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Heart of the RavenThe Sultans Bed HEART OF THE RAVEN by Susan CrosbyDark mysterious Heath Raven hired private investigator Cassie Miranda to find his baby She was a smart sultry woman who fuelled all his long denied desires Yet after she found his son would they lose the deep connection they had forged or did fate have a surprise in storeTHE SULTAN'S BED by Laura WrightDivorce lawyer Mariah Kennedy trusted no man especially tall dark gorgeous and ruthless ones but Sultan Zayad Al Nayhal was irresistible and suddenly she was sleeping with the Sultan But would he let Mariah go rather than give her a commitment

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    Heart of the RavenHeath lost his son some years back and has isolated himself in his house ever since Now he's expecting another child with a woman he had a casual fling with and she's disappearedCassie is the investigator he hires to find her But when the baby's mother reappears only to drop the child off and leave again Cassie finds herself staying for the sake of the baby and for HeathI'm in two minds about this book and overall I think I liked it but not loved it It was one of those books that kind of let me down halfway through I thought it was going to be about one thing and then it threw a curveball and turned into something totally different Sometimes that's a good thing but in this case it left me feeling uite flat and depressed I liked Cassie's pragmatism and was drawn to Heath's tortured soul demeanor so I was expecting to love the book but the twist with the baby wrecked it for me Not one I'll read again 3 stars 4 for the beginning 2 for the endingThe Sultan's BedMariah is a divorce attorney who's a bit soured on love and romance So when Zayad shows up next door and sweeps her off her feet uite literally she's than a little hesitant But the powerfully sexy businessman is difficult to say no to and Mariah's feelings for him soon overwhelm her fears But she doesn't realise that Zayad isn't what she thinks he's the Sultan of Emand and he's in America to find his half sister who happens to be Mariah's roommateI really should have written this review as soon as I finished the book but I've been neglecting my reviews for a month or and now I find that I can't remember the darn thing I remember that I liked the book I remember a couple of gorgeous sensual scenes one at a spa and another at a beach in a cave I remember that I liked both hero and heroine uite a lot particularly the way they were respectful towards each other even when arguingBut I don't remember the rest of the bookI think that fact probably says about how I feel towards it than anything else I can write It was sweet sexy and unmemorable I don't think I'll hang onto it I'm moving abroad and REALLY have to downsize my bookshelves but it was a nice fun read I think 3 stars

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