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614 Scarlet Ct fairNot scary enough for me I like books that keep me on the edge where I Can't put the book down awesome read Drake Henry was a junior at Winding Heights High School in Austin Texas Legendary for his tennis accomplishments he was the most popular kid at school Drake lived with his adoring parents Ivan and Emily his sister Briar a brainiac freshman and his spoiled baby sister Ella The Henrys were a loving and supportive family and Austin had always been their home Drake’s father a forensic scientist received a serious death threat from a notorious murder suspect and immediately relocated the family to the small town of Shady Oaks Fearing change Drake and Briar were anything but pleased to leave their hometown As the teens pulled up to their new home at 614 Scarlet Court they were than thrilled with the stately manor feeling as royalty among the tattered buildings of the surrounding town That is until unexplainable atrocious happenings transpired Drake’s well regarded tennis career fell into shambles as a notorious bully made his life a pure living hell The days progressively worsened for the Henry family as their most terrifying fears manifested one by one The Henry family's horror continued as a mysterious murder ensued followed by a nightmarish kidnapping All fingers pointed to one of the Henrys but Drake’s eye was on a peculiar townsperson Drake’s second theory was that the house at 614 Scarlet Court might have been the source of evil and chaos The pieces of the baffling puzzle did not fit and alarmingly the Shady Oaks police officers seemed disinterested in the criminal and seemingly supernatural events surrounding the Henry family An unknown force took control of Drake's parents and he immediately realized that he was running out of time to solve the shocking mysteries at 614 Scarlet Court He had to stop whoever or whatever it was before he was alone and before it was too late614 Scarlet Ct is a suspense mystery thriller with an unbelievable twist ending that you will never see coming If you are ready to take a high energy journey full of action and intrigue this novel's for you

  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • 614 Scarlet Ct
  • Bon Blossman
  • English
  • 06 February 2016

About the Author: Bon Blossman

Known for both her academics and uirky charm Dr Bon Blossman has emerged in the entertainment industry as an exuberant television personality author and entrepreneur Dr Bon is best known for her role on four seasons of Style Network's hit series Big Rich Texas with the fourth season being a spin off of her family surrounding the birth of her grandchild Aside from Dr Bon's role on BRT s