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God Emperor of Dune Esta cuarta entrega de la saga Dune centra su trama en la figura mesiánica de Leto Atreides II hijo de Paul Atreides héroe cuya estirpe hunde sus raíces en la legendaria casa griega de los Atridas y nos lleva a través de diversos dilemas éticos a comprender los mitos ue necesita la humanidad y a los héroes ue los encarnan El futuro en el mundo de Dune pertenece solo a los ue son capaces de pensar por sí mismos Esta saga apasionante plantea por primera vez de forma completa racional y convincente todo un mundo absolutamente diferente del nuestro Sus referencias a los problemas ecológicos el poder de las drogas y la fuerza psicológica de los mitos la han covertido en una obra de culto para millones de lectores en todo el mundo God Emperor of Dune is one of those books you can measure inner growth and change byAs a child I hated it I got bogged down in what I felt was a lack of story and plot I hated the characters which I felt were very very one dimensional and boring I hated the protagonist Leto II who I thought was stuffy and pretentiousThen as an adult I rediscovered it and it is now my favorite book of the Dune series the original Dune is right behind it and indeed one of my favorite books in the worldI think it takes an experience of time and pain to be able to understand Leto The sacrifice he makes to save the human race is doubly painful because his prescient gifts make every nuance available so that he can see exactly what he is missing and will never experience He is the ultimate outsider staring in in love with the human race and completely reviled by them in return One wonders if they deserve the great sacrifice he has made for them and if they will ever understand or deserve the great words he leaves behind in his journalsEvery time I read God Emperor of Dune I find new layers of meaning new ideas to ponder and new beauty to appreciate Frank Herbert was a genius ahead of his time Give the series a try and if you can not read God Emperor yet set it aside and try again another time You may end up being pleasantly surprised and greatly touched Thirty five hundred years has passed since the end of the previous book Leto II I will just call him Leto for the sake of brevity has been the God Emperor of the known Universe practically all this time He is not shy about using pure despotic methods of governing when he feels like it Unfortunately with all his infinite wisdom he forgot the most important one a smart despot knows when to leave; the stupid one remains in power until his subjects remove his head – against his wishes obviously As a result practically everybody and their brother want Leto gone Heck I wanted him gone I can only think of two exceptions his fanatical and specially cultivated Fish Speakers and his majordomo Monteo scared into submission by constant mood changes of his not entirely human and sometimes homicidal boss Unfortunately Leto is very slow when it comes to taking a hint so he stays He continues making endless philosophical speeches about everything in a true prophet fashion in the most runaround possible way Ask the guy being about the color of the sky and you will receive a speech worth a couple of pages I assure you you will not find word “blue” anywhere in the answer Thus Leto committed the ultimate sin you can be a despot and sometimes your people can tolerate and even forgive you but absolutely nobody wants an Emperor who baubles non stop This leads to total rebellionThe book has an excellent beginning which made me really excited Thirty five hundred years has passed and it means all the annoying people of the first trilogy are long dead The story starts with a great action scene the only one in the book it turned out later featuring Dune rebels The philosophical speeches of Leto were uite refreshing in the beginning I loved what I was reading than the last two books and thought everybody who gave the novel low rating had no clue About 150 pages later the rebels mysteriously disappeared never to be heard again Leto’s word diarrhea started to get on my nerves Blah blah blah Golden Path blah blah blah I am not a despot blah blah A normal human being can only read so much of it before it gets really old I need to add that Leto never bothers to explain what the Golden Path is about except that humanity is doomed without it Both Leto and the author himself try to convince the readers – real and imaginary – that the God Emperor is not a despot using exactly the same arguments every single despot in recorded history justified his behavior including the classic oneMy answer to Leto would be slightly paraphrased well known saying if you walk like a despot and uack like a despot – you are a despot What else do you call a monarch with unlimited power who kills his subjects when he is in the right mood No Golden Path can change itIn the last part of the book – where I get to on sheer willpower – Leto finally shut up to my surprise The moment he did everybody started to behave like teens on serious hormone overdose My apologies to teens in real life; this is a cliché and rarely happens I mean to this extent Let me just mention that all the people in uestion were grown up adults; I am not even sure this term applies to Leto I suddenly realized I became a faithful of God Emperor as I promptly went down on my knees and prayed “Oh God Emperor Hear your faithful Please enlighten your undeserving worm with one of your heavenly speeches and make these kids stop” Needless to say my prayer was not answered So much for God Emperor One of the first disappointments of the book was continuous recycling of poor Duncan Idaho Leto seems to be fond of resurrecting him and killing the guy the moment he showed an independent thought How many times do you want to stumble upon the same stone As many times as can fit into thirty five hundred years that is how many His personality changed dramatically in the three books he was a selfish hero completely loyal to his masters the way dogs are loyal In this book he is a lovesick teen – well in mature age by years count Then again if Leto being 3509 years old acts the same there is no shame for Duncan to behave so One of the biggest plot holes is related to this guy as well To explain it I assume everybody knows Dune – from the book or movies The original guy died a heroic death giving Paul and Jessica time to escape His countless clones keep his memory Yet during the first meeting of a brand new Duncan Idaho – fresh from a cloning factory – and Leto II the latter asks “Do you remember me” Duncan answer with yes Leto II was born way after the original Duncan died How the hell his clone was supposed to remember him Especially considering the fact that the current incarnation spent the majority of his time wondering what happened to previous ones There is no way the memories are shared between incarnations One fact I found hard to believe nothing much changed during 3500 years between the books Even considering that Leto suppressed all changes that many years is a lot of time May I remind you the whole recorded history of humanity took less than that and look at where we are now We do not have any wars any Sorry scrap that We go to work by flying cars Sorry scrap that too We conuered terminal diseases like cancer and AIDS Sorry I keep coming up with bad examples I guess we are still not that different from our distant ancestors who just discovered the wonders of controlled fire The whole book is way below the level of the first trilogy This is not just my opinion The original illustrator thought so too and decided a phallic symbol is needed to salvage the novel And thus the following cover was born This cover promptly ends up among the top three positions of all worst science fiction covers lists by the way This shows people have no appreciation for true art Herbert himself used similar symbolism in the novel when Leto commanded a woman dying of thirst to caress the inside folds of his worm body until water mixed with spice comes out to satisfy the woman’s thirst I am not even commenting on this one So the book started on strong 4 star rating level which became 2 stars fairly fast and remained this way until the end when it ended up in 1 star territory It is not completely hopeless and Leto’s ramblings are interesting until they overstay their welcome so 2 stars is the final rating I hated this book the first time I read it Hated every person in it did not understand why anyone acted the way they did Now it's one of my top ten comfort reads and I see so much in Leto I want for myself Dune was the perfect hero book and then Herbert turned the trope of “boy becomes Messiah and saves the noble people” on its head with Dune Messiah and Children of Dune In those two volumes everything assumed and trusted became so much sand and a son had to destroy his Messiah father’s legacy to save the universe from religious genocide and tyranny We closed on the boy becoming yet another saviour and had only a vague hopeful idea of what he intended to do next Herbert could have left us there many thought he would when he finished his Dune Trilogy Instead he published his most difficult and daring book yet In Emperor we discover that the boy’s plan to save humanity from tyranny is to become the ultimate Tyrant and Predator of humankind Yeah I’m with you Just say “huh” and get it over with I can’t explain without giving plot away Emperor is a masterpiece of philosophy and the best book in the series but I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped somewhere in the middle and stuffed it to the back of your shelf for ten years before you gave it another chance Who am I to argue I did SPOILER ALERT if you never read Children of Dune STOP NOWLeto II is now the God Emperor after merging with the sandtrout and becoming a monstrous worm man powered by melange He rules the known universe with an iron fist not unlike his Aunt Alya did actually but this is of course because he is SAVING the human race from itself He has an army of woman the Fish Speakers that carry out his bidding spreading terror and still peace across his vast domain He has reigned for 3000 years and sees the end nearing There is a lot of philosophy here and it is interesting perhaps it gets a little slow I know several people that get fed up with the Tleilaxu ghola of Duncan Idaho's appearance and yes he is back in Heretics of Dune as well But overall it was a good readOne thing I still don't understand and perhaps someone versant in the Dune universe will enlighten me is what was the threat to humanity that the Golden Path was initiated to alleviate Was it just infighting that he thought would exterminate the human race If so just enforcing a brutal 3500 year peace was just postponing the inevitable Perhaps this will be revealed in Heretics or Chapterhouse Another puzzling thing was the tolerance of Ix Apparently in the distant past before Dune the Butlerian Jihad was raged against thinking machines which resulted in a world with human computers Mentats and Guild Navigators and a formal universal proscription of computers However Leto II apparently allows Ix to wind up production again as he purchases machines for transcribing his thoughts among other things I found it a bit frustrating not to understand how the Ixians themselves I really love this series although I probably will not read the apocryphal 7 and 8 written after Frank diedFino's Dune ReviewsDuneDune MessiahChildren of DuneGod Emperor of DuneHeretics of DuneChapterhouse Dune

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