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Coldheart Canyon Like all Clive Barker’s tales this is unique, strange, sexy and original Coldheart Canyon follows no formula, it is a story that is completely it’s own were no character is safe The premise concerns a Moroccan style palace set in a canyon close to LA’s Hollywood elite Back in the 1920s the place was known of its wild excess but has since been forgotten until present time Todd Pickett has been top of the Hollywood AList for the past ten years but a recent bomb at the box office leads his agent to recommend undergoing plastic surgery to look younger The surgery goes horrible wrong and in order to hide from the media while he recovers his agent rents Coldheart Canyon, where there arethan just the ghosts of Hollywood past waiting for him What follows is an incredible descent into personal vanity, ego and excess As already mentioned Clive Barker writes to no formula, though Todd Pickett is the readers entrance into this tale there’s times when characters are introduced in their supporting roles only for them to feel like they have become the main characters This is welcomed as Todd is a vain dick for most of the novels duration and many of the supporting characters are well fleshed out, particularly the character, Tammy Clive Barker does the same with the telling of a ghost story in itself, this is unlike any ghost story I have ever read In Coldheart Canyon the ghosts have physical form, participate in orgies and even mate with animals I think anyone coming to this story expecting something they’ve read before will be greatly stunned by the originality and choices made by its author For those wanting to read something different and boundary pushing in the horror genre I couldn’t recommend thisHowever, I will add that despite its gruesome contents this novel challenges what horror can be and thus sometimes feels like a different genre entirely. Coldheart Canyon is the ultimate example of an immense and graphic imagination finding no moderation, patience, or substance As Barker even admits in his introduction, a lot of stuff was going on in his life when he wrote Coldheart Canyon And as bad as I feel for poor Mr Barker, the art and the artist must be firmly separated.Coldheart Canyon is 686 pages long That is 300 pages too long for the material at hand The story has about five climaxes (and that's just structurally; being Barker, it has thousands of other climaxes as well, if you catch my drift) and the ending/epilogue, while intriguing, is 100 PAGES LONG!Barker's ability to blend natural beauty with repulsive horror is here in Coldheart Canyon Many of his descriptions are done with such macabre perfection that only a master like Barker could deliver it and make it believable But unlike Barker's masterpieces (like Books of Blood or The Hellbound Heart or even The Great and Secret Show), Coldheart Canyon is completely devoid of characters worth caring about.The 'hero' is a spoiled movie action hero The female leads range from deranged and evil (and they're people we should find sympathy for at times) to obsessive and blatantly pathetic I'm leaving out the bitchy agent, the dickish chauffeur, and the ugly, libelous, enraged studio head NO ONE is likable in this book so it makes 680 pages of reading about them enduring pain, torture, and enlightenment, a bit much Barker has the opportunity to tap into the Hollywood machine that, on the fringes, he has participated in He also has a chance to get deep into the types of sexuality both tabooed AND praised in Hollywood (Barker, being gay himself, would have extra experience with this) But, sadly, his characters are bland stereotypes of Hollywood types we see in satires like The Player or something similar.Barker makes up for this uncharacteristic gaffe by creating a truly unique and rich world full of horror and beauty His imagination did not fail him here but his editor did Focusing 30 pages on a dog's death is not needed when trying to get us to care about a rather vapid individual Outrageous and nearly criminal sexual acts don't make vain, godlike pseudovillains likable And what is with the repeating references to children and sex? Yuck.Barker has written books this long (or longer) and they hadpunch, better characters, and didn't FEEL as long as they were They also had a goal and stuck to it Coldheart Canyon has prologues in the middle of the book, has a 100 page epilogue that is almost completely pointless, introduces characters with three dimensional back stories only to have them die instantly, creates subplots that are never finished or are left so ambiguous that when they show up again, you kind of forgot what happened with them in the first place.Too many ideas, both good and bad, mixed with little substance, not enough Barkermythology, and no editing It makes for one of my only Clive Barker disappointments. I picked up this audio book because it had 19 discs and it was $8.00 I also knew Clive Barker was a fairly popular horror author and having read almost all of Stephen Kings and Dean Koontz's books I thought this would be a good intro to Clive Barker You know how you pull up to a stoplight and you can hear the music in the car next to you and you kind of start singing along? Keep that in mind when choosing an Audio Book This audio book had a LOT of sex in it Described in a nice deep man voice that I am sure carried quite nicely to the cars around me I always crank audio books really loudly so I can hear what they are saying so you can imagine And this book is a horror book not a paranormal romance so.yeah I thought the book was fairly good But I did think even in audio book form that you probably could have cut the book in half and had a much better book Do people in this genre get paid by the page or what? I feel like I am often complaining about the unnecessary length of books in this genre I think some authors delude themselves that they are building suspense by taking forever to get to the point Nope Your just being long winded and selfimportant (Take that you successful rich talented writer you!) First published back in 2001, ‘Coldheart Canyon’ came three years after the publication of Barker’s epic love story ‘Galilee’ With many fans of Barker’s work expecting the sequel to ‘Galilee’ to be following, or indeed the first instalment of the long awaited ‘Abarat’ quartet to emerge, ‘Coldheart Canynon’ was an interesting return to Barker’s darker,apocalyptic and dare I saydepraved side of his fiction.Written during a very difficult period of Barker’s life, with the unfortunate and sad death of his father, Barker takes it onboard to tackle face on some of the demons that are obviously surrounding him at the time of writing In doing this the book takes on some heavy emotional aspects that hold such an obvious and predominant personal weight The novel starts off, setting down the fabric from which this intricate tale with be woven With an intentionally muddled feel to the early pages of the book, the pieces of the storyline quickly start to weave themselves together until the storyline is firmly set on its way.Barker soon unleashes a magical glimpse of the dark, depraved and damn right sadistic underbelly of Hollywood With a satirical eye on the shallow vanity of the rich and famous, Barker creates the character of Todd Pickett; a hugely famous and adored movie star whose age is beginning to catch up with him.This seemingly unconnected subplot, soon takes dominance over the storyline, allowing the otherwise dishevelled remaining pieces of story to merge around its main thrust The unlikely character of Tammy Lauper, one of Todd Pickett’s obsessive fans, soon takes a surprising main position within the unfolding tale.With the thick pulse of the story now underway, Barker delves into his dark and deeply disturbing imagination, to bring to the tale a turn towards to his earlier fiction Very possibly Barker’s most sexually explicit piece of written work so far, the reader is thrust into a monstrous playground for Barker’s mind to unleash all hell.All taboos are hit headon within the space of a chapter, without a shameful look back Definite elements of SM infiltrate the pages, bringing back fond memories of Barker’s ‘Hellraiser’ work The erotic elements of the novel, spiral deeper and deeper into the depraved, leaving even the most hardened reader of bizarre sexual practices left gasping for air.The characters within ‘Coldheart Canyon’ , however irrelevant they appear to be, are all beautifully portrayed with a delicately created personality to each, that is breathed into life by Barker’s carefully crafted use of the written word With the tale now fully underway, Barker never lets up from the accelerator, with each chapter hurtling further and further into the depths of the ‘worldwithinaworld’ that Barker has unleashed upon his readers.The novel draws to an end, with a definite slowing down of pace, with Barker taking on once againemotional aspects of the characters This creates a tidy yet subtle bookend structure to the book as a whole The final conclusion is wholeheartedly satisfying and well delivered to the very last word.‘Coldheart Canyon’ is by no means a novel for the faint hearted The sexual depravities explored to a limitless excess are nothing short of disturbing The book is a respected and deserved return to Barker’s core of writing styles This is certainly a spectacular read and one that offers up a good glimpse of what lays behind the eyes of this incredible author. Ugh I’ve been sat here for a good 10 minutes now, staring at a seemingly everblankening screen because I simply don’t know where to start This book has left my mind in a state of turmoil, thoughts and ideas tripping over themselves to get to the forefront of my brain I want to say how much I hated the book but I can’t, because I didn’t hate it But that said, I didn’t like it either Or,truthfully, I hated it and liked it all at the same time To strip it back to its bare bones, the basic story and idea is good I enjoyed it The idea that there is this room that is the Devil’s Country, that keeps you forever young…all that was interesting and the basic structure of the story – man discovers room, likes it then realises it’s bad and then realises it needs to be destroyed – that was almost gripping I had a few major issues with this book though, that really, seriously put a dampener on my enjoyment Firstly, the story didn’t properly begin until a good 200 pages into the book (putting aside the prologue) and it ended a good 200 pages before the end of the book! It would have been a muchenjoyable read had Barker decided to leave out all the bumf Ok, maybe I could be persuaded to accept all the rubbish about Pickett’s flailing career, maybe (even though all the Hollywood crap reminded me way too much of Jackie Collins’ type novels, something that I doubt Barker was going for) But, take for example the long winded description of the death of Pickett’s dog Why was it there? It bore absolutely no relation to the story and, as far as I could see, what entirely unnecessary In fact, it was positively boring Again, at the end of the novel – all that nonsense about are they/aren’t they lesbians?! What the hell was that all about? I doubt anyone would have assumed they were (they went through a lot together and Tammy was staying in Maxine’s house for a while – hardly grounds to start gossip) but even if they had, who cares if they were lesbians in the end? Again, it has absolutely nothing to do with the story! Maybe it was the only thing Barker had left out and had to find some way of fitting it in… Secondly, the sex And not just sex either A lot of perverse sex group sex ( andthe norm nowadays) and whipping and bondage (mildly shocking) and then onto bestiality and the production of human/animal offspring ( shocking but clearly put in for that purpose) and then paedophilia (wholly unnecessary) In one scene, Katya actually pleasures herself with a snail REALLY?? That’s not even realistic! I amthan sure that Barker included most of this because of some overwhelming desire to shock Through most of the sex scenes, the book was screaming look at me, I know about these dirty things, aren’t I big and clever? Well, no actually I’m not a prude by any length and have in the past, read erotic literature Had this been categorised as such, I wouldn’t have minded so much but it was far from categorised as such It’s meant to be horror Well, I’m sure most would agree that paedophilia and scatplay are rather horrific but again, they didn’t entirely fit with the story of this room that created everlasting youth and how addicting it became Was it perhaps a simple demonstration of how perverse and evil Katya is? Maybe…except it seemed that most, if not all, the characters in the book partook in some such behaviour Is it what the canyon does to you? Maybe…except some who hadn’t been at the canyon or in the room partook in such behaviour Was its purpose to make the reader uncomfortable and squirmish, maybe…but it didn’t work I’ve since discovered that it had been made into a film Oh dear I have a very clear picture of this in my head It reads and I imagine it would watch as a cheap, poorly made bmovie that you watch on the off chance that you’ll enjoy it (some are good, after all) but that turns out to be a nasty way of getting pornography into mainstream film Many, I’m sure, will tell me that I have missed the point; that it’s meant to be satire Well it’s not very good if that is the case It takes itself too seriously to be decent satire When all is said and done, the main feeling I get when I think about this book is disappointment and something that can only be described as ‘ugh’ The basic story had so much potential and did, in fact, keep me wanting to readand Barker himself is a decent enough writer; but it was poorly executed and included way too much that it didn’t need to include This leaves me with a massive dilemma as to how to score it 3 seems too high and 2 seems too low I just don’t know… I have read nearly the entire collection of Clive Barker novels in existence.While I enjoyed them, each for their unique plots and tantilizing hints at sexual prowess, this book is my all time favorite.The canyon is a mystery that anyone would want to explore.It is a place where you have to ask yourself, if you could, would you? And if you saw it on an active night, could you look away, or would you be enticed to peep on.While the protagonist, Todd is trying out sort out his Past and Present place in fame's spotlight~he also has to face his inner demons in the house in the canyon.The woman he meets is unlike anyone he's ever known, and her pull at his soul is a strong one.I think reading this book, slowly at first, is the best advice I can give.Then, go back and reread it, just to be sure that it all sunk in.Mr Barker is a master weaver of sensual delights and situational scenarios that captivate our most basis human instincts.It's one hell of a ride, and worth an Eticket. It's not often that I get REALLY excited about a book release, but I remember eagerly awaiting publication day for Coldheart Canyon, and running off to Waterstones in Yeovil (where I was living at the time) to pick up a hardback copy of this book.Definitely one of my favourites Dark and twisted as always! Coldheart Canyon is a clear example of what happens when a brilliant, literary mind sits down to create long, great work Over six hundred pages, Clive Barker’s new novel ascends to a horror level above Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Neil Gaiman, both in story and literary style Barker has often been slotted into the genre of “horror writer,” and it is when one reads Coldheart Canyon that one realizes he really in a league of his own.Todd Pickett is a lot like Bruce Campbell, the renowned Hollywood actor – of the Bmovies that is He has how own scary fan club and he has been making actionflicks since the early nineties, but has now reached his career plateau No longer is he able to make the big bucks for the toughguy movies; what he needs is to revamp himself and present and new and improved Todd Pickett to the world The solution then, in a place like Hollywood, can only be one thing: plastic surgery Except is goes wrong, and he ends up getting scarred and needs a place to hide out for a while so he can heal.The covert locale of Coldheart Canyon is a castlelike mansion located in a most obscure area of Los Angeles (if one does not know where to look for it, one will never find it) It is devoid of life, or so Pickett thinks, but after some time spend in solitude, the ghosts begin to make an appearance Coldheart Canyon was originally owned by a famous actress of the silentmovie era, Katya Lupi, where famous parties of degradation and sexual exploitation used to take place, where the crème of Hollywood would give into their secret and uncouth desires – like Charlie Chaplin’s passion for very young girls – with the aim that once they have satisfied their anxieties, they will be happy and smiling for the camera the next day.However in the basement of this house is something special, something from a bygone time centuries old, taken from the hidden hinterlands of Romania A snippet of time, involving a group of fifteenth century hunters and the Devil’s wife, held within a breathtaking mosaic, which holds muchthan startling colors and shocking landscapes There is a power at work here, one in which the Devil’s hand is steering; a power where a quasiimmortality is granted, though as with everything involving the Devil, it is at a terrible price.Having spent years working on this novel, Barker has made it immensely personal, with characters that have been taken from his very own life; even the death of his beloved dog is incorporated into the book At the same time Barker is doing what he does best: delving into a conglomeration of fantasy and horror, taking the reader to a metaphysical plane that can only be reach by the skilled hands of Barker With his colorful vocabulary and literary skill that raises the novel to a much higher level, Coldheart Canyon attains new bounds from the mind of one of today’s most eminent authors.Originally published on February 4th 2002.For over 500 book reviews, and over 40 exclusive author interviews (both audio and written), visit BookBanter. Preposterous yet emblematic; never restrained, overly graphic, written handsomely it's less a mess than previous novels surely, though undoubtedly nowhere near as great as his short stories are (The Forbidden, for me, reigns supreme in that category it may just be my favorite short story OF ALL time.)Yup, LA is rife with possibilities of the supernatural evil forces colliding isnt too much of a stretch The ironies, nay, the gruesome details, is what makes Barker such a supernova Let me just say that when some human/peacock hybrid begins to rape an overweight woman, pinning her like some ancient dinosaur to the ground, well, there's simply no other like Clive Barker! Film's most popular action hero needs a place to heal after his surgery has gone terribly wrong His fiercely loyal agent finds him just such a place in a luxurious forgotten mansion high in the Hollywood Hills But the original owner of the mansion was a beautiful woman devoted to pleasure at any cost, and the terrible legacy of her deeds has not yet died There are ghosts and monsters haunting Coldheart Canyon, where nothing is forbidden ❮Reading❯ ➵ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas ➭ Author Paul W. Zitzewitz – and the terrible legacy of her deeds has not yet died There are ghosts and monsters haunting Coldheart Canyon ❮Read❯ ➵ The Beautiful Disruption ➸ Author G.G. Renee Hill – where nothing is forbidden

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