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The Fancy The Fancy Series #1 The slave trader fancy dealer was saving the best for last for a special auction However at hearing how close he'd come to losing his mother his priorities his plan shifted Dr uinton Thaddeus Caine had saved his mother's life for this deed the young surgeon deserved the best that he could give in compensation A gift the best a Fancy To his reasoning what better gift could one man offer another Especially considering that the new doctor had arrived and settled in their small town off the Port end of Connecticut with practically nothing He would need help in ways than one thus the placing of Suga his most valuable possession her skills far exceeded many of those whom were purchased simply to fill ones bed According to her master she'd been taught to serve in many ways than that one as her new owner uinton Caine would come to find out

  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • The Fancy The Fancy Series #1
  • Mercedes Keyes
  • English
  • 28 March 2016

About the Author: Mercedes Keyes

Born in the south Mississippi grew up back and forth between there and Chicago where she went to school Keyes married early in life and gave birth to three beautiful children two daughters and a son Currently she has 6 grandsonsShe lives in Colorado now after relocating from England where she used the back drop of the small island to learn about the worlds historical past A past t

10 thoughts on “The Fancy The Fancy Series #1

  1. Nia Forrester Nia Forrester says:

    I was a skeptic I'll admit it I have strong feelings about the antebellum period and hate yes I used the word 'hate' the fluffy period books that somehow suggest that liaisons between female slaves and their masters were in some way voluntary That whole 'Jefferson in Paris' yarn made me puke for example So it was with some trepidation that I decided to read 'The Fancy' But Mercedes Keyes did a masterful job of navigating this very difficult tale to tell and sell of a white man and a fancy slave bred to be the 'bed wench' of her masterfalling in love She had a wonderful parallel in his experience to explain why he was seemingly immune to the sensibilities of the time which dictated that those of African descent were necessarily inferior to their white masters There were some anomalies in the dialogue and a few aspects of the story that were fairytale like but they were very very minimal and did not detract from the overall feat of making it believable that a strong and genuine attachment had formed between these two incredibly unlikely lovers I highly recommend this book to anyone who might have the same misgivings I had Ms Keyes will make a believer out of you I am almost afraid to break the spell by reading anything else of hers and am still a little befuddled about which of my shelves to put this book on Perhaps it deserves one of its own

  2. The UHQ Nasanta The UHQ Nasanta says:

    DNFLet me know when this has been seen by a credible editor As it stands now I had to give it up before I completed the first sentence because the author does not know how to use punctuations to write a proper one For once he was glad that he'd chosen to walk to those needing his care instead of taking his carriage; that day he needed to breathe reminding himself why he'd chosen his direction in life the stroll was to help clear his head and now concluding his day the much sought after surgeon Doctor uinton Thaddeus Caine took a deep breath to steel himself; reaching up he firmly applied the door knocker giving it three precise raps against the weather worn brass plateFull stopsperiods are your friends

  3. Deloris Deloris says:

    This is a wonderful book When it starts out uinton is given Sugah as a gift she is a slave a Fancy used for the pleasure of men uinton does not believe in owning slaves but takes Sugah home with him This is a true love story love of self and love of others uinton teaches Sugah to be a lady he falls deeply in love with her and her with him she learns that she is meant to be than a slave You have to read this story to find out the wonderful treasures inside their are parts of this story that will shock and make you smile but at the end you will be happy like I am now

  4. Margie Margie says:

    The Fancy was an okay read I didn't love it I didn't hate it Thus the two star ratingThe premise of this novel intrigued me A white man who professes to be adamantly against slavery is gifted with a slave I wondered what would entice him to keep her The author actually handled this uite well She gave plausible reasons for uinton's decision to keep the slave and for Suga wanting to stayUnfortunately I didn't feel the connection between the two leads view spoileruinton continually stated that having Suga around allowed him to attend to other things He could study practice medicine and handle his other obligations because Suga was taking care of the household duties According to his own avowals he loved having her around to attend to things he didn't want to take care of He was happy knowing she was in the vicinity She need not and most often was not in his presence uinton was good to Suga but he showed little true passion toward herThe plot itself showed tremendous promise Numerous hurdles were thrust in Suga's path She had to transition from an illiterate slave to a cultured lady in a very short time She triumphed in this She learned to read perfected her healing skills and learned etiuette But she never really got to show it off Every time she had a challenge she had a cheat Have to meet someone who might not like her? Make that person ill or poor or in some other way in desperate need of her services It was all too easyOne plot point revolved around the purchase of Suga's mother uinton agonized over this He had to secure the assistance of a shipping magnate to carry out the plan Turns out that he too married a former slave Hmm? Once they arrived at the plantation where Suga's mother was being held the transaction was settled in a matter of momentsOnce uinton and Suga now Sarah arrived in England she was still not tested in any fundamental ways Upon arrival she saw that the servants on the estate were ragged and starving She was outraged and insisted on raising their standard of living But again those she was most fearful of having to face were somehow in a hopeless predicament which she was able to rush in and resolveShe is eventually invited to a prestigious ball by the wife of a Duke Finally she will have a chance to show what she has learned But this scene occurred at the end of the book and was handled very abruptly She arrived in a daringly low cut gown spoke a few sentences and all were enad with her This scene was highly unrealistic and felt rushedThis novel had a lot of potential however most of the conflict was resolved too easily never giving the heroine a chance to shine hide spoiler

  5. Deena Deena says:

    I can't remember if this book was recommended or if I just stumbled across it in my never ending search for a good read; whatever the case after reading so many good reviews I decided to take the plunge I'm usually hesitant about spending for a book from an author I'm unfamiliar with but with all those 5 star reviews the book has to be good right? Wellmaybe maybe not To be fair the story itself was pretty good I love historicals and was a little hesitant about this one given the subject matter but I was pleasantly surprised There were a couple of scenes where I found myself giving uentin the serious side eye but overall I liked uentin and Suga a lot I even liked the dogSo why only 3 stars? The book was rife with punctuation errors Commas and semicolons seemingly were inserted whenever and wherever which resulted in me having to read sentences several times just so they would make sense This kind of thing frustrates me to no end and pretty much ruined whatever potential enjoyment I might have had I would love to read the rest of the series but I'm reluctant to spend than 5 for a poorly edited book

  6. Emma Harlow Emma Harlow says:

    Oh my god so corny Given that it could've been way worse There were really only two parts where I was just done once with him and then the second time with her The two parts went with this The first was his and I think everyone will agree on this SPOILER how do you hide a small spoiler It when he rapes her in the courthouse Ok so he doesn't want to He's being coerced which is shame on the town council or whatever they are but he could've been gentle He was pretending to be a snob who thinks he's too good for a slave not a sadist The second might just be me but it's when they're going to his town or we and she gets all self righteous bc of all the poverty Yeah it's sad and she was super nice to them but it was too much for me Like what was he supposed to have down from across the ocean in America??? Govern them with good vibrations? Still I have to admit I liked SugaSarah a lot

  7. Zandra Zandra says:

    I was very leery of how this book would approach the subject matter but I must say this book was really good The heroine is strong and the H isn't a jerk They did not sugarcoat the atrocities of the era but gave it this modern flare that just makes you want to believe I should definitely give this a re read

  8. Shelly Shelly says:

    45 StarsI consider this a historical romance first and the characters happen to be interracialThere were a ton of things that I liked about this book but my primary reason was that story line was just that darn good Who would think that that ‘fancy’ would have such an interesting tale to tell? I sure didn’t and I was pleasantly surprised to say that I was very interested in learning all about her and uintonI really enjoyed learning how Suga did her part all I’m going to say is that Crocodile Dundee and his knife has nothing on Suga and MooseHoly Cripes if uinton could be any ‘the man’ taking care of ‘his woman’ by any means necessary – ay carambaNow on to the serious stuff there were some matter of facts in this story that were hard for me to say ‘what happened to so and so’ like when Suga briefly speaks about her brothers All I can say that during that time in American history there was some bad sht that went downThere was only one thing I didn’t like about this novel maybe because it’s an e book Kindle I thought the sentence structure could use some serious editing there were many passages where I wasn’t sure and I’m still not sure who said what I wouldn’t consider them real errors but the use of punctuation and short paragraphs with dialog would have made it a smoother read for meAll in all it was a wonderful read and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to read good historical romance it just happens to be IRHappy Reading Folks

  9. Cinquetta Cinquetta says:

    YES YES YES I scream when I seem this book was release It was worth the wait it is best book I read in long time I cannot wait to read it again I giving myself few days then i am reading the book I love Suga If I could be a character I would choose her I love her strenght her tenicity her courage her sweetest and her iltelligent uinton is the man He was patient kind and he have borderline rudness Only thing I did not like about him he was 6'0 tall If he was taller he would had been perfect at least in my book The book is well written The plot is exciting and entertaining BRAVO Ms Keys thank you for this wonderful amazing story thank you

  10. Manoushka Manoushka says:

    AgainI love happy endings

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