a published writer over 50 years and his inventiveness are all legendary THE ALIEN YEARS is about surviving under alien domination and spans decades of life in the occupied USA The characters are diverse an aging hippie a cold blooded Muslim assassin a prodigal son and a renegade hacker all combine to create a fascinating what if? scenario that both warms and chills the heart Good stuff

  2. Frank Frank says:

    One of the best sci fi novels I have read in some time Silverberg has always been one of my favorites in this genre and in my opinion this is one of his best The novel details an alien invasion over a 50 year period using one family the Carmichaels as a focus The Carmichaels struggle for years through several generations to try to rid the earth of the invaders with no success Any attempt at killing the invaders results in harsh reprisals including a virus that kills than half of earth's population The invaders seem to be invincible and use humans as slave labor During the invasion many earthlings collaborate with the invaders and these uislings are hated and despised by the rest of humanity There are several complex characters in the book mostly in the Carmichael family The patriarch of the family fought in Vietnam and was named Anson a name passed down through the generations and a nice tribute by Silverberg to Robert Anson Heinlein Overall a high recommendation for this one

  3. Lisa (Harmonybites) Lisa (Harmonybites) says:

    This is my first novel by Silverberg and it doesn't make me want to grab another book by him In this novel set in the near future aliens of greatly superior force and inscrutable motives invade and occupy Earth The story mostly follows one family the Carmichaels of Southern California over five decades as they cope and resist I rather liked that the eldest males in the line were named Anson Heinlein's middle name Nice homage that Early on the Carmichael patriarch The Colonel reflects that the invasion brings to mind Wells' The War of the Worlds and expresses his frustration Wells resorted at the end to a deus ex machina and never really answered the uestion as to how to overcome an overwhelmingly superior force Ironic that Silverberg in this book makes not answering that uestion his theme The characters of the Carmichael clan are likable enough and Silverberg's style is readable but there just wasn't anything here I found imaginative or thought provoking or caused me to connect with the characters in a way that made me care overmuch Too many important events happened off the page The chapters are very episodic in feel with years between the the end of one and the start of another I've read several portions of this novel first appeared as short stories which might explain that Moreover I found how a lot of the plot developed inexplicable or implausible in terms of actions of the humans and aliens both For instance there's utter anarchy and things are reverting to savagery the infrastructure has crumbled there's plague but apparently still a functioning internet? The ending although I could see it fitting a novel that can be seen as the anti Independence Day felt like an anti climatic cheat after such a long sprawl of a book over 400 pages Had that resolution come at the end of a short story or novella I might have seen the ending as satisfying but at this epic length it's not enough of a payoff for a long novel slow moving than a LA traffic jam

  4. Michael Michael says:

    They came They saw They conuered We survived How does a person come to terms with an enslaving force so omnipotent and omniscience that to use a cliue resistance is futile Is it madness to have hope? This book tackles that uestion through the eyes and lives of a number of different people scattered over the globe As well written as it is and as engrossing as it is the book ultimately left this reader unsatisfied with the outcome of the story and the answers posited to the uestions

  5. Denis Denis says:

    I really liked this one very much It is a return to of a pulpy fifties alien 'first contact' story idea but written in a modern style It is very character driven and entertaining It did not try to be over philosophical or stylistically creative or overly high tech It was just a good old fashion what if and how would we cope? type of storyA good read from one of the greats in his later years

  6. Seth Seth says:

    This book was Ok But it bogged down in the middle and I almost gave up on it I didn't think it had enough detail about post apocalype kinds of things It basically followed one family's survival and many of the details seemed very unrealistic

  7. Shawn Shawn says:

    Very fascinating book about the alien conuest of earth The book follows one family through generations as it survives and resists the alien occupation It is a book that calls out for a seuel about the rebuilding A book that should be be written

  8. Gregory Gregory says:

    I'm a sucker for alien invasion stories and this is a pretty good one Silverberg is a master storyteller and he spins an interesting and different take on this sci fi sub genre

  9. David Zimny David Zimny says:

    Aliens invade Earth and conuer the human race They can probe human minds to get people to do their bidding They can shut off the entire planet's electricity at will When the humans try to retaliate with a satellite attack the aliens release a plague upon the world that kills half the planet's population There are actually three distinct species of aliens the master species are 15 feet tall suid like creatures but there are also smaller creatures with glistening skin and behemoth monsters with dome like heads The glistening and behemoth species are mentioned when the aliens first land on earth but are barely mentioned again I would have liked to read about the relationship among the three species and how they interact and what their respective functions were The book spans fifty years and three generations of a family; the main characters in the beginning have died off by the end so there are really no central characters To me that is a weakness of the book Characters in general take a back seat to the plot Also there are so many family members that they are impossible to keep track of and many are named after their parent or grandparent so the reader is thinking Is this Anson III or IV or V? I like the aloofness of the aliens with respect to humans They make no attempt to learn human language they just like to probe human minds to control them That clearly demonstrates how superior to humans the aliens considered themselves to be I have mixed feelings about the ending I like that it was not a cliched conclusion but I dislike that there were so many uestions unanswered

  10. Carly Kirk Carly Kirk says:

    This rating was a tough one if able I probably would have given it 2 12 stars and it probably deserves 3 just based on how well written it is But the rating given is in a large part based on my subjective enjoyment of the book and it all came down to this nagging unhappiness that kept creeping up on me throughout the book and good grief it's almost 500 pages long but I finished it and the huge letdown I felt at the endingEven though most of the book is taken up with this one groupfamily striving to accomplish somethinganything to get rid of the aliens the overall message felt like it was there's nothing anyone can ever do and when you do actually do something it won't amount to anything I'm pretty sure that was the exact opposite of what the author was trying to convey based on a few paragraphs at the end but truly that was the message that held through most of the book and the few paragraphs here and there that faintly gave a different message hardly amounted to a hill of beans against such overwhelming blah Okay I get that these few who have striven and passed on the desire to strive for something will usher in something better moving forward from the end of the book but hey it's not like we get to see any of that I'd much preferred to have actually seen humanity doing better Also I didn't like any of the characters Of course that might be because we hardly get to know any of them than superficially and the familyclan just kept growing and growing so and people would be mentioned which got pretty confusingSo I'm kinda sorry I wasted my time on this book and I wouldn't recommend reading it

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