Staying Alive eBook Ò Paperback

Staying Alive I still miss the Silhouette Bombshell series They may have been romances low on my list of genres I will read but I really enjoyed the kick ass women of Bombshell Unfortunately they were never really marketed well and the line was cancelledIn this on a solitary woman dealing with personal issues becomes the target of a terrorist after she is forced to shoot and kill his son when he tried to take her grade five class hostage She comes under the protection of an FBI agent with his own issues Needless to say they come together in the end I doubt that really is a spoiler since it is part of the Harleuin publishing lineThere were some issues with the story The heroine bounces between being incredibly naive and ready to be self sacrificing Not to mention able to kill a terrorist with his own gun in a struggle The story is also entirely from her POV so it's hard to tell how the agent comes around to falling in love Just a couple of segments from his head would have made the romance believableStill a fun little read from a line that should have found a market surprisingly good A selfless act of bravery had propelled Seattle schoolteacher Claire Grant into the center of a terrorist manhunt Now catching him depends on her and her ability to play the deadly revenge game the terrorist is plotting One wrong move and she'll die And so will an innocentHer best chance for staying alive is charismatic FBI agent Luke Krueger a man with his own agenda Separate Claire and Luke are pawns But together can they uncover the terrorist's weakness and stop the madman once and for all

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