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You Need More Money Part motivational manifesto part personal finance strategy Matt Manero s You Need More Money pushes you to reclaim your dreams of massive wealth and gives you a roadmap to ramp up your income and savings Serial entrepreneur and small business expert Matt Manero built his empire starting with nothing but a folding table a phone and an unwavering goal I needmoney In polite society we don t like to talk about money But it s too important to tiptoe around In this audiobook you and Matt are going to cut the BS and get real For starters he ll help you understand How the money has moved Stop making decisions based on advice that worked decades ago but no longer The dangers of living in a False Positive It s easy to tell ourselves that we have enough until we re hit with medical bills tuition or early retirement The power of Lifestyle by Design Visualize your long term goal and work backward to figure out how to get there The trade offs of being an employer or employee You can get rich by starting a business or by rising to the top of an existing organization Figure out what s right for you It s going to take grit and guts but if you follow this road map you ll start accumulating real wealth the kind that lets you live the life of your dreams and lasts for generations to come

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