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Jeszcze dzień życia 'This is a very personal book about being alone and lost' In 1975 Kapuscinski's employers sent him to Angola to cover the civil war that had broken out after independence For months he watched as Luanda and then the rest of the country collapsed into a civil war that was in the author's words 'sloppy dogged and cruel' In his account Kapuscinski demonstrates an extraordinary capacity to describe and to explain the individual meaning of grand political abstractions Another Day of Life is a very well written account of very important but seldom remembered conflict in Angola that was really a war of ideology filled with warrior poets opportunists revolutionaries and sell outs It recalls the enormous potential of of post colonial africa without shying away from its practical failure What Kapuscinski lacks is a in depth examination of the relationships in the conflict The subtle themes are there but he could have gone further Of particular interest was the MPLA's multi racial make up at a time when African leaders were using ethnic chauvinism to drive there policy The MPLA was a Marxist outfit that won favor with the people However Western subversion empowered a daunting assault on the People's Republic of Angola This book could have been rewritten all across the African Continent I never thought a Polish journalist's first hand account of civil war in Angola in the 1970s would be so beautifully written that I'd wake up in the night turn the light on and have to finish the book but it had me gripped like that Am now an utter convert to Kapuscinski's writing about Africa Astonishing Another Day of Life is beautiful surreal and tragic reportage from Angola at the bloody birth of that nation that is also imbued with a non grating sense of something close to whimsy The country dropped as a colony by the fleeing Portuguese is torn between three armies and their allies fighting a proxy war Cuba Zairenow DRC South Africa Filled with wonderful described moments and written with sense of atmosphere and perfect details The fine moments are almost too many to point out and cruel spoilage for future readers to describe but the crate city the migratory pack of forgotten dogs the culture of checkpoints the survival of city depending on the one man who knows how to repair the water pumps and the discussions on what constitutes a “front” in the war are some of particular favorite ones of mine This reads closer to a novel or poetry some people uestion Kapuscinski’s truth than war reportage and it earns comparison to Hemingway Calvino Kafka Hunter s Thompson and Robert Stone That disparate list should showcase the beauty power and uniueness of Kapuscinski’s vision and style Truth of not Another Day of Life is a powerful piece on a forgotten war and a forgotten country Review em português followed by review in EnglishEM PORTUGUÊS Situado na Angola desgarrada pela guerra nos meses prévios à declaração da independência isto é também parte da história de Portugal do imenso êxodo de meio milhão de Portugueses e dos ue lá ficaram e decidiram abraçar a nova nacionalidade E tudo com o selo característico do sempre interessante KapuścińskiIN ENGLISH Set in a chaotic and war torn Angola during the three months previous to the declaration of independence this is also part of the history of Portugal The read is easy even to those not acuainted with the specifities of that African country and full of interest

  • Paperback
  • 148 pages
  • Jeszcze dzień życia
  • Ryszard Kapuściński
  • English
  • 14 May 2016
  • 9780141186788

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