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A Deadly Game Why you should read this book?Because the author takes you the reader on a scavenger hunt with the characters as they try to solve riddlesand search for cluesShethe authoralso throws in a little chemistry between the two characters that's on the huntbut also puts in some drama to aide in the story lineNow keep in mind youthe readerdon't solveor search for anything you are just along for the ride sort a speakThat's why Author Virginia Smith will heighten your emotions in certain instances just enough to get you to read a little further to understanding the character Susanna Trent mission in solving the riddlesand finding the cluesbecause it might be between life or deathSobecareful when reading this suspenseI say thrillerof a read because you the reader might find yourself caught up inA DEADLY GAME really good book I would like to read by this author I couldn't put it done As always with Virginia Smith's mysteries you reach a point where you realize I'm not going to be able to put this down until I finish This one was particularly twisty as well with a murder a kidnapping and a trail of strange clues to follow Thoroughly enjoyable and I know want to go to Lexington and check some of the landmarks for hidden treasure I waffled between giving this book three stars or four Because it's a religious fiction I decided to bump it up to a four This is a book that I would feel comfortable letting my 13 year old niece read She likes mysteries and is reading at the adult level Susannah's love for her niece Lizzie and Jack's skillful ability to figure out clues for the high stakes scavenger hunt make up for the whirlwind two day romance I liked this onebut only somewhat After discovering her boss's dead body Susanna Trent receives an unusual package from him filled with strange metal tokens and odd clues Then Susanna who is the guardian of her three year old niece starts getting anonymous phone calls taunting her with thinly veiled threats Worried for her life and that of her sister's child Susanna struggles to trust the one man who can help wealthy executive Jack Townsend As they work together to solve the mysterious puzzle Jack and Susanna are led into a dangerous game neither knows how to play But they do know the stakes life or death Susanna had lost everything her dad mom and sister died in a fire before that she had a fiance who turned out to be a spoiled rich kid that she could not trust and she lost her faith along the way as wellWhen sent to a auto auction to get her boss a corvette that was there she beat out Jack Townsend on the bid but he still offered to take the vehicle back for her And then the trouble beganAs they arrived at her bosses business they find him dead and it all goes downhill from thereAnd it ends up the only person she can trust to help her is another rich mans son but he turns out to be different from the first one I bought this book last year and have been waiting to read the book and wasn't disappointed Due to a what should have been a harmless game turns dangerous and puts Susanna in danger in a way she could never have imagine and Jack becomes involved due to co incidence Susanna doesn't want to trust Jack as she has had bad experience with one before but Jack is the only one who can help The story hooked me from the beginning and had me wanting to find out what next I love the concept of the game and how it should have played out The twist making it deadly adds to the drama A good read I have heard she has another coming out shortly and can't wait to read it also Two mere strangers Jack and Susanna soon find themselves becoming fast friends as they race against time to solve the clues in collecting tokens for a game neither of them want to play But there is a prize at the end saving a precious lifeThere is a lot of suspense in this book I loved the mystery that I couldn't figure out and the way everything fell into place Obviously I'm not a game solver I would have never been able to figure the clues out on my own That's what makes this book so entertaining thoughThe romance wasn't as strong as in some books but I was happy to see them get together in the end The family stories of both Jack and Susanna was very good

  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • A Deadly Game
  • Virginia Smith
  • English
  • 24 May 2015
  • 9780373444281