2 thoughts on “Medical Terminology Simplified A Programmed Learning Approach By Body Systems

  1. Debbie Debbie says:

    I used this book to study for the CMT exam It served as a refresher of my past training in the field of medical transcription some 30 years ago Medical Terminology Simplified covers current practical use of anatomy and physiology terms the meanings of Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes It includes case studies in medical record documentation and other pertinent aspects of medical terminology This book became my favorite study tool in preparation for the credentially exam I highly recommend it for others pursuing their credentials and for anyone interested in the anatomy and physiology of the remarkable human body

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    Great book I originally took my med term class using a earlier version of this book Apparently I still know my crap because this was an awesome review and I got through the whole book in a couple weeks studying 1 2 hours a day Great way to learn or review terminology

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