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Doctor's Christmas Bride The Medical S Consultant doctor Bryony Hunter is determined to fulfill her little girl's wish a daddy for Christmas She is certain there must be someone out there who can answer the call but time is running outJack Rothwell is a wonderful doctor in a busy Emergency department and Bryony's partner on the mountain rescue team He is also a committed bachelor and has no time for a serious relationshipor so he thinks But when he realizes Bryony is resolute in her plans to find a man Jack decides to help out in his own special way

10 thoughts on “Doctor's Christmas Bride The Medical S

  1. AvidReader AvidReader says:

    An ok read Recommended

  2. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    A very sweet story Definitely a 4 star read except for the amount of medical detail that are forever included in Sarah Morgan’s medical romancesI liked the fact that the couple were good friends it just took too long for the H to realise his feelings for the heroine and in the end she had to point it out to him so this lost it a star tooOtherwise it’s very sweet and the couple had a nice relationship The Hero was truly the perfect daddy for the heroine’s little girl

  3. Irene Kiew Irene Kiew says:

    Sarah Morgan never disappoints but I admit this wasn't one of my favourites from her Just did not like Jack's blindness and Bryony's hopeless helpless mooning over him She's loved him since she was six and has been hiding it all this while because she knows he doesn't do commitment Pffffft She resolves to get over him and start dating he sabotages every one of her dates and she's so dumb she doesn't figure it out until much later Jack on the other hand just refuses to see what is right in front of his face and acts totally dog in the manger Sabotaging her dates was selfish and self centred Then all of a sudden within a few days he has miraculously sorted himself out? His issues were deep seated yet we're expected to believe that they all just suddenly went poof into thin air? Hrmph The author obviously put a lot of research into the medical aspect of the story in fact this entire series Kudos to her for that I loved it loved the technical terms and descriptions that made it real

  4. Annie Annie says:

    It was a nice super short romantic read I enjoyed the characters and will read the next book A couple of things got to me though that lowered the score1 Medical jargon I mean this boom is all of 3 hrs long and it felt bogged down occasionally by the medical terms I get thats some is needed due to the professions of Bryony and Jack but still 3 hrs I'd rather read about the storyline then when they are doing in the ER2 What women hears her daughter wants a daddy for Christmas and assumes she's going to be able to find one on 2 months Even if you find a guy you like geez 2 months That take on it was just a little much for me I mean yeah start dating get yourself out there but to constantly be harping about how she had to meet this deadline made me shake my head at how naive this woman wasIt had a nice if not predictable romance to it Light easy read

  5. Gemma Gemma says:

    This was first published in 2004 and unfortunately shows its age Hero is very possessive and controlling of the heroine Of course this is supposed to be romantic that he’s jealous of her dating because he lurves her so much but it just got my hackles up and made me want to punch him until I uit reading I normally love this author but this wasn’t representative of her best work

  6. Nancy Jelsma Nancy Jelsma says:

    It was a classic love storyA love story that emphasized the criteria for a good marriage frienship respect and love It also spoke to the very real effect of divorce on a child a potential for a life long fear of commitment

  7. The Sleeping Fox The Sleeping Fox says:

    I found Jack to be a touch too domineering and Bry a little naive Maybe some values reflected in this book are a product of an earlier time Nonetheless still a uick enjoyable read

  8. Jemi Fraser Jemi Fraser says:

    Fun Looking forward to the rest

  9. Tonileg Tonileg says:

    Holiday romance set in the Lake District in Northern England where a single mother doctor finds love when her daughter asks Santa for a father for ChristmasSo we meet doctor Bryony Hunter with her daughter who is setting up a wish from Santa for the holidays This is not a total stranger who romances Bryony that might be too weird It is another doctor in the mountain rescue team Dr Jack Rothwell Jack and Bryony sound like a really cute couple but for most of this story they are best friends I go love a best friends to lovers story with some second chances themes because sometimes you have to do something drastic to change a situation Bryony is changing her comfortable life and dating nice men in order to find a father for her little girl which sets Jack in motion to sabotage her dating life Lots of funny blond jokes as well as hilarious men jokes in this story which lightens the heavy accidents and emotional baggage I would read it again if I need some fresh joke material186 pages and bought used in a bundle of Medical romance published by Harleuin2 stars

  10. Joanna Joanna says:

    A good uick romance read All in all I liked the story and the characters I just wish we got a bit of Jack's POV Paricutlaty a chapter after they slept together where he realises he loves her and decides to marry her It felt like a weird jump that the last time we saw him he was resistant than all of a sudden he wanted to marry her and we don't get to see any of his thought processes I have to say though I for real thought it was going to turn out that Jack WAS Lizzie's father and that they'd had a drunken one night stand that Bry remembered but Jack didn'tI also would have liked a chapter towards the end between Bry's brothers and Jack where they realise something is different between them and they sit him down and help him work through things

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