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The Baby Swap Miracle Sam Hunter had only intended to help his brother fulfill his dream of having children but now through an IVF mix up a complete stranger is pregnant with his child To make matters worse she's utterly gorgeousFor warmhearted widow Emilia Eastwood this child was meant to be the final legacy of her husband The hospital's discovery turns her world upside downSam begins to feel fiercely protective of his accidental family and soon he and Emilia discover that fate can lead to a love you never expected

10 thoughts on “The Baby Swap Miracle

  1. Shannon83 Shannon83 says:

    Typical Fertility center mixup love story Both character liked each other but there past made them afraid to rock the boat

  2. Rachel Sides Rachel Sides says:

    I really liked this book even though the ending was a little too tidy

  3. Sian Sian says:

    So sweet a story Reminded me of the older mills and boon modern stories

  4. Mattie Mattie says:

    Was ok but would not want to reread P

  5. Claudia Claudia says:

    Maybe my healthcare administrator alter ego is the reason why I found this book so hard to enjoy

  6. Cc Cc says:

    No romance no passion no connection Actually it was very frustrating for me as a reader If this had been the first book by Ms Anderson that I had read I wouldn't read another but it wasn't thankfully or I would have have missed out on a couple of VERY good books

  7. RLA RLA says:

    The book begins with the heroine Emelia being informed that the baby she is carrying is not her late husbands after a mistake at the IVF clinic instead she is carrying the hero Sam's baby Sam was the sperm donor for his brother and sister in law's attempts to have a baby During the IVF treatment all four of them became good friends As if that is not enough heartache for Emelia she also has to face her in laws turn their back on her and find out that they tricked both her and her late husband while he was dying into going through posthumous IVF treatmentDue to all the upheaval she has been through with her husbands death of cancer and the IVF treatment Emelia has nowhere else to turn but to Sam Sam was hurt deeply by a woman in his past and vows never to let a woman in his heart again however he desperately wants to be part of his baby's life so asks Emelia to move in with him despite that he is very attracted to her This is a really sweet love story however it is full of emotional upheavals which really give depth to the story I really felt for Emelia and how alone she felt after everything she has been through yet she was a really warm and honestly written character that I instantly liked Sam on the other hand was a little frustrating he just could not let go of his past and I just wanted to scream at him to get over it I liked how this story took place over a 4 month or so period as it really gave the feelings the two characters have for each other time to develop This story left me with a warm feeling all over as you would expect from the Cherish line Originally posted at

  8. Carol Carol says:

    I picked this up on a whim at the library thinking it was a real life story I had read about in the news When I realized my mistake I needed something to listen to and it was short so I went ahead with it It was okay but predictable The book started without really introducing the characters I had to piece them together as I went along A reviewer on mentioned that it was the second in a series but there is no mention of that on the book jacket or in the description of the book on but that would explain how I felt like I was jumping into the middle of a book but most authors address this in case someone picks up the second book without having ad the firstThe book starts with a woman finding out that the clinic made a mistake and she was carrying a stranger's baby rather than her dead husbands's whose remaining sperm had meanwhile died She meets the father stranger and she is taken in by him when she has nowhere else to go after her in laws kick her out when they are told the baby is not their son's though not through any fault of hers they had basically taken her in because they wanted their son's child and not having a good relationship with them all parties knew that she couldn't stayuick light read but as I said predictable as to the outcome Might be a good beach read

  9. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    I'm glad I waited for this book to go on sale It wasn't a bad book but it wasn't all that great either Here is a sample taking out of the last chapter that sums up the book chapter 10 I think you're both so busy protecting yourselves you can't see what the best thing is I just hope you find out before it's too late This was a sweet story but I didn't connect with the hero or heroine They both seemed a little whinny to me The story had very little passion or romance Sam and Emelia had been hurt before they were too scared of being hurt again to embrace what was right there for them to grab on too The two finally woke up and embraced the love but it was a little too late for me

  10. Nicky Nicky says:

    This was sweet Sam and Emelia found themselves in an odd position when the IVF clinic mixed things up Instead of her late husband's baby Emelia was pregnant with Sam's Sam gad been hurt in the past by a woman and was totally against loving anyone again But he couldn't help falling for the mother of his child It was really sweet watching Sam and Emelia deal with this accidental situation I enjoyed their story

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