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A Very Private School Phoebe's strict parents decide to send her to a school promoting corporal punishment as the proper techniue for disciplining a wayward girl who plays with herself even though she is spanked regularly for it Little do they know she will actually be subtly trained to eroticize painful attention to her bottom Two generations of complex sexual shenanigans involving both men and women ensue

  • Nook
  • 257 pages
  • A Very Private School
  • Imelda Stark
  • 14 March 2016

About the Author: Imelda Stark

Imelda Stark is the nom de plume of a teacher and practitioner of psychotherapy at a major East coast medical school hence the need for a pseudonym She is fascinated with the deep psychological roots of her own erotic resonance to painful pleasures Her books are explicitly sexual but also try to explore the emotional underpinnings of why we find BDSM so much of a turn on

4 thoughts on “A Very Private School

  1. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    I thought this story would be mostly about Phoebe and her return to private school as a teacher Not so Instead it is a little bit about Phoebe and how she first got sent to the private school Then it was a lot about how the private school is run with many girls getting a strict spanking And lots of delicious ff Then finally near the end we get Phoebe going back as a the teacherHonestly this story was too slow for me There was too much telling The back story went on and on and one However the spankings were good The sex was good This is something I would have read years ago and really enjoyed Now it's a bit bland for me This is good for anyone who enjoys a lot of ff and spankings Don't worry there are dicks here and there There is even a little bit of mm which was pretty hawt The last sexual scenes were good and spank bank worthy

  2. carol carol says:

    This started well but uite frankly at times I became bored with it perhaps it is too long It follows Phoebe daughter of parents who practice serious corporal punishment of her bare bottom Seems that after spanking their daughter they get turned on and have their own sex sessions They send her to a school that ensures plenty of corporal punishment and she soon finds herself classified as a 'dirty girl' due to her becoming aroused through her corporal punishments Here lies the crux of the matter for me Imelda Stark has to find some links from each child and teachers past experiences of corporal punishment that then leads them into the arousal and future path of a masochist and or sadist or switch The amount and duration of these spankings and paddlings that occur lose reality for me When the IT guy Greg has his submissive's timetable set up it is such that he is getting spanked hundreds of times each time and that can be four five six times a day every day including something I am a little concerned about on health grounds; spanking his testicles with a wooden spoon using concave convex and wooden handle so much and so often would increase his health risks from testicular cancer to possibly a ruptured testicle Because this writer purports her career in psychotherapy I'm concerned that some readers would see this as a prescription of how to behave Even a serious masochist I would imagine would need a day or two of healing timeif I'm wrong I stand corrected This is a catalogue of sadism masochism sexual responses to spankings paddlings switches etc It follows Phoebe into her thirties from school age to her becoming an educator at the same school her role from submissive masochist who returns to the lifestyle Yet it has no depth of character or serious storyline It will be loved by serious spankophiles but I found I became bored at times and it is repetitive So three stars from me also has a few typos which I feels lets down the writer's professionalism

  3. Jo * Smut-Dickted * Jo * Smut-Dickted * says:

    Are you kinky? Does the thought of school students being put over someone's knee make you hot and bothered? Do you like variety with FF MF FMF with Male Dom and Fem Dom and so on? Then rush right out y'all and pick this one up Yeah yeah the cover is nothing But the content is HOT You know I love CP and this one satisfies many urges Don't think there is a really deep plot here and don't be looking for romance This one is sex punishment sex punishment you get the picture It's uite lengthy and interesting given the different relationships that are going on I VERY MUCH had fun with this one The author does a good job of integrating the sex and CP seamlessly Not as easy to do as you might think Better have the bunny handy if CP and this type of thing gets you hot and bothered

  4. Leisha Leisha says:

    This started off extremely hot and exciting and ended up taking me over three months to finish The first 25% were very enjoyable the last 75% painful even when I took a little break of a couple of weeks it just did not help The same scene repeated itself over and over again the very last one was refreshing but to be honest it just really wasn't worth it

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