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  1. Wren Wren says:

    Kim Dare does it again I liked how Harland had to show Alasdair that he wasn't going to be the total prick Alasdair's ex had been that Domination wasn't eual to humiliation and that submission wasn't weakness With the great sex scenes we've come to expect from Kim

  2. Nikyta Nikyta says:

    I love Kim Dare She always has a way of bringing me into her books no matter how short or long they are They are all easy fun reads while at the same time intense and hot I absolutely love them and this one is no exception I loved how Alasdair was jaded from his past and I loved that Harland was patient enough and determined enough to help Alasdair get passed his hurt instead of just running for the hills They make a very cute couple and I enjoyed this story very much

  3. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    This is a book that made me think like so many of Kim Dare's books about the nature of submission The way the characters were drawn just made it obvious how easy it is for idiots pseudo Dominants and worse to take advantage of men who need to submit and have no choice but to trust themAlasdair was hurt by a previous relationship if you can call it that We don't find out many details but what is said made me shudder The amazing thing is that he still goes ahead and tries again; it showed how deeply ingrained his need to submit really is Anyone who reads this and sees what goes on in Alasdair's head has got to understand that submission at this level has absolutely nothing to do with weaknessHarland takes a while to catch on to understand what may be the reason for Alasdair's hesitation Once he does though he is determined to show him that not all Doms are bastards I may disagree with some of his methodology but it does seem to workIf you like stories that make you think about the nature of BDSM and the men who are interested in it this is a good one There are only three major scenes to the story and much of what makes it great can be found between the lines I really liked being such an active part of what was going on

  4. Tessi4M Tessi4M says:

    My favorite so far of this seriesAlasdair Grant has had a bad experience with his so called dom of an ex lover who obviously couldn't have care less about Alasdair the man or the true gift of his submission Having had no other relationship to compare this to Alasdair was left with a completely messed up idea of what a Ds relationship looks like and is now than hesitant to give in to another manHarland Rawlings recognizes the potential for something good between them and is than eager to show Alasdair that even the submissive in the relationship is allowed to have expections and to experience pleasureThe stories in this series are really short so there isn't much time for HEAs Like the others this one ends with a nice steamy scene and an HFN leaving me wishing Kim Dare would take something like this into a full length novel I'm sure it would be amazing

  5. M& M& says:

    I can't believe I am DNF ing a Kim Dareno actually I can because assholes check bullying check sexual harassment at work check unbelievableunrealistic situations check damaged character over and over and over and over and over again checkVery disappointed At 50% all the perfectly good time wasted I feel I deserve to give this book a rating 1 star

  6. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    I'm sensing a reoccurring theme here It appears many of the subs in Ms Dare's stories have been abused It takes a Rawlings cop to show them how a true Dom behaves and treats his sub In this one the use of a spreader bar was a nice touch I'm still categorizing this as an erotic kinky novel probably SugarKink than BDSM Still a sweet short treat from Ms Dare

  7. Liz Blue Liz Blue says:

    This is really a short story rather than a novella even I won't be getting any from this series They are well written but for me the price is too high for the length of the story being told

  8. Trio Trio says:

    I'm truly loving this series I just wish each book was longer Really great characters with interesting stories to tell and this one was really good

  9. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Blue Ribbon Rating 4 out of 5Original Review LinkDetective Sergeant Alasdair Grant may be good at his job but past experience proves he’s not the best at picking a Dom His last boyfriend was so cruel Alasdair isn’t certain he can trust any man to give him what he needs without hurting him Knowing that about himself Alasdair resists the temptation that is scene of crime officer Harland Rawlings But when a brawl with a suspect lands Alasdair in Harland’s office having evidence scraped off of him the once burned submissive learns that sometimes there’s no need to be twice shyWho doesn’t love a sexy Dom with a box full of toys? HANDCUFFS AND SPREADER BARS is a surprisingly sweet erotic romance Having been in an abusive Dom sub relationship before Alasdair is understandably wary of Harland’s advances Luckily for him Harland knows just how to handle him and shows Alasdair what it’s like to be in a healthy relationship HANDCUFFS AND SPREADER BARS is just the start of Alasdair and Harland’s romance but author Kim Dare leaves the reader fully satisfied with where the pair are headedHANDCUFFS AND SPREADER BARS is the fifth story in Ms Dare’s RAWLINGS MEN series but as I’ve read the series completely out of order I can say that HANDCUFFS AND SPREADER BARS can easily be read as a standalone However those that read and loved the second story in the series HANDCUFFS AND GLORY HOLES will no doubt be delighted – as I was – to revisit the heroes from that RAWLINGS MEN installment All in all HANDCUFFS AND SPREADER BARS is a wonderful addition to an addictive seriesNote My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies

  10. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    From the dedica of this novella To taking a chance even after you’ve been hurt to the following development I think the author wanted to launch a message to someone in a nice and direct way Detective Sergeant Alasdair Grant is a good cop he is gay out and proud but he was burned in the past and so now he doesn’t trust so much domineering man and that is an issue when you are a sub Even if Alisdair is clearly attracted by Harland Rawlings he doesn’t want to admit it and if Harland let him decide never would ever happen between them; but of course Harland like a good Dom will not that happen above all since a good Dom knows when to push his sub and when to pull away Now is the time to push and he comes full front to Alasdair that practically isn’t able to oppose any resistance Sure people can find Harland’s attitude a little too pushing and in a way Harland is like to now have misunderstood Alasdair’s needs since sincerely he didn’t give the boy much space he cornered him and had his way Lucky Alasdair instead of taking what he wanted without giving anything back Harland first of all thought of Alasdair and in doing so he insinuated the doubt in Alasdair that not all the domineering men are the same This is not a long story just 3 encounters and a good start for something good between the two men; again what probably is the nicest thing is to see not only the interaction between Alasdair and Harland but also with all the other Rawlings men that are practically colonizing this London police station

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Handcuffs and Spreader Bars Rawlings Men #5 Harland Rawlings might have chosen to be a scene of crime officer rather than a “proper” policeman like so many of the men in his family but that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own with any cop who comes his way Any evidence belongs to him until he says otherwise and if a sergeant manages to roll around in evidence while tackling a suspect then that man belongs to him until Harland has finished with him Detective Sergeant Alasdair Grant doesn’t have good luck with men He resigned himself to that fact after his ex turned out to be the worst kind of sadist so he’s not best pleased when being processed by Harland gets him hot and hard and he has no way to hide it When Harland offers to fetch a spreader bar if he doesn’t stop wriggling he knows the other man is merely laughing at his expense There’s no way the scene of crime officer could know how much he’d like it if he did Harland can’t work out why Alasdair keeps blowing hot and cold flirting one minute and running away the next All he knows is that for some reason even after the other man stopped being evidence Harland can’t stop thinking of Alasdair as belonging to him