Practical Jinn Magick: Rituals to Unleash the Powers of

Practical Jinn Magick: Rituals to Unleash the Powers of The Fire Spirits Jinn Magick is simple to execute and the results can be some of the best you will find in all occultismMuch has been written about The Fire Spirits known as the Jinn or Djinn but books of practical Jinn Magick are rare Hardly any exist and those that do are often a disappointmentThis book reveals a practical method for calling on the Jinn and receiving a response There are forty two rituals and the magick can help with influence and passion or destruction and transformationThe rituals deal with reputation and the souring of love Some rituals affect competition uncover flaws weaken others improve your discipline or make somebody else burn outWhere you feel stuck you can find release and there are ways to createabundance or make somebody else lose what they haveRituals can create obsessive thoughts in others and make people see the best in you or the worst in another They can help you seduce or cause somebody to be sexually disgusted by another personFinancial magick works to increase what you have and can make people appreciate your work or make others lose what money they haveTheres great potential if you use your imagination The magick can be subtle and delicate or life changing and devastating according to your wishMost of the rituals can be modified and are directed at clear practical results The Jinn are neither angels or demons but fire spirits and they execute your magickal wishes with immense power

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