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Vulfen Alphas Mate Vulfen Cadre #1 After a disastrous blind date Ellie Bradley enjoys dessert and hot kisses with a mysterious waiter who turns out to be wealthy Russian businessman Rylek Sidarov Rylek Alpha of three Vulfen clans was waiting tables as a favor to his chef uncle He never thought he would find his fated mate in the human world but there is no mistaking Ellie’s intoxicating scent At the end of a blazing encounter danger looms and Rylek goes against his strong Vulfen instinct to send Ellie away unclaimed for her own safety Unable to give her up Rylek offers Ellie a choice to accept him and be his beloved mate or never see him again Discovering a mate is a gift for Ellie and Rylek both but human hunters a Vulfen traitor and the complications of navigating a new culture all conspire to threaten their new mating bond and their lives

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  1. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    for book lovers and readersBRIEF SUMMARYEllie was on the blind date from hell when the sexy and mysterious waiter had her date escorted out of the restaurant Unbeknownst to Ellie the waiter turns out to be the owner of the restaurant and a wealthy Russian businessman named Rylek His resume also includes Alpha of three vulfen clans To Ellie’s surprise Rylek wants to mate with her THOUGHTSThis story had different layers for me that I loved and a few times had me doing a eye roll With saying that I think the author did give us an entertaining story which unfolds into a nice plot Ellie was on a date that turned out to be the longest night of her life Between her rude date and her first encounter with Rylek things went from zero to a ten very uickly Rylek's attraction to Ellie was voracious and strong that within the first two chapters it sets the pace for the rest of the book Before making Ellie his mate Rylek had a few reservations as vulfen males mate with vulfen females It was unheard of for an Alpha vulfen male mating with a human female With their sexual heat mating and trying to find a traitor amongst the vulfen clans this was an interesting readApart from enjoying the story at times I found Ellie and Rylek’s dialogue to be a bit silly but you couldn’t help but laugh and just enjoy the book for what it is I was also a bit confused by the mentioning of fangs a lot as I associate fangs with my vampire books I honestly thought Rylek had vampire tendencies with a mix of werewolf Nevertheless I have to admit I’m interested in reading book 2 in the seriesStoryline FAIRIntimacy Very GOOD w a tiny bit of a DRIP rating Don’t Read in PublicEnjoyment GOODWebsite

  2. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    This story has the perfect balance of emotion personal drama and delightful surprises to make this a romance worth spending time with I really could get into this story because of the author’s voice I liked her personable style of writing as well as how she blended the cultures of her world building Some might say the conflict is kind of predictable because there are always traditionalists and prejudice that refuse change but I liked how the author handled it by introducing surprise twists for the characters It wasn’t that huge of a shock for me because I caught a few hints but I sure enjoyed suspecting something the heroine didn’t Not only that but its revelation made the dramatic confrontation all the entertaining and interesting because of how Ms Kenney had the heroine react to it Another thing I was impressed with was the author’s maximizing each chapter with just what I needed to make keep me committed to the story Even though the hero and heroine fall in love fast there were enough details and depth shared in every section to make each step believable In addition the ending of one chapter teased me with enough new information that I couldn’t help but keep reading so I could find out With momentum like that it didn’t take me long to read this book at all I adored the heroine Ellie She’s sweet and personable yet she’s lonely Her heart is searching for it knows not what but it certainly knew it wasn’t the dweeb in the beginning of the book I got the greatest kick out of how Ms Kenney had Ellie meeting her future love How I wish hunky waiters abounded at my local eateries I also like the light resistance that she posed to the changes in her life She didn’t let them overwhelm her or let them take on lives of their own The heroine had her doubts thought about them tested the waters adjusted and considered her options and then stuck with what she believed was the right thing to do All good ualities in a heroine I also enjoyed her giving nature and how important that was to the story In fact her natural instincts are key in how the happily ever after gets played out Rylek is way cool Here’s this tough alpha shifter who basically holds the weight of the world on his shoulders and pretty much accepted he’d never find love and in walks Ellie Again Ms Kenney’s writing brought it all to life I swooned over his growly nature his viewpoints on the heroine’s Marilyn Monroe like figure and his view on the relationship of women and food I thought his stilted and formal method of speech very old world and telling It made his character uniue and rounded because it was Rylek No one else could pull it off as well as he could It also showed me just how much he needed Ellie in his life Nothing illustrated that best as when he reacted to whenever he thought his mate was in danger His dialogue his vows his very being was oh so romantic that I just melted Rylek is a wonderful hero Secondary characters abound and are really cool in and of themselves I liked his cousins all of them I liked his aunt and uncle and how pivotal they were at one point There’s one scene with hands that is powerful and beautiful and it gave me happy goose bumps It worked for me The villain acting out was expected but I didn’t know when or how Ms Kenney presented an interesting and diabolical plot against the heroine and hero and I was thrilled with how it was resolved I sigh in satisfaction with well written growly heroes who bite nibble and make a heroine nearly pass out from expert and enthusiastic love making and Rylek is all that and I liked every single one of those hot and passionate scenes and the author placed them at strategic positions throughout the book There are well described emotions and sentiments that hook a reader as well which enhanced my reading experience and kept me involved in the story Vulfen Alpha’s Mate hit all my happy buttons by delivering a truly romantic story with characters I enjoyed watching fall in love The overall sense of this story is upbeat and positive and when it ended I was feeling relaxed and satisfied I had a great time reading this book and thank Ms Kenney for a charming experience Okay so I needed an ice cube or two – what’s a little melted water when the writing is that fun? Check out Vulfen Alpha’s Mate and see originally posted at

  3. Emily Emily says:

    Ellie Bradley can't wait until her date is over the man drones on about himself so much she finds that she is interested in seeking out the waiter who has been the only highlight of the miserable dateRylek Sidaov Alpha of the three Vulfen clans doesn't understand the draw he has to beautiful human If she were Vulfen than he would know it is his mate when her date acts in a despicable manner Rylek has had enough and ready to step in With one touch Rylek is not sure he can let go would she be strong enough to help lead his clan?I enjoyed this one uite a bit A lot of traditional aspects to the Vulfen's which made the story even interesting Would definitly read the next one

  4. The BookChick The BookChick says:

    After re reading this one four years later after the original read date I find the story to be on the average side The characters were not cardboard per see; however they lacked the complexity that would bolster the story Even the villain was a bit lack luster and anemic especially since the heroine pretty much saved herself from him The story was not bad but I just felt it had the bones to be

  5. ValerieC ValerieC says:

    Aside from the yucky cover this book was a shortish but very enjoyable read for me Maybe Siren Bookstrand will give it a better cover like one with a hunky Rylek or maybe Rylek and his Cadre in back of him I say this because I think this book is enjoyable enough to be in print but the cover chick doesn't look like Ellie and this isn't really all that much of a smutty book although it has a few sex scenes It is of a world buildingaction romance and the sex is mainly within the context of Rylek and Ellie's love storyAnyway Rylek Sidarov is the Alpha of three clans of Vulfen werewolves His mother had been murdered by human hunters when he was a teenager and his father the current Alpha had died from grief Rylek challenged to become the Alpha even though he was just a teenager at the time and was granted the position by the Elders he was a very strong wolf and had united three clans of Vulfen since he had become AlphaBut over the years he had begun to despair of finding a mate and had basically given up on it to the alarm of his clan burying himself in his duties to the three clans and their businesses One of those businesses was the Russian restaurant 'Sidarova' run by his uncle Vasily Sidarov a master chef and clan Elder One night he was in the restaurant and it was short staffed so Rylek volunteered to help out as a waiterThat same night Elizabeth Ann Bradley Ellie was at the restaurant with a really boring date Although the restaurant was lovely and the food was wonderful Henry was a self absorbed bore and became insulting towards Ellie saying she is overweight and should be on a diet when Rylek offers her dessert and Russian coffee after dinnerAfter a scene in which Henry is ejected from the restaurant by Rylek's cadre of warrior guards Rylek realizes that the attraction he has felt towards Ellie since she walked into the restaurant is a mate attraction But there is great danger in being the mate of the Alpha as Rylek well knows from the death of his mother and Ellie is a human likely too fragile to be his mateBut Rylek can't stay away from Ellie so he shows her what he is and gives her the choice to be free or be his mate Ellie wants Rylek and she chooses himThere is a fair amount of action in this story; attacks attempted rape traitors near death and miraculous healing There is also some great world building about the Vulfen and their society Rylek and Ellie make a great couple and she has an innate feel for what he is and what he needs from herI imagine hope this will be a series and there certainly are lots of hunky single Vulfen males in the Cadre to make plenty of romancesIf you like werewolf stories that aren't totally just 65% sex scenes that you find yourself skimming through after a while then I recommend this book I wish there were stories as of this date but hopefully will appear soonThere were some words that seemed to fit incorrectly like a spell checker was used for editing but it isn't the worst I have read A human editor could easily fix those few errorsThis is currently on the best seller list at Siren Bookstrand Maybe they will add it at soon It is currently in ebook form only but there are file types for most all ereaders available and it can be read on your computer

  6. Mara Mara says:

    Do we really need this kind of stories? Do we need a heroine to be this special? This book is one humongous cliché from characters to plot Slight overweight but hourglass figured normal heroine who at the end of the novella is this super wonderful Mary Sue with special powers Big large shouldered alpha who loses control as soon as he sees normal gal Treason overcome by said heroine who discovers how much special she isSigh it was a waste of time both to read and review

  7. Wild_irish_rose Wild_irish_rose says:

    Enjoyed this story and the series A good read

  8. Donna Donna says:

    The best part of the paranormal genre is the variety of species that inhabit it Kenney has created the Vulfen a variation on the werewolf theme The author does a very nice job of building the Vulfen world complete with the Alpha hero his human mate a couple of interesting betas an assortment of warriors enemies who threaten their secret existence etc The main characters are very engaging the plot moves uickly with a few surprises near the end and the writing style is so smooth that my eyes just flew over the lines I finished this book in one sitting partly because it is fairly short but mostly because it grabbed my attention and held it to the end The only uibble I have and it is a minor one is that the ending felt rushed as so many things happened to Ellie in such a short period of time If you like Christine Feehan's Carpathian series you'll like this book although it doesn't have the repetition and overwrought sex scenes that Feehan favours A point in its favour in my humble opinion This is the first book that I've read by this author but I'm looking forward to the next book in this series

  9. Lucy Lucy says:

    Definitely loved Rylek He was caring with his mate yet dominant and dangerous with anyone threatening what was his This story was very easy to read and follow I loved every aspect of the story and the author kept the pace and flow of it This is the first book of the series Now I tried getting information on the author's website to find out when the next release in the series is going to be But unfortunately I can't find any information about it and the author does not have a website So if any of you know anything about it please let me know

  10. Bea Bea says:

    I find this a guilty pleasure I feel like I should not enjoy it but I love the character Rylek He is a strong male but his adoration and love of Ellie is extremely compelling The only thing I wish was that the book was longer so that I could have had better plot development For example it was as if she rushed to get to the main plot points and we could have had some time for character development

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