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Undesirable I found the ending to be completely idealistic although the unpredictability of the whole story was pleasantly surprising The funny start did push me deep into the story but by the time the humor toned down I was in too deep and it was the plot that captured my attentionCharacters are extremely interesting and it's really impossible to predict which way the story will go I did assume this and that but it switched so many times I honestly had no idea and the finishing touch was for me unforeseen It is written well intriguing as well as connected with a good story to back it all up As such I do recommend it As for my remark I missed the romance Although the existing one was nice and sweet I was hoping for something substantial and without so many situations which 'don't count' In that part I was disappointed So I'm going to be mean and say this gets 38 starsThere were a few things that bothered me view spoilerThe most obvious was the fact that George claimed he was straight at the start of the book He admitted to being turned on by women and confessed he had never slept with a man It takes one night with Jeffrey and all those notions fly out the window George turns out to be than a little bi and in no time becomes very attached to his roommate At the start of the story Wally was barely mentioned and George was straight However after the scene with Jeffrey most of the romantic scenes happen with Wally and George suddenly wants to have the perfect boyfriend relationship That was a uick change in opinion from girlfriend to boyfriend Then again I may be biased on this since I was team Jeffrey I kept hoping the chemistry would ignite between them and bring the pair of them together But George and this is another pet peeve of mine stubbornly refused to go to Jeffrey even though the vampire turned out to be the lesser evil out of most vampires George came across and he repeatedly saved George's lifeThen the whole debacle with VestalarChuck While I was pretty ok with this alternate reality when this stranger could hypnotise run a full underground operation and be loaded I just couldn't take it in stride It makes sense in the grand scheme of things but when I first read the passage I felt my eyes rolling in my head Then there was the bit about trusting complete strangers the drivers taking them away from Abram Chuck Another sore point was the fact that at one point out of nowhere George realises he is actually traumatised by his experience at Nadette's hands but jumps back to consolidate his relationship with Wally Yes because that makes so much sense And for the life of me I can't understand why the vampires didn't just hold George in a trance and convince him to do their bidding hide spoiler At the height of the Cold War vampires came out of the closet and staged a coup to save humans from destroying themselves All the Vampire protectors wanted in return was a simple monetary tithe and of course blood But not George Handle's blood He tastes foul Maybe Possibly Okay that might be a lie Shit Getting home from a business trip becomes very hard when every vampire around is suddenly after your skin This story is COMPLETEApprox Word Count 19806732 Chapters plus Prologue and Epilogue 35This boasts an amazing set up and the opening third really delivered on the crazy ass premise I have an entirely demented love for dark erotica stories where the MC tries to escape and then gets hunted down so the chasecapture scenes were so much free crack for me But once the escape part 2 began the story devolved into what we might call free fic sprawl a mostly episodic meandering journey that made no sense in terms of the plot that had been established and thus felt either random or extraneous and took the story miles away from what for me had been the core interest view spoilerIn particular the romance with Wally and everything to do with Chuck just didn't work see Trix's review for a great dissection of the problems hide spoiler An intriguing original mm paranormal romance from online writer Velvet Mace Plenty of typos but the well written storyline draws you in nevertheless Vampires have taken over ruling the Earth and keep harems of humans in order to feed George had been mistakenly designated as 'undesirable' or 'black' signifying that his flavour is awful Lord Jeffrey calls George to serve him while George is visiting Chicago as part of a joke and discovers that George is actually a rare addictive 'white' flavour And so the adventure begins 'Shuddering I thought of the way Jeffrey had used me the night before How physically helpless I felt when he tore out my wrist on the sofa The way he'd slid into my mind and manipulated me into doing everything feeling everything he wanted regardless of my feelings on the matter And now I felt caught in his attention like a fly in a web' 35 starsAn interesting AU story where Vampires come out of hiding to end the Cold War in 1982 As a result Vampires rule society being free to call anyone with tasty blood into Service ie provide blood and sex at any time while those who have less pleasant tasting blood or who have physical flaws Undesirables pay a tithe to their local Lord Protector George's blood has been labelled as Undesirable so when he is called into Service as part of a Vampire Lord's game his whole world is suddenly turned upside down Instead the Vampires find that he is in fact a Desirable of the highest order And so begins a road trip from Hell with George trying to escape his Service and Vampires feuding over who has the right to him even when trying to capture or re capture him All George really wants is to go back to his old life It takes George time to realize perhaps a bit longer than it should that it's now impossible to go back and that the best he can hope for is a compromise I read this post by post and I couldn't wait for the next chapter to come out My only complaint is that I want a seuel It's good Vampires run everything Humans are graded on the favor of their blood If they are yummy they are brought into a haremif they want to be or not Our little protagonist was classified as ick however it turns out that should have been caviar and soon every vampire is after him as he tries to get homeI really simplified it but it's a gorgeous sexy readTwo thumbs up for Velvet Mace 25If you think this story is a VAMPIRE HUMAN ROMANCE then stop right there because it is NOT It's a great ADVENTURE story thoughalbeit a bit boring at some parts I truly think that is why I didn't enjoy this Because I kept expecting George and Jeffery to get together I know I KNOW It wouldn't work cause Jeffery is a vampire and George is human the power imbalance is too much but still that's what I expected so when I didn't get it I was really and truly disappointed It's like I kept forcing myself to read this for nothingAs an author you should be able to convince your reader of the pairing you want to establish That was the other flaw I just didn't believe in Wally and George's relationship It might be because I don't generally like Friends to Lovers kind of romances but I just didn't think they would last It seemed so unexpected when it was introduced and then suddenly they were being all lovey dovey in a restaurant and getting jealous There was nothing leading up to it in my opinionThese were honestly my only problems with this but they mean a lot to me I normally read only romance and if I do read an adventure or action novel I'd like to know in advance so I don't get my hopes up This book started with an ORGY Usually if a book has sex it's a romance but nope not this one I liked this story in it's own way but it just didn't measure up I feel like I wasted a good couple hours of my time Amusing and droll for a vampire blood slave tale Spent a lot of time smirking and enjoying A bit long on the road trip and a bit heavy on the didacticism at times but entertaining While this is primarily MM there are several sexual configurations depicted Why would vampires want humans stripped of our rights liberty and free will Oh simple very simple to keep us as SheepsWith the possibility of an atomic war during the 80's The cold war period something happened vampires took control of all human millitar facilities in all the world Dividing zones between Patrons like a vampire clan boss each single human of the world had their lives controlledHumans were categorized by colors Each color black white yellow brown redetc had a specific significance how exuisite the blood tastedEverything done to one purpose to avoid a world war destruction death so help humans to help humans to help humansbut it's really an altruistic action Vampires really are good Asking just few drops of blood no killing at all as the price to keep such eternal peace it's the Utopia A perfect societyThis is George Handle story He is an ordinary man working and living with no high expectations He like as humans are always terrorized by the strange and unknown powerful vampires that control the world but why he must care He is an undesirable a black card human with a blood considered not good at all he is ignore by the vampire society But after a sick game of one specific vampire this ordinary human live will end and the story of his fight for freedom will startWARNING not for the faint of heartNoncon Oh yeah Rape Multiple rape scenes KidnappingCruelty example chastity belt use to inflict pain not pleasurePLEASE DON'T READ IT if you can't take rape it's not a sweet love story or a romance at all even if there is a sweet love story at a certain part it's not that strong to erase all the disturbing rape scenesBUT PLEASE READ IT if you are curious because I was also scared to death I knew it was full of noncon I'm so glad I read it It's a story that will surprise you in a bad and good wayIt's a freebie but the uality of the story and the writing is really superb There is no vampire stereotypes just a bunch of original ideas that the writer in a marvelous way used to tell the story of a human fighting too keep his liberty and his sanity5 stars