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THE NEMECHEK PROTOCOL FOR AUTISM AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS: A How-To Guide For Restoring Neurological Function The Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Delay is the most scientific and refined approach to reversing the devastating effects of autism ADD ADHD SPD and the myriad of other developmental disorders Dr Nemechek s approach freuently triggers rapid and often breath taking improvements in children within only a few weeks And surprisingly the protocol employs common and natural supplements and avoids the countless homeopathic remedies and antibiotics freuently prescribed to children that are often both toxic and expensive Within a few days of starting the protocol many children will experience a connectedness to their surrounds never previously experienced Significant improvements in motor sensory and speech delays are realized within the first few weeks Attention and learning disabilities rapidly begin to resolve within the first few weeks to months as the child s brain restores neuronal pathways damaged by the physical emotional and inflammatory traumas commonly experienced in childhood Through a simple step process of re balancing intestinal bacteria and omega fatty acids Dr Nemechek has discovered how to re activate the brain s neuronal pruning and repair processes thereby allowing a child s brain to begin repairing past injuries and developing correctly Re balancing intestinal bacteria also eliminates the excessive production of propionic acid that is responsible for the disconnected and often strange behaviors that are highly characteristic of autism With the help of Jean Nemechek s writing and editing style the complexities of omega fatty acids restoration intestinal bacteriology autonomic restoration and cumulative brain injury are translated into processes that are easily understandable to the non scientist This book is a complete how to guide outlining the specific supplements and dosages employed by Dr Nemechek in the treatment of his patients Readers will learn Dr Nemechek s step by step method of reversing autism and other developmental disorders Included are specific chapters dealing with relapses addressing the use of antibiotics strategies for prevention as well as future vaccinations The rapid rate of improvement seen with