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The Kanellis Scandal Just re read it and I would give this a five I forgot how good it is I love the scene where they profess their love for each other Swoony5 starsI liked this one a lot especially the astronomy part with the heroine Hee hee I know I sound like a broken record but I wish the endingHEAresolution had been drawn out In fact I wish Harleuin would ask their authors to add an epilogue or expand the final chapter It would really enhance the story It seems a shame to spend so much time setting up the angst and conflict and then to rush through the endingI would like a piece of cheese with my whine ^I will definitely be re reading this one This is a 187 page book and 143 pages take place in over a 24 hour period From one morning to the next morning Weird but oddly not too draggy This author can write some pretty intense angsty books This one wasn't one of those These two people had the hots for each other from the get go There was a serious amount of angry snipping angry kissing angry accusations ending in a passionate hookup and agreement to marry in that 24 hours Still this author is good so you totally bought into what was essentially a love at first sight story Interesting reading but maybe not a reread The Kanellis Scandal is the story of Zoe and AntonA heartwarming story of trust and powerplay between a hero who deserves the Kanellis empire but is adopted the heroine who wants nothing to do with it and is still grieving the loss of her beloved parents and taking care of her newborn brother a battle of wills a manipulative patriarch loads of angst passion a wedding and a HEAI adore books which can make me weep and Zoe's heartbreak over her loss and when she thinks Anton might take Toby away made me tear up Anton wasn't as conniving as the h thought he would be and did not let her leave him for even a second There is some family drama and some possible betrayal but the hero was fully committed the h had a strong backbone and the ending was uber satisfyingReally enjoyed itSafe455 Not as juicy as I'd hoped especially with the word scandal in its title but this still managed to satisfy Anton was the best part of the book He could be kind and honorable but always stayed sexy and alpha just how I like my heroes Even though he could hold his own I felt bad for Anton during the times Zoe treated him as her personal punching bagZoe's near constant I love youI hate you shtick slowed the pacing down especially in the beginning However I'm still giving her a big pass because she was grieving and stressed out when Anton first swooped down on her Some of Zoe's antagonism did stem from a desire to resist Anton's hotness but she failed miserably because she fell into bed and in love with Anton just 24 hours after meeting him a person whom she suspected of having less than honorable intentions I believed Zoe and Anton liked and lusted after each other—the moderate doses of sexual chemistry testifies to that—but I'm only half convinced they fell in love I wanted insight into their developing feelings for each other plus an epilogue showing us what Zoe decided regarding her career and if they had a cute baby or two ‘It is not always wise tomake him angry ’ but Anton Pallis is livid As the adopted son of the Kanellis patriarch he’s set to inherit the vast family fortune Until it’s revealed there’s a true heir – in the rather appealing shape of Zoe Ellis Zoe’s Greek heritage means nothing to her – and to be involved with the Kanellis dynasty is to be cursed with scandal Except now it’s pounding on her front door – or rather Anton is in all his dark chiselled glory And she has no idea what he’s going to do next This was a good Reid not her best but very enjoyable though the heroine had a tendency to argue a lot and not let the hero speak 22 year old Zoe is left orphaned in charge of her new born brother and facing the media deluge due to the leak of the fact that her father was a Kanellis and now she and her brother seem to be the heirs to the vast empireAnton Pallis who the media thinks was the Kanellis heir is left to deal with everything since Zoe's grandfather is too sick He goes to Zoe takes her away from the media with a lot of melodrama involvedZoe hits out at him often saying he's a kidnapper selfish and and Anton is usually left amusedThe book was short and good I did enjoy the gold digger tag attached to Anton even though he was wealthy in his own right and knew from the start that he was not the heir Too many inner thoughts and not enough dialogue Michelle Reid is usually an expert in angsty books Unfortunatelly this one didn't deliver for me because the only source of angstyness were the heroine's grief over her parent's death and her fear of losing her brother In MR's previous books the source of angstyness was mostly the conflict between the hero and heroine which made the books exciting to readI hope her next book is much better The book begins with seven – eight characters that surge in like a torrent in the first 5 pagesWhen I first began I was so confused with the different characters that I felt like giving up but thanks to a friend of mine who elaborated I continuedJust so you don't go through the same I'll simplify it by giving what I understoodTheo Kanellis is the grandfatherAnton Pallis' father died and his mother was promised to Zoe's father when Zoe wasn't born as yet however Zoe's father didn't marry Anton's mother and fledSo Zoe's grandfather Theo kind of adopted Anton but Anton kept his father's last name PallisYears later Zoe's parents die and she's left with a baby brother Toby who is by the way the only Kanellis male heirI found the story line somewhat awkward Anton is or less Zoe's half brother and they get married?Well at least the title was right The Kanellis Scandal The book starts off somewhere when Zoe's father is dead and Theo sends Anton to collect Toby from Zoe because Toby is the true Kanellis heirThe whole thing was very flat even worse it was not at all believable that Anton Zoe had formed a deep loving bond Apart from the strong physical attraction you don't feel anything and poor Toby is completely left aside I had no idea as to what happened to him in the endSome things are really hard to grasp for exampleHow can a woman who lived all her life in England in three weeks decide to make Greece her home without any uestion? Or how about the so called kidnapping as she put it when Anton took her to Greece by her own choice?Wasn't she supposed to be highly intelligent and full of hate for anything 'Greece related'? The end of the book is so abrupt and sudden that I had to double check if my Kindle double flipped a page There was too much of argument and anger between both the protagonists and this made it vitriolic for my liking not to mention that the story drags in a few places like it took the first 3 chapters for Zoe to decide whether she should go with Anton or notI liked Anton but Zoe? She was the worst HP heroine I think I ever came across she was bitter towards Anton till the end so dumb irritating annoying uarrelsome bickering every now and then whenever Anton did something for her and always misunderstanding everything saidThe story goes somewhat like thisZoe Kanellis is struggling with her grief over the recent sudden death of her beloved parents having to care for her newborn baby brother Toby and the truth of her father's influential family becoming known causing unwanted media attention Anton Pallis has always been like a son to Theo especially after Zoe's father was cast out of the family over twenty years ago because he refused the marriage with the Pallis family When news about Zoe and Toby reaches Theo – family members whom Theo was not familiar with until media flashed it all over he forces Anton into approaching her When Anto arrives he is surprised by how fiercely attracted he is attracted to her He offers Zoe sanctuary from the unwanted attention which she agrees to and he takes her to his home in Greece Zoe is aware that Anton appears to have ulterior motives and tries desperately to ignore the desire between them Eventually though they both lose control and when word gets out they find themselves being forced together and Zoe can't help but think that Anton is only using her A lovely and enjoyable read The story takes the reader from London where the h has lost both parents and is caring for her infant brother to Greece where her estranged grandfather lives The H was sent to London to find the h at the reuest of the man who raised him after the death of both his parents The old man is dying and the death of his estranged son was a shock He wants the H to bring his infant grandson to him With or without the h his granddaughter The h has no love for anyone associated with her grandfather So when the H shows up he finds a woman who thinks the worst of him He doesn’t make the situation any better when he kidnaps her and her baby brother and takes them to Greece The h and H spark off of each other from the first moment they met They try to convince themselves that it’s because they dislike each other but the sexual tension is strong The h still grieving the death of her parents had the most painful meltdown on the H’s plane when she though he stole her baby brother I shed a tear or fifty It was intense I also loved her love of the stars As a star gazer living in NYC I was jealous of her Greek island no light pollution sky That’s the one thing I want most in this book A perfectly clear night sky and her telescope I really enjoyed this book It was a bit intense and made me sob a little but the chemistry between the H and h and their wonderful verbal sparring made it a fun read Worth the read this book didn't work for me because heroine was bitter and angry until the last page

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Hi my name is Michelle Reid and I’ve been writing for Harleuin Mills & Boon for the last twenty years and the crazy part about it is that I only realised it had been twenty years while updating this pageSo hang on for a minute while I take this huge milestone inTwenty years with almost forty books published or in the pipeline I know it isn’t a great average when compared with some aut

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