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Scouting Jasmine Jaz Parks #05 I had hoped that these short stories about Jaz and Vayl would make it to the UK after being posthumously published in the States Finally my prayers have been answeredThis was a sweet little story told from Vayls POV which was a great change from the series as a whole Their relationship was always a slow burner but this story makes it incredibly clear that Vayl wanted Jaz to protect her to watch her from the first momentSet just five months after Jaz lost Matt and her crew of Helsingers it's clear that Jaz feels she has nothing to lose she just has the mission and if she dies in the process it means nothing to her except if she happens to come across a vamp that took part in the most painful experience of her life which she does in the course of this missionBut it means something to Vayl to see him struggle to remain hidden because he wants to help her It's not in his nature to sit back and he does help which is good because otherwise Jaz may not have made it to the end of the missionThis is a reconaissance mission for Vayl to see his potential new partner in action and he really enjoys himself It was great to read just a shame it wasn't longer 35 but I enjoyed seeing Jaz from Vayl's perspective I am rating it up This was a uick little read We get to see everything from Vayl's point of view and he's basically observing Jaz while she's out on a job There's little to no dialogue in this story but regardless it still moves at a fast pace I like that we get to see the beginning of Vayl's feeling towards Jaz and we get to see an outsiders view of Jaz since the main body of the series is told from her point of view There's also some bonus material nothing new that is the beginning chapter of Once Bitten Twice Shy the first book in the series originally publisjed in 2007 I liked the inclusion of this little snippet of the first book When I first started reading the first book I thought the book was written in a strange kind of disjointed way but after reading Scouting Jasmine and then the little snippet of Once Bitten Twice Shy I understood the way Jaz and Vayl acted a little better and it makes me excited to continue on with the series Until Then I enjoyed seeing this from Vayl's perspective especially because Jaz seems to think she's nothing special while Vayl obviously does He's often described as sort of unfeeling but it's nice to know he really does have very strong feelings he apparently just hides them well Looking forward to the other shorts coming out over the next few monthsThis was a very short read; finished it the whole story during my lunch break while eating and doing other things Just a short little read to introduce Jaz and show how much of a badass she is I read the first book in the series a while back and when I saw this little short story I thought I'd give it a look I've got to be honest I was underwhelmed It's a serviceable enough story Vayl is watching Jaz fight and has feelings The problem is I just didn't care I trudged through the story with its telling rather than showing and muted characterization and I just didn't care Important This is really a flash back than a #05 book and I think it's better read at the stage of #46 to after #8 I do think the book is very sweet and probably romantic used as a flashback If you truly use it as a Prologue or 05 book Vayl the Vampire's actions will be weird out of context it might expose too much of Vayl's inner thoughts and WILL ruin the intrigue going forward I raised the score on this one after I finished the series as it registers as even romantic when you read it in the context of the series as a whole Revisit it after #8 WHAT IT IS Vampire Vayl the CIA assassin similar to a Baseball scout or a teacher evaluator tells his CIA handler Pete he wants to check out a new sidekick He secretly goes out on one of Jaz Parks assassination missions to assess her skills and see if she's the right kind of sidekick he's looking for The only thing is he got than he bargained for on this trip You know he's in trouble when he's trying to think up ways to have Jaz the killing machine chase him in a killer ish way and I don't think he sees it's rather kinkily romantic I laughed out loud over this one SERIES OVER ALL It's very important to read them all and in order except for this one flashback read in the order stated above I loooved this series discovered it in 2015 heartbroken about Jennifer's passingsee below Adored the characters the Jennifer universe the humor romance camaraderie These books are great company in my troubled times I didn't want there to be an end and delayed reading the final book for a long time I can only wish that the Jennifer estate would appoint a swat team of good writers to continue Jennifer's life's work the lives and escapades of Jaz and her posse similar to the continuations of the Stieg Larson series or Philip K Dick and his protegees There's plenty of material to write about with the Jaz gang There's plenty of Firsts ahead for Jaz Vayl with huuuge opportunity for humor drama and romance As well as revisits from Vayl's Point of View And really their relationship is too young to be stable yet so there should be plenty of breakups makeups catastrophes reunions to enjoy If her whole group changes lifestyles say goes assassination free it will be a long wild ride of adjustments How would any of them adjust to boredom regularity or is that even possible given the amount of enemies Where did Matt really go Who were her grandparents really really What really was the Greek chorus in her psyche teasing feeding her information Will the rest get an interesting personal growth journeyopportunities Kyphas Cole Dave Cassandra Miles Raoul Albert Martha Jack Is Albert really a wornout old man Who and what are the people around him He needs to perform redemption work towards his kids I'm suspecting his nurse Shelby isn't what he appears Is Jack really what he appears And Evie and her spouseI don't for a minute believe they are what they appear to be And they all have plenty of sizzling stories to tell of their ownI've lost several friends in the last few years to suicide and one friend's disappearance is bizarrely mysterious The family refuses to acknowledge it no obit zero The rest of us have no where to go with these strange heartaches that popup oddly at some of the most beautiful scenery Suicide is a brain chemistry accident combined with microsecond of bad judgement and if the patients do survive most of the time they never look back and make great work in getting better That being said my friends are still gone but still present in my head A fun little vignette set about six months before the beginning of the series shows us what our main character is like without the filter of her own perceptions Her at this point future love interest is watching her do her job and trying to decide whether or not she's too damaged by recent events no spoilers just in case to continue working in this particular field supernatural assassination I think that the point about not seeing this story through Jaz's POV is very important because we see her behavior without the snark and facetiousness normally inherent in Jasmine's inner monologue In this slightly objective view Vayl's got some filters of his own the perv we see her self destructive behavior clearly and we see just what she's paid emotionally for the spoiler laden ahem events she's had to deal with All in all fun but short and just a bit too silly Jaz Parks is on the hunt for a politically powerful vampire; but little does she know that she herself is being hunted by her future boss Vayl In this exciting short story that takes place prior to Once Bitten Twice Shy Vayl sees Jaz in action for the very first time The story of Vayl's first impressions of Jasmine where he is following her around in one of her jobs to see if she would be a good partner for himIt's been years since I last read a book from the series and I can't remember why I never got to finish it but this short story might be the push I needed to finally get to the remaining books For now I'll refresh my memory about Jasmine's world by reading the next short story The Golem Hunt

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